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And the cast is HUGE. On the other hand, please do give me a feedback. A very rude way to call your teacher. The scene ends with him giving a letter of challenge to Brooding Ryuji who he refers to as Banchou Leader for the rest of the episode. I think its too much to ask for them to have better bodies, ehh. It was a weird scene and one of the few where I was a little confused.

Oh exciting love triangles to come soon Anyway, later Naoya runs to Suiran High School and challenges Torao… for some reason. Do not make a hardsubs out of the softsubs. You are commenting using your WordPress. Well, they play as high school students anyway. A very rude way to call your teacher. She prays at the temple with hopes that Naoya grew-up cool and her mother also hopes the same. Ryuji runs into the Suiran kids afterwards.

However, putting-up posters is a Herculean task as the entire town is very much pro-Suiran. D thank u suioyu Suikyuu Yankees Episode 2 Recap: The title translates to Water Polo Yankees.

You could feel trouble brewing the moment they commented how the cute idiots were having fun early in the morning.

Suikyuu Yankees episode 2 p + english softsubs – masaniken

Torao is the star of the team. Naoya basically had fanboy stars in his eyes and I think the editors could have photoshopped them in but there was probably not enough money in the budget because they have to pay all the cast in this show. Please don’t upload the video into any streaming site and don’t hotlink.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The rest of the Suiran Water Polo team catches-up to their captain and goes-on with more trash talk Ryuuji.

Suikyuu Yankees Recap Episode 1: Welcome to Ridiculous | Notorious Rambler

Got anything to say? You can feel dark aura everywhere and Torao starts his trash talk on how a former ace like Ryuuji is hanging with guys like Naoya. I love Yamazaki Kento but Chiba Yudai is also so cute.


I think its too much to ask for them to have better bodies, ehh. Ryuji runs into the Suiran kids afterwards. At Kasu High, the news that there will be a student jankees spreads like wildfire. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Naoya recognizes them as the guys from the water polo poster though Naoya reads it as water ball.

First Impressions on Suikyu Yankees : Episode 1

The next day, Naoya goes to rooftop for an entirely different reason. Like Liked by 1 person. Reply Parent Thread Link. Class have ended for the day and Naoya is still at the rooftop waiting for Ryuuji. Also, he should have done comedy roles long time ago since it suits him well.

Torao is insulted on how lightly Naoya sees their sport. Thanks for the subs!

However, both of them find it odd why Naoya want to enroll in Kasu High School. Chiaki acts tough and goes to Ryuuji and Naoya to stop an impending fight but Ryuuji accidentally elbowed him, leaving Chiaki on the floor.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Episode 1 — JE fandom Mikuchin enjoys this yankee water polo drama starring Nakajima Yuto and promises it will make you smile. Chiharu also adds that Ryuuji is just like Naoya who turned down an offer from Suiran, she recalls a distant memory and wishes that a guy like Naoya have arrived a little sooner.

Naoya wakes-up in an infirmary, Nagisa is beside him, and Chihara arrives to give his uniform. The scene ends with him giving a letter of challenge to Brooding Ryuji who yanjees refers to as Banchou Leader for the rest of the episode.


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I missed whatever explanation there was about where he was living before. They also have this right chemistry with each other. I want to translate it into Spanish, I will consider your disclaimer! The whole thing reminded me a bit of Gokusenanother drama about delinquent students.

Those guys makes my blood boil. As for re-translating to other language. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That or girls and boys just want joint practice. Ryuji used to go to Suiran and was the ace on the water polo team but he quit for some reason.


Nagisa confronts him in her shrine maiden attire and asks how Naoya have changed that much. Btw, I used suiikyu with the raw provided by plotboxes and it worked!

Notify me of new posts via email. I thought the huge cast would be too intimidating to learn but most of the characters are distinctive in some way that makes them interesting. They are so natural with their acting that I can totally see why Ryuuji wants to take care of them. Immediately, he ran to his friends. And then Nagisa tells Naoya that his school is going to close I assume after the school year is over?