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Then they tried to hit the moving target atop the likewise moving carousel horse. Everyone was in a laughing fest. They were so funny thinking of how they will use the poop, on whether they need to smear it on themselves or something hahaha! Shin Dongyup tries it out first. Kangin taunted the SWAT team by chanting into the radio. But soon enough, SWAT was just in front of the fugitives. He also caught the ball. He was in fact 26 at that time so it was such a joy to catch it at 24!

Normal people can do it for just 1 minute though. Meanwhile, Eunhyuk is still underwater. But then their target is the red area … the sun was starting to set so Team 2 members went indoors for their challenge while Team 1 members remained outside in the cold while they wait for their food. Explorers of the Human Body Hangul: Episode six revolves around balance and episode eight deals with crying and tears. Kibum, also fails and joins the folks who fix the sheets. Finally, SWAT team started looking for the fugitives.

Yoochun jumped again and registered 62cm this time! This shows how difficult the task is specially since the archers were even using professional bows.

And without further ado, check below for episodes ! But Yoochun wins in the end.

Super Junior E.H.B ep.9 part 1_4 (eng sub) (HQ)

Kyuhyun and Heechul were also unable to hit the boards on their first attempts. Reflex Test by baseball sliding First they were asked if they played sports in school. He was in fact 26 at that time so it was such a joy to catch it at 24!


Cleo was able to find Kangin’s group who pretended to be sleeping. Newer Post Older Post Home. This last bit covers the the last 5 episodes of this hit show. Sungmin starts off trying to catch the arrow shot from the bow. Episode six revolves around balance and episode eight deals with crying and tears.

Super Girl Perfection Swing.

The members were discussing what the goal of Team 1 should be. When the last member’s name is about to be called out, Yesung got so nervous hahaha! Yesung wants to supeg the ball with his head instead of catching it.

Super Junior E.H.B ep.9 part 1_4 (eng sub) (HQ) – video dailymotion

Hangeng kept on licking his lips which made it look so errrrr wrong hahaha! He also caught the ball. Ryeowook, who’s afraid of dogs, tried out getting attacked so he can face his fears. SJ’s hidden ace member, Eunhyuk comes out and hits the target at 2. Here I Am Spring Falling.

Explorers of the Human Body – Wikipedia

It was junoir Yunho jumped and measured ssuper that Sungmin noticed the problem. Kibum lasted for about 38 seconds but decided to cheat and go into the water again to contend against the swimmer. Retrieved February 11, Feb 2, The last episode of this series starts with a strong snow fall! Archived at the Wayback Machine February 11, Jan 20, Teams were divided into 2 tiers based on PD’s choices. He then vows to be serious from then on and took off his nametag.


Kangin, Donghae and the other members approached Yunho immediately to ask if he was alright. The question for this day was how keen are dogs’ sense of smell? Siwon was not able to make it but his members congratulated him well. Due to Super Junior’s busy schedules, the last episode before the program’s hiatus aired on February 3, This gave him about 20 seconds of MC time hahah. epsiode

Good Sunday Old TV. The tried out all their props and most of their purchases didn’t work haha!

He had his own world hehehe. This was exactly what almost happened to Yesung before hahaha!