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We found the places of where Ram travelled and we wanted to go there and do the parayanam. Yennaku theriyathathai vedam sollum, anal naan yerkanave therinthu vaithu irukkum ondrai muranpattu against vedam sollathu. Ram walks first, follows Sita and then follows Lakshmana. Thakheth – place where Jatayu got the moksham was beautiful with serene atmosphere though there were electricity issues when the group went there. The hindustani and carnatic difference came in only after the Mughal invaded India. Yathiri Seva Group – Volunteers who went ahead of arrival of the actual yathiri’s. Doubts will araise asking is this the place lakshman stayed lakshman bhavan , is this exactly the place where ram was born? First slogam is “Tapsaya

Perumanin thiruvullam padi than jeevatma nadaka vendum. When we go on a yatra what we have found is everyone makes attempt to stay together. Ippadi parikramavil neraiya idangal ullana. Should one die as a wrong person just because he was a bad person earlier? Though new name exists people also understand the old names as per the scripts. Bhagwan selected dasarathan to be his parents. We saw Hanuman gadi and many places in ayodhya today and more places like Kanaka Bhavan, ammaji mandhir to be seen next week

He does provide more importantly the much needed sincere, intelligent and contemporary advice through out with examples that every youth of today is missing. In an earlier post on Srimushnam templea bagavatha asked about Shri Varaha Kavacham. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Sri Ramanin Padhayil – Television Programme In Star Vijay TV (Episodes 01-10)

Q – Natham rmaanin an important terminology wri musicians. Rahasyam behind the birth of the 4 brothers – Satrugnan Kadaisiyaga kadaikutti – Satrugnan – avanudaiya nokkam Irai adiyavanukku adiyavanaga irukka vendum.

How did this happen? Sometimes it rains in the same sea where ramanon took the water. Veda’s show the way and Vedantham talk about Sriraman. Muslims brought in the Persian influence and that got mixed to the music in northern region and got the name Hindustani.


This makes us understand that sangeetham is beyond language. Ayodhya Yethirka mudiyathu, thagarka mudiyathu yendrumyaaraleyum udaithu vida mudiyathu yendru miga uyarntha perumai intha ayodhyavukku undu. Poovirukku flower manathal fragrance than sirappu. When we see something beyond what we think as common we think it is abnormal. Puniya bhoomiyil dhanam seithal, athan palan pala madangu. Doubts we have Now the doubts we have in our mind are below.

Probably that is the reason why Lakshmanan went to Vaikuntam first and then Ram followed him. Small story – This is anthapuram. Upanyasam at Valmiki Bhavanam Ram’s Various Names Dasarathanukku magan athunale ramanuku Dasarathi nu oru peyar Kaupusthan yennum episoce vamsathula piranthathale Kaupusthaha tamil kauputhan.

Slogam – First slogam of Ramayanam to be added here Valmiki listed 16 great characters and asked Narada “is there anyone with all these 16 characters uyartha ramanon Lakshman ayodhi pattinathai neethu, vaikuntam purapatta idam Lakshman Ghat. Ramanukku vegu natkal munbhagave Sarayu nadhi undu. A rishi who has left everything.

Sri Ramanin Padhayil | Sri Vaishnavam

Slogam – “Yo brahmanam Ram means satyam, nermai, nithanam, shanthi, Karunai. Starting from 8 slogam padjayil. Vaikuntam kitta vendum yendru thane yellarum ithanai padu padugirom. Oru Pasu, oru Kandrukutti, athan valai pidithu Udagadara poorvagamaga. Yathiri Seva Group – Volunteers who went ahead of arrival of the actual yathiri’s.

Lakshman wanted to welcome Ram in Vaikuntam and didn’t want to stay in this earth without Ram so he went to Vaikuntam before Ram from Lakshman Ghat and Ram followed Lakshmanan for a change.

Sri Ramanin Padhayil | Episode 2 |

Gyanathunala knowledge varugira sugam. Valmiki did namaskaram to Narada and asked this question to Narada. Like how we can see something in front of us, fruit can be tastedsmell a flower, we can easily understand things which can be padhaayil by our senses.


Luckily by God’s grace we were able to go and also have good darshan since the crowd was very less. Poi pesamai, satyam pesarthu – don’t lie 2. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Nalla vellai Ramachandran, Seethai agiyorin Sri murthigal 3 jodi Raman and Seethai yezhuntharuli vullargal thanga mayamaga. Raman than thiruvadigalai intha bhoo mandalathil Kal pathitha idam.

BIttor is the place where Brahma kept his first foot steps. Gop prathartha theertham, 15 kms from Ayodhya. Vedam on one side, vedantham on another side.

Sri Ramanin Padhayil | Episode 2

Ans – Ram along with all the people in his kingdom, ministers, Rishi, Senapati listened to Lav-kush when they sang in the Raj Darbar. Vashistar sollugirar – Ram, LakshmananBharathan ramanun Satruganan.

Explanation about instances in Ramayanam where Ram is advicing the Rishi’s when they crib Ram has learnt and he was taught by various rishi’s. This is like a theory and is not enough for us to understand or follow.

Ayodhi ammal for next 30 yrs stayed in Ayodhya and did upadesam on Ramayanam and Sri Raman pathai. There is a small temple in bittoor on the bank of Ganga episods there is brahma’s pathugai including the kumizh in the pathugai.

Kanakam – Thangam, Bhavanam – Maligai. So valmiki was very upset that he ended up writing a slogam scolding someone instead of using good words. Let us rpisode get ready to celebrate Rama Jananam in the next episode. Whichever river joins Ganga, after joining rmaanin will be referred as ganga only.

Purushapuram is called as Peshavar.