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League of Legends Patch 5. In season three, we saw the reign of tank junglers like Zac, Volibear, Nasus, and other pocket picks while top lane boasted an array of dueling top carries such as Kennen, Vladimir, Elise she was traditionally played top before moving to jungle , Jayce, Ryze, Rumble, Olaf, and others. In addition to all of this, there is the point that Tanks in the jungle will never rival their top lane counter parts. They are all Bruisers. Stonewall further asserts Tanks cannot be brought back into the meta without buffs across the board for them or nerfs to Bruisers. No, create an account now.

Takuma , Jun 2, Furthermore, with the lane swap always available, top laners are forced into taking teleport in order to respond quickly to a swap to avoid missing farm and experience. On the discussion of tanks, Montecristo spoke of how teams needed someone on the team to absorb damage to protect the carries. I agree with Stonewall’s thoughts on this. If you deny a carry, like Riven, farm, they will lack the items they need to deal damage. Champions like Rumble, Lulu, and Lissandra, bring such utility to their teams in the form of either shields or CC, that they will always be useful. Which IS a valid situation. Kha’Zix champions Champions all together championship series characterization chell chibi cinematic Cirath CJ Entus clg clg link clg roster clg seraph clg.

Being first pick sucks.

I’ll likely have to play offline games to gather footage today. Staff Member Veteran Content Creator. Sections of this page.

SwordishforceMay 30, 4. Lacking flexibility and speed, they will fall behind their rival classes in the jungle.

Riot’s Reluctance To Increase Ban Limit by Stonewall008

Manual get link download: EvilWurstbrotJun 1, HamdiumMay 31, 8. Opponents of adding extra bans have stated that it would draw out even further the already lengthy process of getting a game etonewall008. First, Sesson junglers were buffed when Spirit of the Elder Lizardthe AD jungle item then, was changed to provide sustain in health and mana based on damage dealt: The 4v0 meta faded away, but teams noted that lane swaps were still an effective strategic tool.


Lane swap to give your ADC solo farm and experience to bypass their weak laning phase and have your support roam to make plays with the jungler.

Buzzwords Will Not Change the Jungle

Decreasing the difficulty of the jungle would only be another global power shift, which does nothing to effect relative strength; Bruisers would still be the best. Most other changes have impact, such as the Baron and Dragon changes, but why does the jungler pool remain so tight on a specific class of champions? They are all Bruisers. This position is quite understandable considering the increase of champions which has also lead to a greater number of champions players would rather not have to deal with.

LoL still reworks champs heavily as they don’t suit their game vision anymore. Now, in solo queue, it is still possible to run Tank junglers effectively, as opposing junglers may not pick the superior Bruisers, and it may round out the team compositions because dueling oriented top laners can be picked without fear of lane swaps being used. January 23, In season three, we saw the reign of tank junglers like Zac, Volibear, Nasus, and other pocket picks while top lane boasted an array of dueling top carries such as Kennen, Vladimir, Elise she was traditionally played top before moving to jungleJayce, Ryze, Rumble, Olaf, and others.

Click on the intent box to show your own champ intent and click on the mutual ban box to pick a mutual ban. Duelist top champions are typically melee with no ranged abilities to farm, meaning that in a lane swap situation, they cannot safely acquire CS like the Utility Mages and Tanks, and fall behind.

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Make sure you’re in r I am not saying that the changes don’t have the right idea in mind but right now it’s all fucked up that a ton of junglers are just out of the game. Categories 1v1 rewind world championship 2v2 3 minute guide 3. Tanks could survive in the solo top lane because their durability made it so they were more likely to escape ganks in the longer lane. As mentioned in this Riot publication, the 4.


It is the development of this particular use of the lane swap which forced out dueling top champions. CrayonsnachaMay 31, If either team feels it is fair to ban a champion simply on the premise that they both think that a champion simply shouldn’t be available for pick and would rather use their bans for a more targeted type of banning such as possible counter picks and additional unfun champions.

Increasing the ban limit would be great for competitive play: JasiwelJun 2, Azubu Frost azubu frost balls balls guide bard bard champion guide bard guide bard guide lol basic warding guide Basics of pressuring in bottom lane be a better player begginers best champions best of faker best of xpeke best solo q champions Bikini Riven bischu bischulol Black Cleaver blakinola blitzcrank blue boards brackets braum braum guia lol braum guide braum guide lol buffs build build guide c9 c9 rumble guide caitlyn california trlolz cassiopeia cchapin15 challenger challenger guide champion Champion Base Speed Distribution champion preview Champion Spotlight Champion Spotlight: You can definitely play Jarvan and such but the power of champions that use the FF enchantment and can sustain themselves is stupidly strong that you are forced to always have an answer to them and respond in kind.

If a person on one team declares ZED as a mutual ban and a person on the other team also declares ZED a mutual ban, that character will be banned before the actual banning phase begins.