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These floats sampled a variety of oceanographic regimes ranging from the seasonally ice-covered zone to the subtropical gyre. During the past several years, multiple reanalysis datasets have become available for studying climate variability and understanding climate system. Atmospheric pressure varied seasonally. Nonincrease, Decrease — N. It aimed to provide a high-quality comprehensive data set for process studies, in particular of interactions between low-level clouds LLCs and boundary-layer conditions. There are few estimations of surface heat fluxes based on oceanic observations in the Mediterranean, and none of them are based on mixed layer observations. Until recently, large areas at the continental margins of the ETA were not well covered by publically available hydrographic data hampering a detailed understanding of the involved processes.

In particular, the Sputnik Planitia ice sheet, which is thought to be the main reservoir of nitrogen ice, displays a large diversity of terrains, with bright and dark plains, small pits and troughs, topographic depressions and evidences of recent and past glacial flows. We then examine the coexistence of the two life cycles when growth rate decreases with biomass. Observational evidence has already detected subsurface aragonite undersaturation, likely resulting from carbon remineralization of sinking organic matter. Also presented are radiative transfer calculations showing how differential solar absorption by aerosols over bright surface desert or snow cover land compared to dark surface vegetated land and ocean , may be instrumental in triggering an aerosol-monsoon large-scale circulation and water cycle feedback, consistent with the elevated heat pump hypothesis Lau et al. In vast cumbrous array [Churchill]. Finally, we explore the changes of the seasonal cycle during the 21st century in the two CCMs. Satellite fluorescence measurements therefore show potential for.

This data set was complemented by velocity data from surface drifter and ARGO floats to allow determining horizontal heat and freshwater advection. Despite this agreement, there are some clear disagreements between the models and the observations on the details of transport and dehydration in the TTL. Trends, interannual variability, and seasonal cycle of atmospheric methane over the western Pacific observed using voluntary observing ships.

In all regions except the Arctic, the season of maximum stratus corresponds to the season of greatest lower-troposphere static stability. Angostura [additive for alcoholic beverages], aromatic bitters.

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Climate-carbon cycle models generally agree that elevated atmospheric CO 2 concentrations will enhance terrestrial gross primary productivity GPP. Results show that the observed diurnal cycle of rain peaked around late afternoon over monsoon land, and early morning over the oceans.


The backbone of this network is multi-species flask sampling from to masl that has been conducted every two weeks for the last 10 years over Poker Flat, AK. Here we present 1. We propose a new independent estimate of the seasonal cycle of the Net surface Heat Flux, calculated on average over the Mediterranean Sea for the period, based only on in-situ observations.

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Nor all thy piety nor wit shall draw it back to cancel half a [Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam]. Remotely-sensed ocean surface fields e. Airborne dust affects the radiative balance of the atmosphere, thus greatly influencing the thermal and dynamical state of the atmosphere. We present a relatively high resolution Mediterranean climatology 0.

Data from a mooring in the LP and the hydrographic data was used to calibrate geostrophic transport estimated using altimetry data.

First, we document a new method to quality control and merge ship, float, and glider hydrographic observations. Recent data available from the Viking mission, in particular the seasonal pressure variations measured by Viking landers, are used to constrain the models. The differences in these two similar datasets indicate a striking seasonal change in the behavior of Titan’s clouds.

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Copyright tags or comment. Seasonal cycles of zooplankton from San Francisco Bay. We show that opposing seasonal episodes of natural selection on body size interacted with both direct and delayed density dependence to cause populations to undergo predictable multigenerational density cycles.

The understory also shows a seasonal cyclebut with an opposite variation to canopy and minimal correlation to seasonal variations in rainfall or radiation. In a collaborative effort between African and European partners within the EU-funded PREFACE program, a new seasonal climatology for different components of the heat and freshwater budget was compiled for the ETA using all publically iecwater hydrographic data sets and a large trove of previously not-publically available hydrographic measurements from the territorial waters of western African countries, either from national programs or from the Atunt supported EAF-Nansen program.


The amount of fog appears to be related to warm advection across sharp gradients of SST. Introduction Suicide is a complex and multifactorial phenomenon with growing importance to public health. Analysis of the transport, emission, and chemistry contributions to XCH4 using ACTM suggests that a distinct XCH4 seasonal cycle over northern and southern regions of India is governed by both the heterogeneous distributions of surface emissions and a contribution of the partial CH4 column in the upper troposphere.

DOMINO NO2 retrievals showed slightly lower total columns with median differences about 5 and 14 for clear sky and all sky conditions, respectively.

Whilst the exact mechanism of this is unclear, it would seem probable that melatonin may have actions at multiple sites and on multiple levels of the reproductive tract, and may exert seqson more profound effect on outcomes of assisted conception cycles than has been previously considered. We then examine the coexistence of the two life cycles when growth rate decreases with biomass.

Absence of Motive — N. Here, we first study the optimal life cycle schedule of marine macroalgae when daily mortality changes seasonallyand then we discuss the conditions for coexistence and relative dominance of different life cycles. Seasonal variations of firn density in ice-sheet firn layers have stut attributed to variations in deposition processes or other processes within the upper firn. There are few estimations of surface heat fluxes based on oceanic observations in the Mediterranean, and none of them are based on mixed layer observations.

When combined with the observed trends in the seasonal CO 2 amplitude, these relationships lead to consistent emergent constraints on the CO 2 fertilization of GPP. Thus far, models have had difficulty simulating the observed pre- and post- solstice peaks in dust loading.

The differences exist at individual sites and also between the sites. Water ice clouds can influence the dust cycle by scavenging dust from atmosphere and by interacting with solar and infrared radiation.