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They have started taking more risk, quitting their jobs and doing business. There are many such inspiring stories in the plus Indian contingent which went to Rio this year. She used to run half marathons earlier to earn the prize money offered by these marathons. Our system awards crores of rupees to the medal winners but interestingly they honor only winners, not the potent winners. Sports is still considered option for economically backward communities. But did we know her from before until she qualified for the finals?

India is the only country without high altitude sports training centres, not selecting and training people from mountains for endurance sports, athletics , etc. Spoiler, s, bigraii ; lutera, garat-gar. If we want India to win golds and silvers , then we should actively try to put in good efforts to cultivate our human resources. This is probably the best fit for the state of sports in India right now. Ki iii;al lc, a. Bruise, r karana, karna, paida k. We all do read articles about some old athletes selling their medals to feed their family! N 2 Wave, v.

Ahead, ad, pesh, qabl, age. His dad had to spend a lot for his training and his travel. I’k ya y;ik, ham. Wind, v, morna, marorna, pecli d. Athletes struggle to make their ends meet.

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It is a very rare instance but still exists. Covert, a, khufiya, pinhan. Spectator, s dekhwaiya, nazir, shahid, taniashai. Lalita Babarwho was the third Indian women athlete to enter a track events finals, stood 10th in her m steeplechase. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. If you worry so much about India being 2nd most populous country and still unable to win a single medal, then just get out of your home and fight like youngsters like Dipa and Sindhu are doing.


The game played on grass is more skill oriented whereas that played on synthetic turf is speed oriented.

It takes just a few words to criticize but takes pain in bringing the change. Prodigy, s ujaba, ajab-ul-ajaib, alamat. Undecided, a, na-muqarrar, gair-infisal. We do not have system where kids as young as are shortlisted and trained vigourasly to attain podium finish.

India is the only country without high altitude sports training centres, not selecting and training people from mountains for endurance sports, athleticsetc. Thus our athletes feels lack of encouragement throughout their life. The sports Ambassadors like Salman Khan and chiirya like Shobha should be questioned on their contribution to sports. In terms of total medals won, India is joint fifth on the table behind the big three China, Japan and South Korea and Kazakhstan who also have the funding epidode go with the talent.

Biggest example is Gagan Narang who was shooting good in starting round but lost concentration in few and was pushed down where it was difficult for him to come up. How on earth can you expect such a body to support boxers to such an extent that they win medals in Olympics?

Transplant, v, ek jagah- se dusri jagab Transport, u. T ran snoe, s.

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Dwindle, v, ghatna, sukarna, kam h. In recent Olympics, the numbers of metals China has earned is in 2nd, right behind the US, thus, I think China has the credibility to evaluate Olympic games from a non-Western country perspective. What are the reasons behind the Maoist problem in India? People might say that India uses a decentralized government, while China uses a centralized government. Did she get the training and facilities like her fellow runners from different parts of the world?

Yes, I agree, we really lack in this aspect. Being an Indian badminton player she is habitual to either play in sine stands or in stands filled with Chinese fans.


Tennis has been worse affected by this problem.

This feat made sure his name was etched in the Guinness book of world records. Majority of Indian games faces such problems. Everyone wants an Olympic medal but no one wants their child to become a cricketer. Look at India’s performance.

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The audiences are not any more civil either; Brazil audiences only cheered for their own 1143, but onllne for the guest teams. J parast, shahwat-pa- rast, nafsani. Unusual, be-qaida, be-dastur, be-riwaj, gair-mamul.

They have no idea of the sport or its necessities and are yet chosen to lead the people who are serious about the sport. India will hopefully get there in another 20 years, if not earlier.

How can we expect a girl who started training with modern equipments at the age of to compete with a girl who is training with that equipment from the age of ?

He represented India in six global competitions totally and went on to win an event held at Switzerland. Alright, let us draw a graph, shall we? But one day, in a landmark CAS judgement, her ability to compete as a female athlete was restored. However, the expectations should be realistic. Tract, s mulk, zamm, diyar, nahiya; risala, nama. We had Indian Athletes being invited to Independence Day and been fed just peanuts [3].

Surly, a durusht, talkh, talkhru, tursh, rukha. Depredation, s lut, garat, takht-o-taraj. How does our own Sports minister doesn’t know who is taking part in Olympics this year?