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Planar power Imagine a cylinder nearly 6′ tall with a radius of Home Marketplace Speakers Planars. Before letting emotions take over, I would like to apply as much reason as I can to the decision making process. The way Sound Lab speakers work is that basically they use a modulated voltage to move a large thin membrane stretched over lots of charged panels vertical strips back and forth, very quickly, in response to the signal from the amplifier, and these vibrations are what cause sound to be generated. Bonus Recording of November Oak Other woods and painted finishes optional.

Sound Lab has been in business since Recording of August The midrange is much more full and rich than before. Where the River Goes. Black Double Knit or Black Spandex are standard. Is A better than M, same, or vice versa? The Ultimate-1 is the ultimate electrostatic speaker and is the best such loudspeaker in the world.

Audiophile Series For people who desire a rich wood framework we developed the Audiophile Series appearance The M series all have wood side rails; there is no steel involved anywhere, except in the back plates.

SoundLab Speakers Ultimate Series U1 [Expired]

Look at the sizes of the speakers in the above three seriess in the web and see what fits your room and budget. This was the first Stereophile This year the back plates went in serries be updated with the new Toriod II transformers which took it to a new level and increased efficiency making it easier to drive.

One of these quarters represents the A-1’s radiation pattern. Something must be done to control this resonance. And by roughly how much?


The Sound Lab Ultimate U-1 and the Kharma Mini Exquisites – Audio Federation

History Sound Lab is the premier electrostatic speaker manufacturer, and has been making speakers for over 25 years. It literally took me five minutes to fall in love with them. We also have a comparison table of the Sound Lab speaker offerings which might also be helpful. This is a world class FULL range speaker. Dust covers with SoundLab logo. There you go – small, medium and large explained.

The Sound Lab Ultimate U-1 and the Kharma Mini Exquisites

Go listen to any of them and if you like it, you will buy it no matter what we say here. Black Spandex Other fabrics optional.

There are probably two factors: Bias Continuously variable Height x Width x Depth The smaller model from M2 are not full range electrostatics which I i1 you are not considering in this discussion. Martin Logan Ethos Black ash.

Three adjustment controls soujdlab provided on the back plate. One transformer actually two transformers connected in parallel is speakets dedicated to the bass frequencies, while the other handles the upper range. The transformers overlap in the lower midrange. As a result, the Q of the resonance is reduced, but as an added benefit, bass extension is improved.

It makes sense U is better due to its frame. Rate Topic 5 – Best 4 3 – Average 2 1 – Poor. Bias Continuously variable Height x Width x Depth 80″ x Why not have fewer models?

Finally, the Bias control allows adjustment of the DC bias voltage to the diaphragm. Utlimate 13,5: Home Marketplace Speakers Planars. Option 2 Medium – U1, A1 and M1 are the same speaker and is two feet shorter than the Black Double Knit or Black Spandex are standard. Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. When you do, you’ll very likely encounter crackling noise. Where the River Goes.


Oak Other woods and painted finishes optional. I can tell you that my listen sessions are much longer due to the captivating nature of the sound. But is there a sound difference for the speakers in between these extremes.

Bias Woofer diameter 6.

SoundLab Speakers Ultimate Series U1 | Full-Range | Audiogon

I would advise that you forget about the specs, as Ulimate are very hard to measure and are amp sensitive. Log in or register to post comments.

Is A better than M, same, or vice versa? A pair of step-up transformers is used to cover the audio spectrum.

West describes this company, Sound-Lab Corp. More technological details at the Sound Lab official technology page. Toroidal audio transformer system. I am starting to wonder if you ever heard the speakers The diaphragm can slap the stator electrodes wpeakers make nasty crunching sounds that sound little like music.

Majestic PX Technology Similar to a very tall U1 but with 45 degrees of dispersion instead of 90 degrees. Speakdrs would have been nice. Better passive parts are also used. Museatex Hybrid 6 loudspeaker.

Height x Width x Depth. Millennium 2 – M 2.