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Scott Amy Lucas , who is stealing Devil Diamond Snakes and plans to use their venom as revenge on the popular kids at Melanie’s party. Meanwhile, Julie breaks up with Mike and Owen tries to fix Mike by testing him to see if Amanda likes him. Mike and Amanda scold him afterward but Hologramps takes pity on Owen because he was trying to do the right thing, he also knows how he feels about not receiving enough attention and not getting credit for helping to save Empire City, but he tells him that a ninja’s strength comes from within, not the opinion of others. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A computer geek leads a double life as a super hero named Kickbutt Lucas Cruikshank , but his alter ego gets in trouble when he steals a mob boss’ Mark Lindsay Chapman money and uses it to renovate the computer lab at school. A dragon-masked eco-terrorist Bryan Friday seeks revenge against Arthur Vanderhausen, a large commercial developer with a shady environmental record. He tries to retrieve it, but Mike defeats him and takes the sword. Amanda falls for a criminal called Flint Forster while on ninja duty.

Retrieved 27 February This page was last edited on 6 February , at Meaty —09 Wonder Pets! Amanda doesn’t trust her because she knows that she’s up to something, so Owen and Mike go undercover as cheerleaders to find out what she’s planning. A man named Frostbite Steve Monroe starts to capture criminals and do the ninjas’ work for them. Ciara Bravo as Kylie.

They then decide to not go public, after their final decision Mike asks “Grandfather, we weren’t really caught on tape, were we? Cody Christian as Flint Forster. Mike’s Cousin Connor returns as a spy and learns that the Kata is the key to finding the floating sword.

Amanda’s favorite teacher, Mr. He also discovers that his grandfather’s twin brother Kagema, who has betrayed the Fukanagas and has now returned to lead the Ishina.

Owen is having a hard time with the boring discipline of Ninjqs teachings. Amanda feels she must overachieve at other things after getting her first A- the worst grade she has ever received in her life, especially when Checkmate captures Mike and Owen threatening to kill them. Limedark Danny Mastersona former college actor, kidnaps his former cast mates, who have become famous, and has horrible plans for them. Amanda lies that she got supan to do a report for the school paper, but she really keeps falling asleep in 1st period because of the gang’s late night “Study Group” AKA Ninja Trainingso Mike suggests they move Study Group to lunch, and Owen and Amanda realize who Jellyface is.


Retrieved April 30, Mike and Amanda find a note which meant “This isn’t over. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April TV. The series premiered as a special preview on Nickelodeon on January 17, in the United States and started airing regularly on April 16, Views Read Edit View history.

At the end of the episode hologramps’ twin brother and Connor forsher find out that Mike, Amanda and Owen were the three ninjas not Martin. Quiton does all the work and gets his project stolen from nijas evil scientist’s assistant.

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When Isabelle goes to the school with backup, they unmask the ninjas, which actually turns out to be the Skeleton Crew The Supah Ninjas switched masks with them before Isabelle and Martin arrived. In a fight with Connor, Mike loses his mon to him, and the episode ends with Connor inserting the mon into the Supah Ninjas’ dojo entrance in Mike’s bedroom and it opens up in front of him with Mike, Amanda, Owen and Hologramps looking in despair. Damon Christopher as Security Guard.

He accidentally takes too much and turns into a monster. Cinding villainous brother named Optic Dennis Keiffer and his sister Buzzsaw Danielle Burgio the duo steal purple diamonds around the city to bring their dying father called Mechanov Curt Lowens back to life as a robot.

Flint Forster

Cartoons — You’re On! Retrieved 5 March Tensions flare after Grandfather traps Mike, Owen and Amanda in the dojo to stage an intervention, realizing they’ve forgotten the true meaning of being Ninjas. After the death of his grandfather, Mike is given a mysterious letter which leads him to discover that he comes from a ninjs line of vigilante ninjas.


To make matters worse, Flint reveals that Amanda is going to study abroad in Paris with him for the summer! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With Owen, and later Amanda, they are ushered into the world of crime-fighting, forming the team “Supah Ninjas.

In the end, Amanda decides to stay there with Mike and finds out that Mike still has feelings for her. Amanda struggles with popularity after she isn’t invited to Melanie’s party, but she soon gets invited flnding to Kelly; however, Owen is throwing a party on the same night, so Amanda attends both.

The series revolves around Mike Fukanaga and his friends, Owen and Amanda.

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The ninjas have to face a villain named The Rhymer Christopher Reid. But while fighting the Ishina, and after realizing that Connor was lying since he’s fighting them too, they push Connor into a cargo box.

Retrieved April 23, X Christopher Malekian assassin hired by the mob, is trying to kill a boy Michael Blaiklock with smart computer skills that Mike’s dad is protecting.

He kidnaps Amanda McKay. In the end, Mike realizes he still has feelings for Amanda. While investigating, Amanda sjpah Checkmate again, who in the end of the episode escapes with a message to the Supah Ninjas: Meanwhile, Connor is filming everyone doing embarrassing things for his made-up show, “Conn’d. Bradford Scott Lowellwho used to work for a major pharmaceutical company, has been experimenting on himself with insect DNA in order to find a universal antidote.

Mike and Owen find a secret lair under Mike’s bed and have to become ninjas. TV by the Numbers.