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Above 2 posts moved from here: It requires a little bit of skill which is easily learnt and you have to start with good coffee. It seems that if you buy the extended warranty it will last! In this email, you will find the name of the courier company and the consignment note number of your item as well as information on tracking the delivery of your item online. Dont think it is worth it. Should the espresso machine not be in. I rarely buy coffee when I’m out as I prefer the coffee I can make at home.

I am sure the 51mm Krups baskets are an improvement over the Breville single walled baskets and Sunbeam baskets double walled baskets I have them all, just received my Krups single shot, single walled basket from Mark this morning. Using the modified BCG grinder, with the EM, I managed a fine enough grind, on the max fine adjustment to get a pour that only started out as a few dark drips before becoming a single stream. After 2 years this machine is still going well. Reliable and long lasting. If the humidity is up, I have to use a finer grind Got it, continue to print.

Customer Service is not one of Sunbeam’s strong points.

Made great coffee but sadly it only lasted two years I loved this coffee machine when I first got it and it made great coffee. All I have had to do is replace the rubber seal on the group head a few times and that’s pretty much it. Your trust is our top concern. Slow, but good coffee I bought the Sunbeam based on the rating in Choice Magazine. The Breville ES was ok, just inconsistent which is apparently common and may be a thermal stability issue.

I rarely buy coffee when I’m out as I prefer the coffee I can make at home. All this takes time and there are many out there and of course, within these forums who know far more than I do. Fit the filter handle with either the one or. Have to have one of these as it has no tricky electronics if I am running it on my modified sinewave generator! Here at Sunbeam, we make products for real people, and real, Australian needs.


Sunbeam Espresso Maker EM User Guide |

It just makes great tasting coffee. After the pour there was not water on the top of the basket and the puck was firm, a little stayed stuck on synbeam bottom of the basket.

Whether the consistency comes with practice and experience, I’d expect that to be a factor, but it has been seties far easier machine to use.

Also, are you using the single or double shot sized baskets, the double will obviously give you more taste when used as a base for milk drinks.

The time now is I used to trust Choice reviews and I have successfully followed their advice on several occasions, but this time, I think that the Sunbeam Latte machine passed their tests on a fluke. Had our machine for five years and it continues to go well Just about to replace my second group head seal but that is the only issue that we have had with the machine.

Sunbeam Cafe Latte EM5600 Instruction Booklet: Preparing Your Espresso Machine Before Use

The was my least liked, bloody awful actually but others think it’s a mcahine machine. The ones I mentioned above stopped working.

Avoid Coffee tasted great at first, but after less than one year filters clagged up and had to be replaced. Robin Waimatuku Southland NZ. We just never new what problem we would have next. Does the core coffee-making and frothing well.

Once again thanks for the help. Coffee tasted great at first, but after less than one year filters clagged up and had to be replaced. Thanks very much for having a look for me. Then fill with fresh cold. Love my little machine! I won’t buy Seroes again and I will broaden my search to find reviews beyond Choice sreies the future. Place glasses and cups on the warming. Above 2 posts moved from here: I also have a in Tassie and thewhich I did fire up recently to check it and realized that it’s quite feeble.

Easy to use, very nice coffee It takes a long time for the steam wand to warm up. However a couple of weeks ago it started making a second clicking noise, much, much louder, and more and mafhine frequently, now a few times between each of the quiet clicks, though this varies. Reliable and long lasting. I don’t mind this too much though I’d sooner it didn’t bother, I’m not running a cafe, speed isn’t that essential!


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Sunbeam Cafe Latte Coffee Maker – Model # EM5600

Hi, I have had the sunbeam em with a sunbeam grinder em Sunbeam EM Cafe Latte. Privacy Espreso and Consent: This item doesn’t belong on this page. Ok, I assume most people in this thread are junior snobs as we are playing with toys from the lower end of the market, like me with an EM hence the need for Gregs services.

We use it everyday. When I called the shop, I was politely told that they didn’t bother repairing this mid-range models as it costs too much. I also have a 2nd hand EM that needs some fine tuning internally before it becomes my daily user.

Sunbeam EM 2 Cups Espresso Machine – Silver | eBay

I have made coffees every day since I bought the machine 2 years ago this works out to between and cups of coffee!! An expensive disappointment I bought this machine over 2 years ago based on a Choice review. Listing cace by Sunbeam representatives. Inexpensive Hard to clean properly. Cheers Geoff Style and features Erratic performance, couldn’t be trusted to deliver a coffee without nursing it through the process.

All done on an EM This means you can get the grind cave for beans in the morning This machine punches way above its weight! But, it’s serving its core function well, and that’s what I’m basing the rating on.