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Funny because I thought it was Wu Chun not a fan, but still know of him. Episode 4 Episode 4. LOL just wanted to say: Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China. Sul Nyeo realizes Sae Wa is pregnant after seeing the sonogram. Episode 9 by Sunny. Dong Hae want Dojin, the hotels assistant GM, to discipline the chef responsible for almost killing Anna. If you don’t beleive me watch:

Haha, that’s exactly how my mom described Baker King Tak Gu, but she watched it till the end despite my insistence on quitting if she hates it so much. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Sul Nyeo tries to steal Dong Bak’s old dress. Episode 71 Episode Sun Nu visits Tae Hun’s house. This is the best site for kdrama addict EVER.

Hyesuk notices something is wrong with Dojin and gets involved in their fight.

Smile Dong Hae

I definitely won’t be watching this drama based on that writer alone. Episode 62 Episode Dong Hae stormed down to the TV donghaae to get Anna but is convince donfhae be on the show after all. But the lead male and the female lead Oh JiEun Episode 95 Episode Episode 6 by Helcat.

Dong Hae is still trying to get back on the cooking competition and Piljae feels that the only way to protect Anna is to marry her.


Sae Wa is in terrible pain. Episode 41 Episode Yujin increases her pursuit of Dong Hae by making a visit to his home and Mrs. Episode 11 Episode Dojin tries to find out who was Saewa’s old boyfriend and whats her connection to Dong Hae. Just as the cooking competition ends, Dong Hae comes out from broadcasting station, and his parentage is revealed to Hye Suk.

I claim Alex, ok? Episode 17 Episode Tae Hun stops his state examination for the business. Episode 72 Episode Mal Sun is shocked after she knows Dong Bak died from heart attack. I’ll have to skip this one unfortunately.

Bong Yi learns her dad has been working a part-time job donghxe losing the contract with the Camellia. Dojin wonders smild is going on with Dong Hae and his father. She falls in love with Dong-hae. I had to watch the last few episodes. Hye Suk tries to stop Dong Hae’s appearance on broadcast. Episode 82 Episode Saewa’s plan to impress her future mother-in-law works and Dong Hae forces Saewa to break-up with him in person.

Episode 89 Episode Well, at least Ji Chang-wook is getting a job But, they can’t show their true feelings in front of Cho’s couple.

Episodes by LollyPip. Kim Jun is tortured by Anna and Dong Hae. I lost interest the moment I read who the writer was. It’s a fun drama to laugh at but completely predictable in all of the worst ways. She takes lines and characters from other dramas and just change the actors and bachground. The shareholders’ general meeting and Dong Hae’s wedding are on the same day.


Dong Hae and Bong Yi continue to get closer and Its getting harder for Saewa to keep Anna a secret from her father-in-law. I also thought shmmary it was lee min ho! I’m looking forward to Lee Jangwoo.

New daily drama Smile, Dong-hae premieres this week ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Hye Suk feels uncomfortable after she realizes Mal Sun met Anna and asked her why her parents died. So endearing, so funny and hardly slow. Episode 27 Episode Episode 40 Episode Your mama is right. I thought it was Minho too! I am not Korean and it’s killing me watching live streaming without subs