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Jung Ryeo-won begins shoots for King of Dramas Dramabeans: While biding his time, the killer had played a musical composition that Hee Joo had performed. In a small room, Do Shik watches the footage on a computer. Do Shik makes his way to the residence of Yoo Hyun Kyung, the only survivor of the serial murder cases. He undoes the gauze around her face, and she blearily looks around her. Joo Won as Lee Ho-Tae.

I guess it was to throw people off but the inconsistency still bothers me. This is the most symbolic of the last statements. The chief’s behavior appeared to be one of self-interest. While biding his time, the killer had played a musical composition that Hee Joo had performed. She then meets Seo-Ji-Suk. There were no records of calls or text messages during that period of time.

Bananana March 6, at 4: She goes from that to rock bottom, living off of unemployment wages in order to get by. But there are more ways than one dramas can touch lives and entertain viewers. Being assigned to this unit isn’t exactly a promotion. Maybe because she felt gilt for letting the big sister in that hell of a orphanage she wanted to fill the pain.

Ji Hoon arrives from the Seoul station, all cocky and confident. While Ye Ri digests the news, the M. When affaids were young in affakrs orphanage, they played this game where the two of them would say a magic spell and switch places.

Her savior who untied her bandages had that cigarette smell… and she recalls having smelled that same scent while bound in the room.


The twist and turn in the every arc are really intriguing and makes you wonder. Kim Myeong-min is back Hancinema: I also read all of your recaps for Sign.

This show is totally awesome that it just simply makes you want for more.

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Inventory of my handbag: The director – professor – WOW! Recap Roll compiled by jamok Thanks so much for turning me on to this series But in reality the only credit she has to her name is a third-rate drama on endless reruns called Love and Ruin, where she was just one of many wage-collecting staff writers.

Then, in the beginning of this series, Ji Hoon was willing to use Min Ho as a guinea pig to figure out if a crime could be carried out in 12 minutes. I am still confused, yet enjoyed the show very much.

He possesses a keen sense of intuition, which he honed from his many years as a detective. That all first episode is one of the best intro to a drama i’ve ever seen. Let’s hope for Season 2 everybody!

Thanks for the recomandation, but I had to google a little cause the name is Keizoku 2: Lee Byung Hun Popularity Award: This may off the point but doesn’t hurt to try to think this way? But his friend Sawoo had filled that void.

I knew he was worried because he had usually played serious characters up to this point. She held her sobs in as she overheard Eun Tfam crying and washing herself after the ordeal. When they were younger at the orphanage, she saw the two sisters fighting over a dress.


He then also needs to know that Ji Hoon is transferred so that his girlfriend is left alone in Seoul. This crime thriller drama doesn’t disappoint as everything is finally revealed in the final episode. Choi Si-won’s ‘David’ body Hancinema: And a big yesssss, that is a positive statement.

Geez; that was one kind of tfam ending!!

Special Affairs Team TEN 2 episode 8 English Sub [1/5]

If they leak out that Hyun Kyung is still alive, and they use her as bait in the same motel seaso, perhaps the culprit will come out of hiding and try to kill Hyun Kyung again. I think it is airing this summer. South Korea Notes Related titles: Is that Yoon Ji Hye? This makes no sense in a way, because why would Ji Hoon kill his own girlfriend?

The sullen look on kid-Eun Young matches the look on etn Bi in the talent show.