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The family then fly in the rocket to Mars, arriving in all but thirty seconds, while in reality it would take at least six months to get there. Tends to occur in many videos when a large amount of people are on the receiving end of a trouble-maker’s wrath. This Macusoper video features Macusoper getting his homework stolen by another student and getting in trouble for it. All Crimes Are Equal: Their parents are not much better, as most of the time they are unreasonable Jerkasses regardless of how nice or lovable they are in canon. Sometimes all characters involved in a “Gets Held Back” video are given the blame for something only one of the trouble characters caused, even if they sat there and did nothing as the one character did it or even tried to stop them.

The speech-to-text voices’ infamous way of pronouncing Caillou’s name becomes a form of this in some videos, where Boris knows how to pronounce Caillou’s name, but will often switch when he realizes he’s “on camera” and call him “Kaylew” or “K-I-U” on purpose knowing how terrible it makes his son feel. With easy to use on-screen controls users can place each electric generator in the perfect position or angle with just a click of a mouse all within Final Cut Pro X. Unless the tap does not have a plug in it, this is physically impossible. Some videos feature these characters, and more often than not their skills are less than up to par, as seen here. Attack of the Foot Whatever: Bean – A Day in the Animation Studios. The grounded videos hint on how bad that their troublemakers’ actions are, by how much backlash that they receive from their parents and often extending to many other characters , how long that they are going to be grounded for, and how serious that their punishments are. Lil Peepz also features animesque hairstyles and Cartoon Classics has a few anime expressions like sweat drops and anger veins.

Easily alter the highlights, midtones, and shadows of animations with color swabs. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google.

As demonstrated in “X gets Y arrested” videos, dropping any food on the ground counts as littering, no matter if they are in plastic containers, wrapping or whatever. Users can either use the “Quick Video Maker”, which offers several ready-made “animated shorts” some of which are based on licensed properties with the settings and actions already selected, a small cast of characters to choose from different for eachand the ability for you to write dialogue, or the “Full Featured Video Maker”, where you can start from scratch and select almost everything by yourself: In several ” Character Causes a Car Crash” videos, the parent of the troublemaker takes their attention off the road so they can yell at them only to end up getting into a car crash.

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There are a number of videos that attempt to hand out social advice, such as this one but wind up unintentionally falling under this for numerous reasons. From the shows they are featured in. Later, Caillou is arrested. Tomorrow is Punishment Day! Many videos show the jury being composed of the accused’s parents, siblings, teachers or colleagues, regardless of not if said characters had witnessed the actions the accused had done.


This is possibly justifiedin that Boots and the others are not human, and non-humans are pretty difficult to translate into any of GoAnimate or Vyond’s former themes.

Even if a character does wind up getting killed, their body almost always remains intact even if it was a fire or explosion that did them in. Even Diego hasn’t been seen in very many videos.

Several ” Character Misbehaves on the Way To Movie ” have the characters somehow being gooanimate to watch the movie for any sort of reason. Caillou’s existence is this for Boris.

All Just a Dream: The Errors are extremely smart and will prevent all attempts to get rid of it, including powering down, installing anti-virus programs, upgrading your computer and unplugging your computer. Boris and Doris then come over to ground Rosie, and they don’t burn either.

Some ” Character Gets A Job at Place ” videos have the character dealing with one or more rowdy or unreasonable customers, who get mad at or confused by the lead character and cause a scene for any number of petty or ridiculous reasons most typically because the customer does not have enough money for something on the menu they want, asks for something not offered at the restaurant i. A character considered a trouble-maker may do one certain action and get grounded for it, only for a non-troublemaker to do the same exact thing and without the action portrayed as wrong, if they aren’t outright rewarded for it.

I spend every day of my life in my house with my family and my cat Gilbert. Stretch the generator to slow the animation and shrink the ProElectric presets to speed it up. In some Grounded videos, many of the adults seem to be sometimes willfully blind to what the kids usually the troublesome “baby show” ones want or need.

Pixel Film Studios – ProElectric Cartoon – Hand-Drawn Electric Animations – Final Cut Pro X

Many times characters ganimate survive injuries that by all means should have crippled them or even killed them, such as being knocked off a very tall building, hit by a strong tornado, or getting hit by a flying school desk. These videos are especially known for the trouble-making kids usually being characters from TV shows aimed at preschoolers, such as Caillou and Dora the Explorer.

Including their Fan Hater -charged remarks. Wrongful Accusation Insurance is in full effect whenever someone gets someone else sent to jail; the wrongfully accused character will stretcg always break out of prison to blow the whistle on the actual trouble-maker without having to face consequences for breaking out of jail and anything else they might have done.


In other words, this seemed like the final blow to GoAnimate’s unusual fandom The rants made with GoAnimate or Vyond always start with the user calling the subject fjlms the rant a derogatory name in the form of: Meanwhile, Dora being much more well-known and popular — and thus more hated tends to be far more of a target than Diego, making Diego Gets Grounded videos less widespread Though that doesn’t really explain Diego’s absence in the many videos involving his cousin outside of the odd few.

Some of the Dora videos have Dora’s trademark exploring being this for her parents and grandmother, often for unexplained reasons. Simply put, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon.

Of course, who needs almost that much money in medical treatment for a scary prank? Caillou’s dad Boris, stretchh particular, is just a hair’s length away from being straight up evil.

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The rant videos, which mostly cover only the negative qualities or simply what the user doesn’t like about the subject. Animateis a website that allows people to make their own animated videosfolms using Adobe Flashbut currently using the HTML5 standard which allows creation and viewing on most any device, including traditional computers and mobile devices.

Go to your fucking room now, you fucking piece of shit! Lil Peepz also features animesque hairstyles and Cartoon Classics has a few fillms expressions like sweat drops and anger veins. Fully Customizable With ProElectric Cartoon each preset is fully customizable with a click of a mouse. Rosie pushes Caillou into the sun, and Caillou simply lays on top it, bursting into a tiny flame. Caillou and Rosie then proceed to float straight to the sun in fifteen seconds, a feat which takes about years if you’re traveling fifty miles an hour, a speed the two were clearly not going.

Tropes A-L across all videos. Alan Cook hates Disney. It also applies to those where the troublemaker commits much less serious actions, or even those that are innocent.

Some are more nonsensical than others, but almost all of them involve at least some surreal aspects, especially due to the cheapness and limitations of the software.

Hey, who the fuck said a bad word? And leading to Macusoper getting a punishment he arguably didn’t deserve. Some videos have Caillou get grounded for existing. Users have total control over highlight color, shadow color, drop shadow, angle of view, dog blur amount, focus offset, x rotation, y rotation, z rotation, intensity, glow amount, exposure, and more. In this videothe nurse is able to instantly fix the newborn Rosie’s injuries after a pissed Caillou throws Rosie against the ceiling.