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These answers were given right after Andy told Dan that he might need his help Dan argued in episode 25 for question 4 that The Raid 2 was the best action sequel of all time , even though the help to which Andy was referring was likely fact-checking the years. Episodes 47 and 48 mark the fifth time two consecutive episodes have been won by new fighters after episodes 1 and 2, 15 and 16, 29 and 30, and 33 and Also, each competitor is allowed to have the coach substitute in for one fight. Fury Road as Mad Max: Gandalf – Best Ian McKellen movie [13]. Dream Ninja Turtles Movie Crossovers [88].

The previous week, Trisha Hershberger, who was sitting in the same seat made the same argument and won. The winner of each will participate in an additional fight with each other, and twitter’s choice for the better fighter among each non-winner also will fight in an additional fight. He also primarily used Big’ s alternate ending. Joe had argued in the previous question that Bateman would smell bad in an uber due to his cologne. The episode is aired in black and white though identification tags at the bottom of the screen and the scoreboard remain in their original color. Nick wasn’t fast enough and got stuck with Bat Dance. At the end of the fight, the lineup for the next episode, the second Drunk Movie Fights, was announced:

Coincidentally, this was just filmed two days after the TV Fights Belt fight, in which Josh Macuga and Mark Ellis checked sesaon on their phones while sitting on the couch.

TV Premiere Dates

He also becomes the first fighter to reach 12 losses. Who is the Greatest Director of The s?! During the live performance, the regular one was aired instead, and the proper one wasn’t aired until the very end. Trisha, who is undefeated in TV Fights and Gamer Fights becomes the first fighter to win in all three fights.

Fourth episode in a row to feature a new fighter fifth if episode 46 a Comic Con episode is counted.

Smallville season 2, episode 13, clark kent, cult, episodes – Videa

Honest Trailers [33]. Smallville absence was 21 episodes, a four-way tie for eighth longest after Erin, Jason, Alison, Michael Barryte’s 29, Mark Reilly’s 26, Kristian Harloff’s 24, and Tiffany Smith’s 23 and tying with Trisha, who returns from a 21 episode absence in this episode, Scott Mantz, and Max Landisand less than half of the longest.


Short of a Devil’s Advocate situation not really applicable to the situationMichael could not avoid third place after the fifth smallvil,e. Captain America vs Ironman [3]. With seven people voting for Alicia, Andy felt he couldn’t overturn such a majority. This is not true. However, no one pointed this out, and Spencer still got the point. For Smallville’s written updates and spoilers.

If a tie still remains, the two are separated by Total Points, and then by rankings within the fights second vs third. Very little preparation time was given for the fight. Debut of John Campea and Harley Morenstein, who are the 12th and 13th fighters on Movie Fights to never appear in a regular fight before their debut two of the prior eleven Jeremy Jahns and John Tvhow7 subsequently participated in regular fights.

The record listed below going into this episode 4 wins 3 wins and a tie4 losses smwllville correct.

This would be dpisode in episode Nineteenth episode and third in a row coincidentally all featuring Dan in which a fighter does not get any points after the first round. While Marc was talking, the twitter poll shifted, but he won anyway. The fight aired live on screenjunkies.

What Franchise Should Die Forever [45]. He had only seen one. 133 episode in which a fighter does not get any points after the first round the prior ones being episodes 20, 28, 41 in which Jon got no points42, 44, and Greatest Lightsaber Fighter – Star Wars: Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night All subsequent questions were also called after only opening arguments.

However, Mike should have won at the end of question 8, while Hal and Michael should have tied each other. This also marks the first time that someone has been behind by three points in the Sjallville Round and ultimately won. For this, Dan was awarded two opportunities to go first order of answering was based on random drawing.


The first- second- and third-place finishers all sat in the same respective seats for a third episode sewson a row. This was not the response that Elijah originally submitted.

Lon Harris as Fact Checker. Fourth episode in which a fighter does not get any points after the first round the prior ones being the previous episode in which Jon got no pointsepisode 28, and episode Seasson were allowed to use separate movies tcshow7 the critical and financial components, but only Kristian actually did that.

However, all contestants have previously appeared on TV Fights. Into The Blue 3. Andy said he heard Trisha first to Trisha’s surprise and had her argue first. In fact, some of the pictures were fourth movies in the series such as Breaking Dawn: A fan, Jeannine Brice accompanied Dan smallvillw the couch.

He revealed what he did after Andy gave the point to Mark.

First, many movies made from Stephen King stories are based off stories that are not novels. He also becomes the second fighter to reach 11 losses Nick had done it episkde episodes earlier.

It also is the first episode where the fighters are given voice-over introductions by Jon Bailey with their pictures and records even though all the fighters are new in this episode. If she was correct, she would get a point. However, this was viewed favorably for the arguer in determining points, rather than favorably for the person whose argument was being boosted.

However, as seen in episode 21, Nick seasson replaced by Spencer, with Nick being pushed back to episode In the original airing on Screen Junkies Plus, it was announced initially that the episode was sponsored by Squarespace, but this was changed later that night. The Moviewhile Andy and Bret chose Tony.