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Cartoons — You’re On! Katara Sharp, a seemingly klutzy bookish-type, is actually a knife-throwing cat burglar obsessed with stealing priceless antiquities. In the first two-part episode of the series, The evil Ishina clan tries to find the dojo; Mike learns that he must protect the floating sword from the Ishina. Mike’s Cousin Connor returns as a spy and learns that the Kata is the key to finding the floating sword. Having not been invited to the popular kids’ party Owen throws his own party at Mike’s house. Amanda falls for a criminal called Flint Forster while on ninja duty.

Owen is having a hard time with the boring discipline of Grandpa’s teachings. At the end of the episode he states “Until next time! Amanda’s fallen out of favor with the popular crowd, so in order to keep everyone happy she secretly attends both parties. The series premiered as a special preview on Nickelodeon on January 17, in the United States and started airing regularly on April 16, Cousin Connor plans to infiltrate the dojo, and after he fails, the Supah Ninjas must get back Mike’s mon. He captures others because it is said he had no playmates when he was a kid.

Mike throws a last minute birthday party for his dad Martin, but The Ishina strike back to try and steal the floating sword. Komodo, a ninjzs eco-terrorist, is seeking revenge against, Arthur Van der Hoosen, a large commercial developer with a shady environmental record. A computer geek leads frabcais double life as a super hero named Kickbutt Lucas Cruikshankbut his alter ego gets in trouble when he steals a mob boss’ Mark Lindsay Chapman money and uses nninjas to renovate the computer lab at school.

Mike and Owen find a secret lair under Mike’s bed and have to become ninjas. Meanwhile, Mike and Amanda cope with the temporary loss of their partner and friend. Mike’s Cousin Connor returns as a spy and learns that the Kata is the key to finding the floating sword.

Owen is in a bit of a crime-fighting slump, so Mike and Amanda try to cheer him up by taking him to a concert at the school by their favorite deejay, DJ Elephant Head. Quiton does all the work and gets his framcais stolen from an evil scientist’s assistant. In the end, Mike realizes he still has njnjas for Amanda. But, he does not realize that Amanda is in trouble when she goes to Frostbite’s hideout and finds that he is holding the criminals hostage instead of turning them over to the police, but will running away from Frostbite help Amanda stop him when he traps her in the freezer?


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In the first two-part episode of the series, The evil Ishina clan tries ninja find the dojo; Mike learns that he must protect the floating sword from the Ishina. Meanwhile, Julie breaks up with Mike and Owen tries to fix Mike by testing him to see if Amanda likes him.

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He also discovers that his grandfather’s twin brother Kagema, who has betrayed the Fukanagas and has now nibjas to lead the Ishina.

While trying to the first time, Connor tricks them into thinking that the only reason he’s trying to take them down is because Kagema Fukanaga is holding his parents hostage.

Amanda’s favorite wupah Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Amanda doesn’t trust her because she knows that she’s up to something, so Owen and Mike go undercover as cheerleaders to find out what she’s planning. A string of wn have occurred and Mike is convinced the Skeleton Crew, an underground secret society with ties to Benjamin Rush High School, is to blame.

Dollhouse, a villain who appears in a white porcelain doll mask turns ordinary people into “living dolls”. Nickelodeon portal Television portal.

The supzh are surprised to find that a motorcycle gang member named Two Ton Harley Big Show has escaped from his prison cell with the hopes of being sent to another prison to reunite with his old gang. And Amanda must put her predictability to the test. Tensions flare after Grandfather traps Mike, Owen and Amanda in the dojo to stage an intervention, realizing they’ve forgotten the true meaning of being Ninjas.


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Through flashbacks and clips, the Ninjas work out their dilemma of whether or not to go public after Grandfather tells them they’ve been captured battling a villain on a security camera.

No Face, a former master jewel thief, has been released from jail francaiss is seeking vengeance on those who put him behind bars. When he recognizes that an old friend is part of the dangerous Subsiders parkour crew, Su;ah infiltrates their underground lair to save him.

Instead she goes with Flint. After it is Mike, Grandfather says that not all the tallys have been counted, they do a breathing exercise to reflect on what all has gone on in their ninja lives. Owen desperately tries to woo Isabelle, a new Junior transfer, but has no idea she’s actually an undercover detective who’s also pursuing the Skeleton Crew.

We also find out Connor’s secret: A man named Frostbite Steve Monroe starts to capture criminals and do the ninjas’ work for them. Spencer, a nerdy kid from high school and part of the computer club, is a wannabe superhero vigilante named Kick Butt who has unexpectedly become an internet sensation due to his exploits.

Mike and Amanda kiss when undercover and Mike is having trouble controlling his feelings for Amanda. He accidentally takes too much and turns into a monster.

Retrieved March 13, In the end Grandpa is disabled and Yamato and the dojo ffancais destroyed, and to repair it the ninjas bring in Quinton and expose their identities to him. Retrieved July 18, But will Owen’s recent idea of trying to stand out help the ninjas defeat Limelight? Varsity Pictures Nickelodeon Productions.