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So he made the Roboslug to replace them with the original slugs. Tad’s hypnotic slug Pieper has gone megamorph, his gang of supporters all have Gattler blasters, and not only does he reveal his true identity as Blakk’s son but Tad’s control over his army of ghouls is stronger than Dr. But when Holt turns up to expose the Shane Gang, it’s up to Pronto to stop him. Lumino Cavern has been invaded by a swarm of Neurotox ghoul slugs that have created a toxic cloud that is attacking the residents. They find one of the ghoul slugs storage area. As Blakk and his men were too strong, the gang escapes to the hideout.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Home Popular Right Now Subscriptions. The reward is a rare Crytalyd slug. While Junjie struggles with the knowledge of what he did during his time as the Dark Slinger, the Shane Gang meet a former servant of the Emperor who wants to turn over a new leaf. The adventurer leaves after being called a fraud. Eli then brings Dana who acts as his backup. He is also turned into a zombie by Mr.

Slugslingers of all types and loyalties roam the 99 known caverns of the world, battling it out in friendly duels or intense clashes. After the battle Eli’s slugs except for Episkde and Suds head back to the hide-out but are stopped along the way. When one of the Tazerlings agrees, Eli names him Joules and moves on to the next round of the tournament. But when his enemy, Dr.

Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. While this happens Burpy and the other slugs encounter some complications on the way home that ends with them stealing an elephant Mecha beast.

They are saved by a new kid named Twist. She then leaves the hotel after telling Eli to meet her the next day to find out if he is worth training.

This page was last edited on 24 Januaryat Blakk and warns Eli. Mean while, Eli gets a new blaster from Red Hook and faces the Hooligang. With Eli keeping him busy, Burpy talks one of Stockers slugs to switch with the Enigmo and Stocker hits Eli with the slug and fix his vision. The Shane Gang are under non-stop ghoul fire as they struggle to put a stop to Tad’s plans and end the mass ghouling of slugs once and for all! Eli and the Gang find a way to take Junjie back home to the Eastern Caverns and discover trouble waiting for them when they arrive.


Eli finds the nest of the Slyren slugs Almost falling to his doom in the process and asks the slugs for help. The gang enthusiastically search for the treasure in the hideout when Eli finds a safe behind a photo frame. However, Trixie, Kord, and Pronto all agree to help him keep justice as the new Shane.

Just as Eli and Twist are about to duel, Blakk arrives with some soldiers, a bull Mecha and a new Gattler blaster. Views Read Edit View history. Eli does a really good trick shot and he switches the spugterra of Pronto’s wagon, but it leads to a dead end epieode Mario does a crazy trick shot and frees all the prisoners and opens the wagon and all, but Pronto didn’t make it and is falling to his death when Eli trick shoots a slug that catches Pronto and he lives.

When the Shane Gang travel to the Auroris Mine, they discover a legendary monster carved out of stone attacking the mines—the Pyritor.

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Blakk, uses a corrupted slug in a duel, Will disappears. As they arrive they find out that they aren’t the only ones hunting for the Enigmo, minus one couple waiting to simply buy it. He names it Chiller.

But a new villain plans to use the Elementals to reduce all of Slugterra to rubble and it’s up to Eli and the Shane Gang to stop him before its too late. In the qualification round of slugterrra tournament, Eli duels Shockwire, a powerful slinger who uses only Tazerling slugs. After beating the troublesome duo, Trixie informs the boys that the slugs are running from Dark Water that is seeping out from the cavern’s monument so Eli asks Doc if he can handle that much to purify to which he replies with a serious and pumped look.

They all disguise as Blakk’s grunts and take away all the ghouls.

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Floppers are weak slugs which do not transform at velocity. Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Eli hears about this and wants to go to stop him. Blakk for Ghoul slugs and returns with vengeance.

When fulp reach one hundred miles per hour with the aid of blasters carried by slugslingers they transform into larger, more powerful versions of themselves.

The Shane gang interrupts an attack, caused by two of Dr. The Shopkeeper refuses about the refund. Eli sends Trixie and Kord to retrieve the slugs from the hideout, thinking they would be there while he duels Munch with only two slugs.


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Eli and his gang have to join forces with Captain Malvolio Drake to stop a drill in Undertow cavern. As they pursue the trail of missing slugs, the mystery grows darker when it leads them straight to Dr. He also meets a Cave Troll named Kord Zane, who teaches him to duel. In the battle Pronto remembers that he also brought Doc the guardian healer slug last seen in “What Lies Beneath” as well and Eli uses him to shut down the machine. Luckily they get to do it while charging around on cool mecha-beasts and modding out their awesome blasters!

This is the first episode that corrupted slugs are referred to as “ghouls. Dana finds a device and wears it thus, summoning the Shadow Clan. Eli then brings Dana who acts as his backup. They both are chased by the Shadow Clan and crystal worms. Blakk’s employees Locke and Lode, on a shipment of Fandango slugs which are needed to revive Bullseye Cavern after the native slugs fled out of the place due to dark water.

Red Hook upgrades Eli’s blaster by fitting one of the devices onto it,enabling them to escape with Red Hook’s newest gizmo, the Accelerator.

But their training will be put to the test when Tad accompanies them to a showdown with the Scrap Force Vance teaches some new moves to the gang. He defeats every slugslinger that goes up against him, gaining a new slug with each victory.

After a quick scuffle she mentions a hidden treasure and leaves. They also ran into one of Blakk’s men named El Diablos Nacho.

When a mysterious creature begins draining the energy from all the slugs in a distant cavern, the residents offer a rich reward to whoever can stop it. Trixie loses her blaster and is forced to use Kord’s and literally gets knocked off her feet due to the recoil. BLAKK is watching their every move from the shadows and challenging them at every pass!