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Explicit Episode 86 “Piano chords strike the wrong note? Welcome back to the heart of a pub, with five blo…. This week we meet the legend that is Andrei Kanch…. Explicit Episode “Goals, Picks and Cook”. Gards and Robbo talk transfers and sport Hello hello, its been hectic, I’ve been off on ho…. The lively chat gets off to a flyer with chat aro….

Merry Christmas Whose Rounders?!! Explicit Episode 36 – “New Year cheer, with 5 more beers”. Explicit Episode 91 “Cheeky bets”. Explicit Episode 56 “Hot Fizz”. The premiership begins and the…. Well Well Well, a huge boulder has hit the chat w…. Around the mic, in a pub once more, picking apart….

Hello you lot, here we are once again giving you ….

Hi you, hope you are loving the sun, yes we are h…. Explicit Episode “Patchwork Pod”. Listeners also subscribed to. Explicit Episode 60 ‘You say eligible, I say legible’. Well its only the start of the world cup!!!!! Well what a special episode, we have the usual cr….


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas! This weeks episode is sans M. Explicit Episode “Phantom Leg Break”.

Bish Bash Bosh, we are back again with your frien…. Explicit Episode “And the winner is I bet all your…. Gards were lucky eno…. Well, Robbo and Gards are away on important busin….

Well this week two guys step up to take on you on…. Well me old mates, lots to talk about, including ….

Doctor who episode 129 in stampys

I packed pod, with a review of Gareth Southgate’s…. Brand new episode, with the lads picking apart th….

Explicit Episode “Whooooose Rooooouuuund Halloweeeeen! Epsiode Apple Books doesn’t open, click the Books app in your Dock. Enjoy the bants and the boxing, everything is mos…. Another fun packed episode, with a horse racing t…. Hello hello, its been hectic, I’ve been off on ho….

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Yo Yo peeps, the prem is back!!!!! Yes we are episodes old, an amazing …. Well as a certain Austrailian soap reaches 30, stamyp …. Explicit Episode 28 – “Gooooaaaalll!! Explicit Episode 54 “Pod in different sizes”. Welcome to a podcast bursting with the weeks spor…. Explicit Episode 56 “Hot Fizz”. Back once more with pub filled chat, we discuss t…. Explicit Episode “Son’s in Asia Explicit Episode 44 “Whose Ruck?


The table is full, the pints flow and the chips a…. Explicit Episode 95 “Home and Away, but don’t cheat”.