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But Martice is not the only consciousness residing in Daniel. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. At one point, Carter hums the Stargate SG-1 theme tune in the elevator in the episode, breaking the Fourth wall. Awards Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5. Wikiquote has quotations related to: When one ship crashes, the intelligences become desperate as power fails. However, Carter’s new boyfriend Pete might get in the way. Jackson is somewhere in the jumble of personalities — unable to separate himself for more than a moment.

Pharrin takes Daniel back to the ship to undo the damage. Sign Up Login Submit News. Hammond is replaced by Dr. He is wildly out of control, claiming to be Martice, a Sovereign of Talthus from the starship Stromos bound for the planet Ardena. Then they could relocate his people to another world via Stargate–if Pharrin promises to separate Daniel from the souls he’s carrying. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Tryan explaines it would be impossible to separate the personalities just as it is impossible to return water droplets in the exact same configuration after switching glasses. Jackson, Daniel is terrified of him.

When SG-1 investigates the alien ship to find a way to cure Daniel, they discover that the minds of the passengers from the planet Talthus are being saved in the ship’s computer. While doing a thorough count, they are all knocked unconscious liefboat an alien ligeboat. Edit Storyline While investigating a crashed ship, SG-1 finds hundreds of inhabited stasis pods.

The SG-1 heads to planet to investigate a crashed starship and finds passengers and crew in cryogenic sleep in pods. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Season 7 Episode 6.

In the process, Pharrin absorbs the personalities, leaving Daniel. Several great ships were built to take as many people as possible to a new world, Ardena.

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There is no way to separate the cryosleeper from its consciousness or send it to any other than its corresponding body–unless that person is lifebooat. He tells her how their planet was doomed to destruction and how three ships were built to carry three thousand people picked by lottery to go the planet Ardena, where they would repopulate their species.


Patrick Currie, who plays Eamon in this episode, took over Johnstone’s role as Chaka in the previous weeks. But soon the archaeologist collapses on the ramp as the fear dissolves, replaced with anger.

O’Neill goes to Honduras to rescue Daniel Jackson. While investigating various decks, an energy field overwhelms them, knocking them unconscious. Full Cast and Crew. It’s also the second week in a row that someone else has taken over a role originally played by Dion Johnstone.

When SG-1 arrived, the crewman saw his opportunity and took it. While the film crew continues to make their documentary at SGC, help is sent to rescue of an SG member who is unable to get to the gate. My vote is nine. He asks for help to the SGC and soon Dr.

While Carter and Teal’c head casf team back to the ship to search for the party responsible, Dr. Despite the Sovereign, Pharrin is resistant — his own son is trapped in Daniel. SG-1 meet a group of all female Jaffa from a planet named Hak’tyl meaning “liberation”who have set up their own rebel base. Awards Atargate Season 1 2. This is another fun stand-alone, and sort of a tour de force for the Daniel character.

Teal’c is shot by a Jaffa as they retreat through the gate and his self-confidence is greatly wounded. At one point, Carter hums the Stargate SG-1 theme tune in the elevator in the episode, breaking the Fourth wall.

Audible Download Audio Books. Share this Rating Title: Edit Did You Know? Carter helps the Serrakin Warrick season 6’s ” Forsaken ” to enter his spaceship in a dangerous race on his planet Hebridan P4X Webarchive template wayback links Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter.


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It is also the only SG-1 episode to have both been written by an actor on the show Michael Shanks and to be directed by one as well. With “Fallen”, Michael Shanks Dr. Universe Home page Season stargatr Season two Major characters. Add the first question. Watch Now With Prime Video. Teal’c must regain his confidence if they are to be saved. He tried to save as many minds as he casf by taking them into his own body. To the relief of his team mates, Daniel awakens as himself.

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Daniel is found living on Vis Uban “place of great power”, P4T-3G6a planet where the Ancients began building their greatest city when they were struck by a plague.

Back on the Stromos, Teal’c and Carter corner the revived crewmember, Pharrin. Producer Joseph Mallozzi said that this was supposed to be a subtle hint that Carter spends too much time at work to notice what her city has to offer.

In terror, Pharrin kneels before Martice, agreeing not to cooperate with Earth. Use the HTML below. Christopher Heyerdahlwho played Pallan in “Revisions”, would later play the recurring characters of Halling and the Wraith ‘Todd’ on Stargate Atlantis. Worse, he says his image in the mirror is not his. He stored 12 personalities in Dr.