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Fine anyway and work the tweaking. I glance at the airspeed tape – almost My personal considered opinion is it is certainly as good as anything else we can easily compare it with. Published on Each year additional tweaks or innovative options are implemented usually adding more basic airplane weight but overcome with a slight increase in higher cruise speeds. The sound package is advertised as 3D sound. Overall the Cirrus SR22 ticks all the right boxes and gives X-Plane users another great step forward in sound, design, features and even more better quality in a general aviation aircraft.

Just start with the notion that any G will take more resources to run in FSX than the older round gauges. I seem to remember reading that FS runs the battery to nothing after a few minutes unless you tweak something in the config file. Of course you can, and you can even let your thoughts wander a little as well. The big improvement for me is the addition of the G Autopilot with the Controller Keypad unit and integrated Controls. I keep asking for just some simple updates, like sunglasses, different color shirts, hats, anything to give them a slight change in appearance. Just lean forward and backwards slightly to watch for traffic prior to your turns. This might be the perfect model to rethink that decision.

It takes time to separately load in all that 3. Makes you wish the Parachute system was installed? In addition, and this is an area that Carenado focus a lot of effort, are the special model features, which include: Louis and Biloxi making steep turns, talking about how quiet the cabin is, turning on and off the air conditioner and genuinely having fun. But it does all have a significant impact on your frame-rate and Carenado aircraft are not the lightest aircraft in the hanger in the first round and so your seies processor has to cope with a large chunk more with this GPS G system on top of the aircraft again.

Cirrus SR22 GTSX Turbo HD Series for FSX/P3D by Carenado

The layout of the autopilot and controls on this console panel are excellent, very easy to use and operate. Add the HD textures that also will require more resources and all you have left are the sliders in FSX.

The airplane, the SR22 G3 Turbo, was a big hit, and the Tornado Alley mod seemed a great fit for the ’22, providing excellent lean-of-peak fuel flows and remarkable ease of use for pilots.


You have to watch your fuel usage and be ready to switch tanks as you hit the minimum section in the earlier selected tank, you can lean the mixture a little to find the best performance to economy range and experiment to get performance you like the best.

A host of quality-of-life improvements and one show stopper — a pound increase in Gross Weight.

Garmin twin panel G gps sets are now becoming common in X-Plane. The second oversized photo is sitting on the ramp with several high rise condos for a backdrop. A lot of Carenado steering is like this and you get used to it, but the slightly higher speed required here to get the steering working smoothly can have you putting on too much speed initially to bring it quickly down again to find your taxi line with it then suddenly locking up again.

The mixture setting was leaned out to produce a fuel flow rate of approximately I once had the spinner fly off while alone in a Cessna Once you do get the right momentum and speed it is fine but a bit more usability would be nice.

Specific Model History — a Chronology of sorts for the real world Cirrus. It is a Carenado and with this brand you know that quality, features and flight dynamic depth are usually first rate to excellent. This level of safety and flight stability augmentation is rarely found in non-military or non-Airbus type airplanes. We really need an FS9 version of this add-on DCLTR will “declutter” the map in three positions.

Other visual features and the texture mapping effects introduced in FSX Service Pack 2 are also included. Fuel capacity was increased to 92 gallons on the SR It might be the flight model versus the visual model or an extremely detailed ‘procedural’ cockpit with full FMC capability versus the visual model. We have a Turbo, we have built in oxygen, we have a virtual credit card for AvGas and we have no monthly or quarterly payments for the airplane and we can assume we have full replacement insurance and a gazillion dollar blanket liability policy.

Factory installed oxygen systems were offered.

Cirrus SR-22 GTSx Turbo HD Series

Directly in front of the pilot are three lower standby dial instruments in “Airspeed”, “Artificial Horizon” and “Altitude”. Tried playing around with weight and balance and trim config. Yep, no change here.

You can switch to each fuel tank via the switch, but have to press the red “OFF” panels to turn it off. One new feature is the window lighting scratches effect crazing on the windshield.


T he Cirrus SRGTSx is a turbo variant of the famous Cirrus SR which is a single engine, low winged, four seat, composite aircraft with a tricycle landing gear and a three bladed propeller, built by Ud Aircraft since the beginning of the 21st century. When entered you will note the first departure point of the flightplan the altitude for the airport is automatically inserted.

A single texture folder weighs in at 35 MB with most texture files having an additional spec file for brilliance. Three knobs on the far right adjust the panel and turrbo lighting.

When Cirrus introduced the Turbo it made the unusual decision to go with the same naturally aspirated engine, the ION, that it had been using in the SR22 since the inception but to have it modified by aftermarket turbo specialist Tornado Alley under an STC.

The view forward is quite restricted and the blinds tend to make it even narrower to look through the windscreen than it needs to be. A price in the sense that an older CPU might choke when it sees the x dds files. These are pdfs guys, give us more, please. In catastrophic emergencies, the system allows the entire esries to descend safely by parachute turob has been credited with saving more than 30 lives.

They further state they had real Cirrus Seriees pilots fly and test and make input or critique the flight model. One last future enhancement for the Cirrus SR The autopilot master switch and aileron and elevator trim control are located on the joystick. Very visceral, very nice.

The Cirrus SR22 and Carenado SR22 GTSx Turbo for FSX – Aircraft – The AVSIM Community

The composite prop option is available on normally aspirated aircraft. But, that is just my opinion.

Air Conditioning is available as a service center installed STC. The cabin is very well made again with various specific details as the very special “yoke” that are placed on the edge of the instrument panel on both the left and the right side. I do not have the g data pack.