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A second hunter dedicates his final tag to catch a monster named “Cujo”, while another team faces dangerous confrontations caused by a disrupted landscape. In the episode, Amy Wong and Bender fall in love and begin a culturally taboo “robosexual” relationship. Liz and Kristi are also on a mission to protect Kristi’s livelihood — when Kristi isn’t hunting gator, she’s wrangling cattle at her family’s ranch. Who Has a Better Butt? A countdown of the most treacherous gator battles, hair-raising close calls and near-death moments of the past seven seasons. Since Mike asked Paula out with some writing on a t-shirt, After overshooting and thus going forward to the year 10, AD, they must keep traveling forward in time until a backwards time machine has been invented.

Needless to say, the sights were very grave and had a big impact on the gang. Plot Planet Express holds its stockholders’ meeting, and the state of the business is not good. Leela agrees as a favor to Amy, and they go to a restaurant aboard a space liner. And Junior and Willie’s partnership as gator hunters comes to an end after a very frustrated day, which peaked when bullet fragments accidentally hit Willie. Her family particularly her parents’ accent and “outcast” status parodies aspects of pollution and undesir And in Houma, R.

But in order to get a place on the boat, he’ll have to prove himself first. Swampers have the snoooki opportunity to tag out early.

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Willie Edwards is back and this year he’s striking out on his own. To get back on track after the departure of their sharpshooter, Clint, Troy enlists the help of a lady gator hunter who’s good with a gun, Liz Cavalier. Member feedback about Futurama season 4: And Troy and Clint resume their own hunt, still facing 45 taanekr in two days, and Troy aims for 30 gators today. Troy and Guy race to fill tags as the end of the season looms near.

Member feedback about A Tale of Two Santas: Mike’s trying to pass down his vast swamp knowledge to his son T-Mike, while Troy’s lines are empty, putting his season in jeopardy. Leela meets up with her former orphanarium playmate Adlai Atkins, now a plastic surgeon, who offers to grant Leela surgery that will give her two eyes.

Kif uses Zapp’s characteristically boorish pick-up lines, offending Amy. They become so successful that they take over Planet Express when it is discovered that the Professor was declared legally dead three years ago he was really taking a nap in a ditch in the park.


Bing Site Web Enter search term: Gunman who barricaded himself in a Tennessee home dies in standoff and a sheriff’s deputy is in a serious Ronnie, meanwhile, is at a loss for words following Sammi’s reappearance.

And the relationship of David and Jeromy, still hunting in the Violet area in hopes to get gators, has become not unlike The Odd Couplein which Jeromy wakes up early in order to exercise, while David snores all night and sleeps in until late. He calls her for a hello veiled with an agenda to bitch about Paula. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 11, He is sidetracked by Professor Farnsworth and Bender, who force him to test out the Professor’s time machine, which only goes forward in time.

The fifth season of Futurama began airing in March and concluded after 16 episodes on August 30, Are you the publisher? In the middle of a tropical storm, Troy risks a treacherous lake crossing.

The writing riffs on the marine theme in a playfully absurd way, with just about any marine Arthropoda or Mollusca being implied to be akin to Zoidberg. Troy Landry, a Cajun whose ssnooki goes back three generations, is on a mission to hunt down his own personal “white whale”, the notorious “Big Head”, a monster gator he’s been after for years, and this season, he’s threatening the bayou’s swimming holes, and must be stopped at all costs.

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Bruce and Ron’s bad luck continue when not only a dam made of Roseau cane was blocking the way, but Bruce’s family’s fishing camp, where the prize honey hole is located, was literally wiped taanjer by Hurricane Isaac.

Exceptions who are not subject to Bender’s prejudicial attitude are those individuals on his “Do Not Kill” list, which seems to comprise only his best friend Philip J. He ends up having sex with his grandmother. Fry is easily persuaded to make the payment, not having the wherewithal to defend himself.

Tommy’s propeller strikes something underwater, possibly a pipeline, and is bent by the impact. With two weeks to go in the season, it becomes desperation time for many hunters seeking to tag out on time. Plot Two years after Box Hwoww Tom has doubts on ZZ’s abilities of being a gator hunter, as he frequently fools around and doesn’t put away tools properly, but following a pep talk, ZZ goes up to bat when they caught a large gator.


Hunters are forced to outthink crafty gators that are too smart to take their bait. Here are the notes! And as a cold front enters Northern Louisiana, Jeromy and David find a hot spot where gators are still thriving, except that it is not easily accessible, forcing the guys to enter in a small plastic pirogue with an outboard motor fashioned from a weed eater.

With five days remaining in the season, a cold front approaches the area, which could drive gators into hibernation and end the season early, forcing the hunters to step up their game to ensure that they can tag out in time. Troy uses an old family secret to change his luck. Troy faces off with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season.

The crew sets off for Hollywood. Another team tries uses an old floating bait technique, nad another recruits another deckhand to help him get caught up after weason behind pace. With just a week left in the season, the gators twanker mysteriously stopped biting, and the hunters suspect that it is the full moon that’s driving the gators to early hibernation. Cohen aboard to develop storylines and characters to pitch the show to Fox.

Deena’s so happy she combines two words “ecstatic” and “happy” to invent the super-adjective “histatic. Do you like Paula’s revealing style, or is it too over-the-top?

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But when spending a day without catching gators wasn’t bad enough, things become more precarious when a hook snagged into Jacob, requiring them to get to the hospital immediately, an emergency mission that became even more dangerous when Jacob lost his key to the boat motor.

Leela helps out in the clean-up, but when the penguins begin mating out of control, drastic action must be taken to thin the herd. For an overview of the taaker main characters, see the list of Futurama characters.