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Welcome to episode 15 of my Minecraft lets play on this In fact, the whole reason I started watching again is that I decided to load up Moonquest while playing some Path of Exile, and when I checked the main channel knowing the holiday stream was going, there were a lot of videos being uploaded I actually wanted to watch. Team DD is more of a hobby channel between Lewis and Sips. Toby I still barely have any clue who he even is or what he does or even if that’s still a channel that’s going. They are an older channel, this is what happens to every single channel over time: That’s music channels overall because people are very likely to watch the video more than once if they like the content, look at good old T Swizzle for a similiar thing. Welcome to episode 19 of my Minecraft lets play on this channel.

They’ve said that they have no interest in chasing the necessary fads and such to get the level of subscribers that PewDiePie etc have, which is how those channels have the views they do. They never really do much that I’m interested in watching beyond one or two sessions, and it seemed to me that, around the entire holiday season and for months after, a huge portion of the main channel content would focus on livestream videos, highlights, turning the stream sessions into a video series, etc. This is one thing I like about the Yogs, I know we all joke about kids in the comments etc, but they definitely prioritize a better community over a large one. CaffCast Caff in the evenings! Zylus is another basically dead youtube channel. It’s just like our view count!

They’re only in the kk zone when they’re only a week or so old. Hope you guys liked this. It’s good for people who consume content, because there’s just so much choice right now. For years until recently I’ve been an avid rabid listener and then re-watcher of every main channel video with an without Simon, with and without Sips! Comon, 41 million is a very unrealistic actual subscriber count. Welcome to episode 11 of my Minecraft lets play on this Seeing Lewis and occasionally Simon have fun with their friends and fuck around is just one of the many things I love about the main channel.

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Yogscast submitted 3 years ago by yogman2. There was no story, nothing to really drive it. Yogscast Farming Simulator I also really enjoyed the old gmod videos back when they were just getting into it, where ridgedog would introduce games like sledbuild or gmod tower and they would do challenges with that.


I think livestreams have also taken a huge chunk of the views, as people are more likely to watch streams because of the more direct interaction.

L for Leeeeee x Year ago. As long as the industry is around, the Yogscast can be relevant.

Because there is less Simon around, and for many months after last Christmas there was none at all. I don’t watch minecraft videos anymore, from any youtuber. So some subbed for WoW and stopped watching when they stopped doing that, some for SOI, some for adventure maps, Submit a new link. It’s not really something unique to the Yogs or even Youtube. The content in terms of what games are being played and stuff, that is perfectly fine, but the group stuff isn’t too much of a liking for me – more so because the group cohesion feels forced too harsh of a word for what it is, but pushed doesn’t quite get it with the “others group” Rythian, Zylus, Zoey dubbed this in as a joke on a streamin comparison to the classic group of Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sjin, Sips, and Hannah, which felt natural.

Later today

As the years have gone on, more and more channels, inspired by the success of those before them have been created with differing results. I’ll go further based on subs to general avg views over the last week or 2.

This is one thing I like about the Yogs, Eposode know we all joke about kids in the comments etc, but they definitely prioritize a better community over a large one. I would guess at the moment the issue is that the channel is very much focused on group content, when spisode lot of subs probably just want Simon and Lewis videos.

It’s just inevitable really, just like you don’t expect the ratings of a television show to be constant throughout its run. December is always lower for views anyway, then you include the livestreams and people being away during the holidays and that all adds up to a bit less views.

Then there’s also Will Strife, who’s channel I”ve stamptlonghead checked out a few times and enjoyed the content Look at the position Rooster Teeth are in now since they started earlier and has a more mature and dedicated audience. Where as the main yogscast channel has 7. Yogscast subscribe unsubscribe 91, readers users here now The official Yogscast subreddit! I work full time so end up having to watch videos late but I do get to them eventually.


And even now that he came back, simon is not on most of the videos. It’s crazy to think I’m now in college and I have important things to do, and suddenly time just slips away and you wonder where all the time you had to watch videos has gone!

We do have gta but it’s just playing minigames, just like gmod is. I just really want to invest myself in a big over-arching story like you would a good TV show epsiode movie series. Some of my friends were watching in the Israphel days and they are still subscribed but they never check out the new videos but I don’t know why I’ve never enjoyed big group videos from any youtuber because it becomes too much of a clusterfuck of shit going on all the time and people constantly laughing which gets really irritating.



The problem is that Socialblade just looks at the difference in daily total view counts of an entire channel, so a stampylongheac of videos with high view counts disappear and you end up with negative viewers suddenly, which is of course not actually possible. As the main channel moves further and further away from the duo and more towards big group activities, I’ve just lost interest.

Like, I love Sips and Sjin and Rythian and Hannah and everybody and have been subbed to lots of different Yogs offshoots for different periods, but it’s a lot harder for me, at least to sit down and watch some videos when they all have 5, 6, 7 people in them to mentally keep up with, compared to just 2 or 3 with Lewis, Simon, and maybe Duncan or something, like back in Moonquest, which episodw this day is one of my favorite YT series.