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They should at least put him in a new genre more than action because he can really fight. Leh Nangfah has a download link here. Any idea where I can find the rest of that show eng subbed? Anonymous August 8, at I watched cubic for bomb and mint then the story. Adora and HuabNag like this. Anonymous May 3, at 9:

A lot of HD download links go to alwaysmeena links, which she recently made filefactory links become password protected. Go back to where you downloaded the subs and use the correct video links provided. Anonymous March 18, at Asy , Apr 14, I stopped watching around ep In any case I will continue watching for Mike.

Best High School Dramas.

Suey Rai Sai Lub

Jasmine Lakorn June 1, at 6: Hey can you tell me the name of the movie where the good girl is the tiger? In order to get off a drug possession and theft charges that will certainly ruin her reputation as an actress, she agrees to work for Inspector Naruebate as a spy and get close the Mr. Your name or email address: Dang, Richie looks like that thai actress who star in a lot of lakorn with Dome.

Mia Taeng is totally a guilty pleasure!

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Can anyone tell me where can i watch nang sao jumlaeng ruk with eng sub thanks. Anonymous January 16, at 2: If there are no subtitles, just click in the CC button. Ninie Farhaniey June 24, at 3: You have one to recommend?


But can you sub Le Nangfa angel magic. Is she a newbie? SheR Ara December 20, at Through lakorn, I am in love and synopeis to visit Thailand. Full House streaming link is dead, can you fix it plzz and tank for all your work!!


Not Yet Rated Watchers: Anonymous November 3, at 4: Saai April 11, at Panin is actually her sister’s husband. Synoosis lakorns, Khun Chai Rachanon and Cubic has higher ratings than the usual Yes, my password is: That’s 3 strikes for me.

Thak you so very much. I was considering giving it up, although it has been somewhat entertaining so far, grooving along to the 90s style music, lol, so I skimmed ahead and they meet in episode 5.

Adora and HuabNag like this. Anonymous February 4, at Hi, make sure your computer has a good antivirus program that is updated frequently.

Anonymous September 6, at Richie and Bomb together I was wondering how the list of lakorns to be subbed is choosen??

UMA99, Bomb and Richie. That happens a lot these days and is one of the reasons why we have this site. CM Shukmeister December 22, at 5: So many good old lakornov left untranslated.

They should at least put him in a new genre more than action because he can really fight. Anonymous November 7, at 8: They’re on viki as well. Thank You so much for your help. Please reupload Weewa wah woon in youtube.


Scribblings of a fangirl. I searched everywhere and all the viki. So far ep 0 which is ep 1 on viki doesn’t work it an intro to the charactersbut ep 1 which is 2 on viki does. Please kindly give me an explanation?? CM Shukmeister November 5, at 8: Jasmine Lakorn August 9, at 8: Sulakshana February 28, at 9: ChalidaluvprinApr 4, Welcome to the world of lakorn dramas! Also, people say that Richie’s bad acting ruined Koo Gum, but I think it was because of the way the movie ra, and also, it was her first movie, so you can’t really blame her.

But I beg suat differ. Tried Sameethen the original Samee which I think is better, but not sure I want to synopwis more of it. First i want to say that i’m really glad Richie is finally having a lakorn though her acting isn’t sauy that, but practice makes better and you can’t expect anyone to get better if they don’t get the chance to work on it.

Anonymous March 25, at 6: It looks really good but I do not understand the Thai version.