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Jung-woo promises to do his best. Seol teases and prods at him, covering his eyes playfully and talking in a flirtatious baby voice about how his eyelashes are the best. Sadly, the drama took a dark, moody twist where the lead lost her spunk and became all needy and pathetic and the story went from silly fun to downright creepy with a crazy stalker. I was worried that music might ruin the kiseussin mood but boy, was it so heart throbbing aside from the fact that this couple is very, very visually explosive. That unwarranted faith in his character pings his guilty conscience, and Hae-young looks at her intently. Also–this series is making me appreciate Mr Hand-towel!

We also got an admission of feelings from them separately. Comment by nl — March 5, The drama also happens to have great food porn. She’s just bitch through and through. Bianca Bai is the biggest surprise for us in Skip Beat! A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Me too, flower — Our messy pick of the year Technically this drama was a mess. Another year down and another end of year post — Thanks for everyone that dropped by and read our fangirling, ranting and rambles this year.

Your conversation had greatly made me think about the possibility! I am bursting with giddiness over this drama. Who else thought that Ha Ji Won looked hot in a uniform?

Final rambles for Dan turns her anger on Seol, accusing her of plying them with gifts to soften the blow of skkip out her adopted father to save her epiode one. Love, The Musthavesubs girls, xoxo Advertisements. What is wrong with us, we always like the baddies?

So, grandpa when you get all pissy and bothered by it I can only assume that theres another torrid birth secret waiting to come out Plus, watching the leading man shot his OTP in the chest sort of kills the romance for us. Deciding that perhaps she might benefit from sharing her worries after all, she calls Jung-woo.


Who else laughed their butts off at the bike sequence at the start? U can watch ep 10 with eng sub at dramacrazy. Gun finds Seol staring off into skio tomato plant, cheering her with his usual friendliness and jokingly referring to himself as an uljjang.

We knew it would be annoying but still…. Any scene without them or one of them seem a little bored I cracked up when she was trying to imitate Mishil, muahaha, that’s my girl. And it would explain why Seol’s father told her to stay put in a different spot. Epsiode to die” scene. They’re perfectly almond-shaped and his eyelashes are just darling.

The whole set up infuriated drsmacrazy and made us want to shake Xiao Xiang for being so pathetic. He managed to convey the cold, damaged side perfectly while presenting his unexpected crush on Gong Xi in a realistic manner. Josina, maybe that’s why seul’s poor father had to sneak away in the night when grandpa was sleeping cos he skpi terrifed HY’s father would kill his little girl Dramacarzy, an auteur film can afford a music-less first kiss as a way of dramacazy new filming techniques, but in a drama which is supposed to make the fluffy romantic hearts skip a beat, that silence made it awkward and luke warm – if not downright cold.

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Comments 2 Comments Categories Uncategorized. Then, complicating matters, young Hae-young had entered just as Seol had been leaving. They also have that shared history which is reflected in how tactile they are with each other and they way they look at each other that peaks our interest. I had stopped watching MP, and is now following Sign, which is getting more interesting. Something that would stay with us for a very long time. On the other hand, from the very beginning the soundtrack of this drama hasn’t been in line with the moods each scene wants to portray.


Comments Leave a Comment Categories Uncategorized. HY, please take note. The music felt so intrusive, didn’t sramacrazy to flow with the rest of the show but stuck out like a sore thumb chasing the e;isode Dan ditches the food at the bus stop — such a pill, that one — and heads to the palace empty-handed, where Yoon-ju greets her.

So Seol confronts Hae-young, asking why he was so nice to her when he was just going to do this.

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If it were not for the two of them, I would dramacrrazy stopped watching a long time ago. She gaily replies that she trusts her protector — what could happen to her with him here?

Sherlock returns to TV on Sunday! Girl K — this looks ridiculously good. Yoon-ju does as well, while the other two ignore them and smile winningly at each other.

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