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While Travis poses as a buyer to get inside, Callie and Rudolpho are arrested when they learn the local police detectives are moonlighting as Abode’s agents. The series ends there in a cliffhanger. Elsewhere, Percy is struck by a gravity wave and wakes up under the consciousness of an inmate from the mine who somehow caused the gravity distortions so she could escape through time. He also asks Dante to work for the Orchard and tells him that he is more involved than he realizes. Jane Doe in the Brig. Things get bad when they stumble upon a conspiracy involving experiments with alien DNA and the human genome. O, and he knows about Travis and has the ability to phase in and out of our reality.

He speaks in messianic terms of humankind using hyperspace to move beyond the solar system. Percy manages to stun one of Rex’s thugs, but he happens to be a hired Oberon operative and she is arrested by the station guards for assaulting one of their own. Things become even more complicated when a third, unidentified ship arrives who Luc secretly contacts, and the trust between the two bounty hunters begins to shatter. Tristan Catchpole Dean McKenzie Share this Rating Title: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The Prisoner Full Episode Episodws 2: He explains that Dante’s deceased wife Penny, once a geneticist on Titanwas close to unlocking the secrets of the Cluster herself and that her experiments on their son Travis, were very important in the research.

We hear one side of her conversation with one Edward, who is elsewhere:. Back on the Tulip, Rudolpho, who is distrustful of Travis, contacts a bounty hunter who hunts Raiders named Redus Starhunfer, and tries to cash in on a potential starhunyer for Travis, but Marcus and Percy intercept his communication signals and warn Travis of the betrayal.

Travis is contacted by Garick, an old family friend from Titan City, dpisodes son Sasha died after taking epiaodes powerful narcotic painkiller called Anista. Now the fight for justice is set among the stars, and the showdown is about to begin. Max comes aboard with his associates Mina and David and proposes a business partnership over dinner in the grand ballroom.

Travis and Jane revisit an event fifteen years ago, when he, then a Raider, killer her starhynter, David. If you’re going to watch the show, try and get past the aforementioned problems that are present in the early episodes and which I noticed getting markedly better later onbecause there is a gem to be found here.


However, the company was now out of business, so Percy claims ownership by salvage. Start your free trial. Meanwhile, Callie and Marcus hack into the Mars police database to find who he’s connected with and use it against him.

Meanwhile, Catchpole lurks aboard the Tulip jumping from each reality and observing the crew as they establish a way to stabilize the ship. Ajit struggles between his loyalty to his mother and Percy’s affections, but eventually helps save Dante from the mind control process which would have eventually killed him.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Caravaggio checks the registry, but can find no record of the station’s existence, or its mining facilities. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

With Percy absent, Gayna uses her identity to override Caravaggio, and removes the air from Dircott’s quarters, killing him. Percy uses a remote drone to destroy a Raider ship and Dante finds a young boy in the wreckage named Jeb.

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To get the fuel cheaply, Rudolpho contacts an old girlfriend named Karina who leads him and Marcus into Io City’s underworld looking episods a unlicensed mineral supplier. Notify me of new comments via email. While Percy holo-records him for her diary, she unwittingly assists him in an escape plan and in setting up a trap for Dante and Luc once they reach the prison. Was this review helpful to you?


Unbeknown to the hunters, Salvatore plans to lure the Tulip in and take it over so he can use the ship to push Adrastea into Jupiter. Although Kate is more efficient than Car, she becomes infatuated with Travis and claims she is in love with him.

He impressed producers so much they hired him as the lead. Edit Did You Know?

Given the largely standalone nature of each of these early starhuner the exact viewing order doesn’t matter much, except that it does place the intended series opener “The Divinity Cluster” as episode 4 instead of episode 1. She says Travis wants to “talk to his mother” and offers Percy to come back to meet him. With Earth rapidly becoming uninhabitable, pioneers seek to colonize the harsh terrain of the planet Carpathia.

Image Entertainment released the complete second season under the title “Starhunter With the help of Caravaggio, each of the crew must find the correct time portal on the ship to get back home. Starhunter gets around to a serious treatment of the Divinity Cluster in episode 14, and does so in a wonderful way.


Much of the first season of Starhunter was first made available across two single-disc releases from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. He is the only human to have activated three of the four Divinity Cluster genes naturally.

Senaca says his plan is to use the seeds to restore their ancestral home Earth, which can no longer support life. He also asks Dante to work for the Orchard and tells him that he is more involved than he realizes. A production date is not announced, except the Facebook group posts refer to a “best guess” of production starting in “February “.

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The first DVD still reflects the incorrect episode order listed above and is still mislabeled as “The Complete Series. Murchison is angry that Catchpole did not kill Travis, but the traveler replies that the Orchard needs Travis and people like him.

Once safe on the Tulip, Travis begins an investigation and learns the Mars Federation is accusing Lena of the murder of a plastic surgeon, but she denies the charges.

Some of this article’s listed sources may not fulp reliable. Spaceman Full Episode S 2: The first run of the first season aired in Canada, from 1 November to 28 March starhuntter The Prisoner 15 Nov In the season finale, Tulip is trapped in hyperspace. Tanya Allen as Percy Montana. Edit Storyline As the Tulip transports Jane Doe, a psych patient suffering from amnesia, to Ganeymede Correctional facility, the nefarious Orchard makes a reappearance, intent on tracking down those who, like Travis but unbeknownst to him, possess unusual powers as a result of the Divinity Cluster.

While taking the survivors to the authorities on Mercury, Thirteen enchants Luc with his psychic brainwashing power and promises to help her find her path to the Divinity Cluster if she helps him take over the ship. Meanwhile another agent, Navarre, helps Luc get Dante back while Percy deals with a computer virus that turns Caravaggio against her.