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Edrian Mervin Alolod Year ago. He also manages to successfully pull off a slam dunk against Akagi. What Other’s looking for? DrollMotion is a fast Dailymotion video downloader service. Finally, Sakuragi got a chance to play when Akagi was hurt while playing. Slamdunk tagalog episode 68 part 1 video dailymotion. Sakuragi and Rukawa vowed that in their next game with Ryonan, they will beat Sendoh. Sakuragi sees this as an opportunity to try to get with her, but the process became harder than he had expected.

Japan 1 Senior High Student. Nobita Drifts in the Universe Methodical D Official nba nba scores espn nba nba playoffs nba finals nba news nba basketball Just Work a Little Harder. That wasn’t Takezono’s only problem; Oda’s injury remains ignorant to everyone but Yohko and Sakuragi, and it’s clearly affecting his ability to play. Slamdunk Manga Series by: The Need to Climb Steep Cliffs.

Sendoh is amazed at how good Shohoku has become, slamdhnk he begins to take the game seriously. A preview of the series will published in the upcoming December issue of Shonen Jump Another English version has been published in Singapore by Chuang Yi.

The Mysterious Ace Killer.

Slam dunk tagalog dubbed 102

Now two years later, in his attempt to sabotage Shohoku’s chances of participating in the tournament, his feelings for slajdunk sport appear to be returning once again. Inevitably, they get in a fight, and are banned from practice for the day.

The next day, Haruko has to accompany Sakuragi to the sports shop to buy a new pair of shoes because his old shoes are in a bad shape after the practice game with Ryonan.


With four of Shohoku’s best players finally entering in the game, the tables turn quickly as they narrow the lead down to only 2. Does this spell doom for the team?

Using it you epsode search the videos also and can play them too before downloading. Meanwhile, Sakuragi begins to realize how important rebounds are. Japan 1 Senior High Student. The Tensai and the Pawn. Kogure remarks that Hanamichi is improving at an astonishing rate.

Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Farewell to Nostradamus After a bit more practice late after school, he figures that he can make the shot roughly one in three times. Sakuragi steps up, though he is outnumbered. Anzai sets up a match, freshers vs. But is it enough to overcome Shohoku? Views Read Edit View history. Nobita Drifts in the Universe Even Just a Fluke.

Later, Hanamichi gets into a competition with the Shohoku basketball captain after he calls the sport ‘childish’. The Day Before Tomorrow. The day of the tournament is quickly approaching.

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After practicing the lay up shot with Haruko before school, Hanamichi finally makes it in. Methodical D Official nba nba scores espn nba nba playoffs nba finals nba news nba basketball Wonder Woman Tagalog We’re all to blame By: Who Are Those Guys. Sakuragi takes this too literally, with predictable results. SideReel peisode links to all your favorite TV shows. Maging updated sa mga bagong videos natin guys Subscribe na.


Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Mitsui and Tetsuo were defeated, but Mitsui still continues to fight. Six musical themes are used through all the series: Akagi stays after with Hanamichi the day before the match to instruct him on rebounds. They’re also hoping to pull off an upset victory like Shohoku has. List full episode of Slam Dunk eipsode Kissanime. Slamdunk tagalog episode 68 part 1 video dailymotion.

Hurry and See Sannoh. Thanks to a basket from Rukawa, Shohoku has finally taken the lead in a critical time. Shohoku vs Kainan amv!

I created this video with the RU-clip Video Editor ru-clip. The two get into a fight, and Hanamichi declares that he will not join the Judo Club as he is a basketball player. Hanamichi vs Miyagi” Transcription: Shohoku has defeated Shoyo, and Sakuragi is quick to spread the word, especially after his ferocious slam dunk on Hanagata.

Kogure then informs everyone that Mitsui was once an excellent basketball player, and was even on the team.