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When your horse feels scared, help him to look forward and initiate his investigative behavior. Click here for the full list: Your world can be shaken with the loss of a horse. Listen on to learn how to make your mistakes work for you. As I aged, I started experimenting with different ways to improve things. She has nice digital gear now as well and edits the digital images to look like the film images that come back from her pro film lab. You also unlock the following Gold features:

The distraction in his mind that was driving this behavior would have also caused distractions in other areas of training. It can become a theory and principle for horses. Finding the balance is really important. They are fairly low. Do you hire someone to help? This is the stage that most people enter horses through. In her podcast, she shares all of her knowledge in her area of expertise:

I have three saddles and none of episodr fit either of my horses… would treeless be a good way to go? Sophie believes that horses hate being ridden. They have a horse that they can start, stop, and steer, but they don’t truly understand the base work that went into that.

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View the photograph Axton describes here. One of my stumbling blocks is the actual choreography of the routine. Professional and part-time and the importance of outsourcing Kirstie has a full-time career and her photography business is part-time mostly on weekends.

I have been much more intentional this year about working episoed into my life. Take the slack out of the reins and find the rhythm of the horse’s head as it walks. Try working the horses three days a week.


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She was up riding with us getting ready for her first bridleless ride at Congress. In my mind, I have a line drawn that is where I would consider would be failing my horse.

Keep watching for it. During early training, the horse may not know the answer to my test or pop quizzes. Richard Branson took a record shop and built it into a label, a bank, an airline, space tourism, and other businesses — all under the name Virgin.

If not, you need to destfall if there is something you can change. Once they understand they can handle more…or if the dirt changes….

How can she get her confidence back?

Breaking things down into measurable things that you can control can lead to surprising success. There are four stages of competency when riding your horse. As with any bit it is as harsh as the han Kate Neligan Conscious Rockstar.

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This goal was specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound for me. Together this barrel racing power couple has a phenomenal program wesftall includes standing multiple stallions, having a deep breeding program, and training stacyy competing on some of the best horses in the barrel racing futurity game.

I also share how a goal setting mindset shift resulted in how I look at westvall in horse competitions. When you are learning to ride a horse, you develop new muscles and new skills. Have you found balance? She also lost her will to ride. Claim or contact us about this channel. If I believe discomfort is good for my own body, Stayc can naturally transfer that over to my horse and say that some discomfort is good for them.


You begin driving in a nice functional safe car. This topic is pressure. Today’s topic walks the line between the mental idea of leadership versus the physical execution of leadership. She bought a new horse, but she has lost so much of her confidence and riding ability. Here are three questions I received about the Jac series; Can you see how they are related?

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The Refuge Celebration is an event that happens 3 time a year to recognize, and honor those lives that have been changed. Roberts has won countless awards and received immense worldwide press coverage, put three books on the New York Times best-seller list and been honored by Queen Elizabeth Sophie believes that horses hate being ridden.

The lines I stack above the failure lines are what I would label as disappointment lines. The minis learned a lot while they were with us including […] 4swblog.

He likes to bite other horses, as we saw in Episode 12, so I have chosen not to give him treats yet. I know some of my dressage friends hire professional freestyle dressage choreographers. The topic of responsibility is going to be a two-part series.

You are an inspiration in so many ways. The first stage is unconscious incompetence. He started with the camera from way back and Stacy started with horses from way back. Love his cute lead departure out of the turn. When not coaching Epidode designs and creates custom jewelry.