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Of course, the injuries are graphically displayed Best Actress in a Supporting Role. I can’t stop thinking about all the women who encounter this type of injustice around the globe. Navid Negahban provides a malevolent presence as Ali, while David Diaan’s Ebrahim winds up being perhaps the worst of the villains — a good man who refuses to stop an injustice he knows to be happening. Undercover French journalist Freidoune Sahebjam Jim Caviezel is traveling though a small southwestern village when his car breaks down. Zahra tries to flee with her and after realizing she cannot, goes to plead with the mayor for Soraya’s life, even offering to switch places with Soraya. Suddenly one day, he decides to hitch up with a 14 year old girl instead.

It is not a movie you will easily forget. With stunning cinematography and symbols added in to create an emotional and mental struggle for the audience and the protagonist, this film will leave you haunted and moved about a degrading belief system that pollutes a gigantic region of the largest of the seven continents. Leila Noor Al Taher It is not for the feint of heart. Kudos to the actors and actresses as well as to the director for making this incredible film. Jalal Zadhaley as Ali’s Friend.

Shukreyeh Thijeel as Mourning Woman. Its so sad to see that all this indiscrimination still happens in some countries and mostly Muslim world.

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The Stoning of Soraya M. () – IMDb

Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Spanish dubbing mix. It’s actually hard to watch because the whole point of watching it is to arrive at a place where you really dread going. Aghdashloo provides the voice of conscience and reason in a town gone mad, a village where Soraya’s own father calls her an unprintable name and where her sons join in the stoning.


It IS a man’s world in Iran but this type of behavior is not by civilized men. Even though you know from the beginning what happens to Soraya you keep hoping that somehow the events unfold differently than they do.

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The Stoning of Soraya M.

If you haven’t seen it, there aren’t any spoilers that you can’t get from the title. Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert gave a favorable review, for which he writes:.

The film opened at 32 at the U. As for me, I didn’t cry at all which surprised me.

Shohreh Aghdashloo’s character, a Muslim, decries the stoning as against the will of God. Even if she committed what she was accused of, how can such a primitive law exist at all?

The lack of compassion in the villagers is astounding, but the silence of justice is deafening. Thanks to you, “the world will know. Rami Hamati as Circus Boy. Even with most of the film in subtitles, it is easy to follow and heartbreaking and enraging to watch.

Shohreh Aghdashloo: Zahra

The scenes will stay with you. The actor do a great job to really portray sentiments and feelings of the characters. The world needs to know what Soraya and countless women like her have experienced, because educating ourselves is the only way atrocities like cwst will end.


Cinematography was good, and sound was decent.

How can anyone cheer, celebrate and enjoy such a brutality? Shohreh’s performance is stunning and she surely deserves an Oscar nomination. Already have an account? Artistically that was a stunning movie specially photography, Soraya is one of the foreign movies i have watched, made with that fabulous photography.

The issue is how the story is presented. Just an ongoing list of films I recommend to people who say that Inception is the weirdest film they have…. Hats off to u Soraya Manutchehri. It’s for goodness sake. Toronto International Film Festival. Women are guilty, men are innocent. I really should count to 10 first.

David Handman Geoffrey Rowland.

If you can stomach the film, it’s definitely worth a watch. You’ve bore your violent husband two girls and two boys and been married stoninng him for twenty years. Wonderful movies you only watch once. This is a disturbing story based on a book written by a journalist who, while passing through an Iranian village, is told of some unspeakable crimes against woman, hidden behind the structures of sharia law.

The two sit down as Zahra recounts the story to Freidoune, who records the conversation with his tape recorder.