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Filling one’s biography with one’s own particularities in order to prove oneself as a social creature is an achievement which used to be supported by the community and which nowadays is largely up to the individual. The persons having care and custody of a child carry the obligation for the “Protection of the physical well-being and health of the child” Austrian Civil Law Code , regardless of their religious commandmends. The Future of Religion, Berkeley En quoi celle-ci differe-t-elle ou se rapproche-t-elle ;. Other fields in which conflicts with outsiders may arise include the group’s attitude towards sexuality; its concept of marriage and family life; questions relating to bringing up children; attitudes towards business and politics; beliefs about the individual’s personal freedom, etc. Religious minorities as e. Foreigners may enter the kingdom with their political, social and religious culture, but they cannot demand that their foreign say Muslim laws shall replace the Danish ones. Thus, the “post-modern concept of living” opens up a broad spectrum of options for action which are equally legitimate in society, as long as they are covered by a subjectively perceived order or are plausible to the individual, and providing that they are compatible with the general economic conditions prevailing in society.

If one regards the to Muslims in Denmark as a separate group the rest can be distributed in the following way. On the basis of its own findings, in particular the hearings with victims of activities of NRM, the commission carne to the conclusion that those who, like religious sociologists, advocated a maximum degree of noninterference, could not be followed. In the following a more elernentary classification will be used, dividing the NRMs into four groups. On 14 July the Austrian Parliament adopted a resolution, in which the government was requested to inform the public about the activities of sects and similar movements. The rules are not clear, but there is an increasing tendency to respect the right of patients to self-determination. Article Our E-Library contains full text articles and other resources related to the information below.

Mais l’auteur souligne aussi les faiblesses du document: Fi n guise de conclusion, l’analyse du modele de confiance peut aux constatations suivantes:. A special problem in connection with freedom of expression constitutes conscenti?

Final Report of the Enquete Commission

Other very different sources reinfarce this conclusion. In sorne circumstances, it may even be for the public authorities or others to intervene, and to “save” the individual from worse. However, the core of the problem is that there is no open social discourse on religion.


The primary objective and interest of this formalisation process is to ensure the sustainability and continuity of essential elements of the group: For this reason, the Commission was requested to study not only the problems associated with sect membership and the consequences for all the parties affected but also the question as to what offers for help are or should be available. New life-styles and new sources of meaning are evolving and competing with each other.

Greenwood Press,a volume with well over pages. This conflict is further aggravated by another effect of globalisation: Ceux qui concement l’urbanisation?

Need for governmental action can only be identified on the basis of the real relations that exist between a group and its social environment.

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La question parlementaire conceme, initialement, l’eglise de Scientologie. Until now everything has been solved in an informal manner.

However, almost all of these centres only dealt with this issue “as a side-line”. As a result it is today possible sonnentemplee the members worldwide to agree to a civil service under non-military administration. If the priest in question is nota Dane he must have residence permit and “be able to speak and write Danish” for the sake of the necessary reports to the authorities.

In popular parlance the word “cult” and most of ali “sect” – and as in the media-world almost always understood in a negative sense – are used to cover roughly the same spectrum of movements as those. The Enquete Commission invited the following groups to attend non-public hearings: Not surprisingly, one effect of regular Mass attendance is a correspond- ‘ ing strength in the traditional orthodoxies through most of Catholic Europe Parliament has never really had the religious min01ities on its agenda.

It is certainly not true to say that all groups have a highly developed, comprehensive, multi-level repertoire of enlistment and recruitment strategies.

And there is another aspect that needs to be considered: Des rationalistes demandent qu’y figure l’eglise catholique, la plus importante. Instead, it is necessary to use more specific terms which describe the orientation, as well as the objectives and, where applicable, the particular conflict characteristics of the sekts concerned cf.


This constellation is by all flim paradoxical because it demonstrates that while individuals are relatively out of practice when it comes to religion, they are unquestionably receptive to religion. Religious needs and religious patterns of coping with life are still widespread in the population.

The effects can include changes in objectives or deformations caused by the isolation of groups, due to interactions between the group and its social environment. II, pp Report, Part! Article 21 of the Constitution prohibits the State from interfering with the appointment of ministers of a cult. It is designed to capture general, significant, and specific characteristics, while at the same time paying attention to concrete particularities.

However, in order to deal with market-oriented aspects and offerings, 23 there is not only a lack of consumer awareness among the “buyers” but also a lack of consumer protection criteria sonnentemplsr as transparency of offers and options, contents and costs. This fact alone should not be a bone of contention that leads to governmental intervention.

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In this respect, the question arises to what extent adepts of NRM can raise conscientious objections against civic and other obligations. In Belgian law, this freedom is protected also by sejte law. Over 50 percent of the respondents sonnenfempler Germany’s old federal states and almost 80 percent in the new federal states describe themselves as being non. So much is unproblematic and confirms O’Connell’s historical conclusions.

Les Eglises elles-memes ne savent pas trop si elles doivent oui ou non rejeter le modele de scepticisme structurel, du moins lorsqu’il s’agit de sectes. These include the murders and mass suicides of groups such as People’s Temple. Because of the neutrality of the State in religious and ideological sonentempler, the theological concept of “sects” is irrelevant for the Enquete Commission. Very few groups refused to answer the questions because they did not see themselves as “sects”.

To draw up recommendations for action bearing in mind the debate carried on in society to date.