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The Jaguar was unable to pull the four “carriages” due to their weight, and the Jaguar’s rear-wheel-drive. Initially, they modify a P45 Series 19, Episode 1 with a flashing beacon and a gurney which attaches to a rear-mounted hitch, but this fails when the gurney jackknifes and ejects the patient. They had to have a sleeping area, a toilet and a cooking area. Elsewhere, Clarkson builds a smaller car than the Peel P50 , the P45, and sees how good it is before putting before the ‘Dragon’ of Dragons’ Den , and Damian Lewis takes his turn in the Kia Cee’d , around a snowy test track. On an epic journey around Lake Victoria , which Victorian Explorers thought was the source of the Nile, the first part sees the trio setting off west from their starting point in Uganda towards Lake Edward , visiting Entebbe Airport , getting stuck in heavy traffic in Uganda’s capital of Kampala , explore the village of Jezza in the Mpigi District , convert their cars into mobile campers, before reaching the lake and seeing if they can find a river flowing into it from Lake Kivu. They were sent out to buy any hot hatchback from their youth – specifically the s.

Retrieved 26 January Clarkson consequently won, while Hammond, who had fallen far behind due to the comparatively small storage space of the Suzuki, lost badly. Clarkson claimed victory as he got one photograph of his celebrity published in a newspaper. At the race circuit, the presenters were to gain a point for every car they overtook and lose a point each time they were overtaken. Due to the problems Britain suffered during the previous winter with snow, and local authorities not having the money to spend on road clearing equipment, the presenters came up with the idea of the Snowbine Harvester to save money, working on the theory combine harvesters were sitting idle during winter months so were readily available with a cheap conversion kit. Hammond, however, still won the overall challenge. The producers then instruct the presenters to ‘do it properly’, and each buy an alternative to the standard ambulance used by the NHS a Mercedes Sprinter , with their choices being tested in a series of challenges. Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board.

Hammond was caught instantly due to his damaged engine, while both Clarkson and May had their cars destroyed after long drawn out pursuits.

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The trio unsuccessfully tried to have fun and caused numerous traffic jams. Clarkson’s malfunctioning gauges made calculating his speed difficult, May had to cope with Welch’s initial lack of interest and navigating experience, and Hammond’s Lanchester proved incredibly unreliable, breaking down several times streetffire stage and overheating constantly. Geaf the way, a firetruck is prepared to simulate the effects of a spring rain.

May won comfortably as his car proved to be in better mechanical condition than Clarkson’s. The presenters noted that the other modifications generally didn’t help, and some even made the car slower. After a long drive through Africa, which showed that Hammond made a clever choice with his all episodw drive Subaru in view of all those dirt tracks, and several ‘modifications’ the boys were stealing bits from each other’s cars to modify their own car the boys were getting closer.


All three presenters modified their original designs: After crashing into May a few times, May got fed up and abandoned him. After decorating their lorries, they were sent to Millbrook Proving Groundwhere the first challenge was to successfully powerslide their lorries on a skid pan as demonstrated by “The Stig’s Lorry-driving Cousin”.

First there was a drag race which Hammond was unable to take part in as his car broke down due to the alarm for which he was deducted 1, points: Clarkson and May attempted to find out which of their classic luxury limousines—Clarkson’s Mercedes-Benz “Grosser” or May’s Rolls-Royce Corniche —was better. The starting point was a small town in Uganda. However, due to an ordering blunder made by James May they accidentally made gallons worth of biodiesel. En Leclerc vs Vettel.

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James rijdt in zijn jeugddroom, de extreem zeldzame en nog extreem duurdere Languages Eesti Edit links. The Merak began to deteriorate at Castle Combe, where it was revealed to have terrible brakes, and the engine began making worrying noises alongside very poor performance.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson use n-word in unseen Top Gear footage”. Clarkson was given the head of Balaeric Rallying Club, who spoke no English. The presenters, based at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fifewere set the task of building a Caterham Seven Kit car from scratch and drive past the starting line, faster than the time it would take The Stig to reach the track from the Caterham showroom in Caterham using a pre-built Caterham Seven Kit car.

Matt tried the highway approach, where he got stuck at a tollbooth, while Chris decided to take the mountain pass and the backroads, where he had to deal with local traffic. This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat What do you think?

During the first part of the challenge, they raced against each other at a quarry, with Chris crashing into Matt, then heading to Kyzylorda to participate in a game of auto-tag against locals in Lada Rivas. All three made it to the Namibian border. Hammond bought a tan Toyota Land Cruiserwhich had been converted into a soft top convertible by a previous owner.

gfar They are challenged with building a bridge across the River Kwaithen epjsode over it with their trucks, but realise when constructing the bridge that they are actually at the River Kok. They summarised the choice as “between ‘Camp’ and ‘Camp Commandant’ ” based on the previous owners of the vehicles they were using in the challenge. Retrieved 23 August The Reliant Robin took off; everything seemed to be working until a release bolt attaching the Robin to the fuel tank failed to detach.

May attached a roofbox with a sleeping bag on top of a Lotus Excel and Hammond constructed a collapsible cottage on the back of a Land Rover Eddie made it first to the finish, joined by Sabine, and soon after Evans. Matt did reach 81 mph, however, in the hands of The Stig, it reached 87 mph, setting a new world record.


Next the cars were examined by a forensics team to test the condition of their interior. As has happened on previous challenges, a spare car was provided by the producers should any of the cars critically break down.


In the final part of the trip, both returned to Varadero to have a rematch with local street racers, only this time, they race in a makeshift oval track made using used tyres. The challenge included a drive over the Makgadikgadi Panwhich left Clarkson and May’s cars filled with dust after they had been stripped of excess weight as to try to prevent their cars sinking through the thin surface, and over the Okavango Delta. During testing in Norway, the team blasted grit through a house window, set fire to a man and ran into a car hidden by snow.

So they started their long drive south.

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At the race circuit, the presenters were to gain fop point for every car they overtook and lose a point each time they were overtaken. May Clarkson by eepisode [nb 4]. Views Read Edit View history.

Challenges include a snow slope climbing test where Hammond failed to engage his 4WDa game of tag with caravans hitched to their cars and featuring ‘Leisure Stig’ in a Kia Sportage, a acceleration and braking test at a muddy test area with ‘Leisure Stig’ setting the benchmark in a Kia Sportage where James made his way to a muddy pond at the end of the trackamerifa their own cars to suit the lifestyle theme better and doing some ‘leisure activity’ at a nearby pond, rolling their cars down a steep cliff to test egar car’s robustness and safety, and to wrap it up, a five-mile-long off-road race from a Yorkshire grouse moor to a conference and dinner held at Yorkshire’s Broughton Hall, where the last to arrive had to do an after-dinner speech.

The fourth test had each presenter attempting to perform a hill start with their vehicles, and to encourage them, prized possessions were placed behind each of their lorries.

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Then, the final challenge arrived: Let performance SUV battle commence. Bemoaning the fact that campervans are either the huge American style motor homes unsuitable for European roads or the tiny and cramped European models, the presenters were challenged to construct inexpensive campervans that would be comfortable to sleep in yet manageable on narrow twisting European roads. Clarkson was being coached by Sabine Schmitza noted German racer.

This led to Clarkson claiming that speed is not everything and May disagreeing, in stark contrast to their usual opinions. Clarkson arrives next in a Fiat Spider which he admits is incredibly pretty but predicts it will go wrong all the time like all classic cars. They were then given a series of challenges, including driving across a field after a raveparking cars at night, and an obstacle course in which each presenter had to drive round the course and hit as many of the obstacles as they could.