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Ram and his brothers are unable to sleep in the luxurious place. Jatayu tells Ram a way to kill Virad. Marut’s rajguru asks Ravan to forgive him. Urmila supports Lakshman ‘s decision of accompanying Ram. A furious Ravan cruelly damages Kuber’s eyes for insulting him. She tells Kaikeyi about Dasharath’s conspiracy against her. Maharishi Yagyawalkya tells Lord Parashuram about Tadaka vadh. Later, she questions Rishi Gautam about his curse.

Ram requests Janak to inform Dasharath about the swayamwar. Sugriva and Ram instruct Hanuman to enquire about Sita and her well being. Ravan got information about Ram and that Sita is Ram’s weakness. Dundubi comes up with a plan to kill Bali and Sugriva. He apologises to Vashist saying he cannot take over Ram’s place. He proceeds with the entire family to bring Sita back and there Luva and Kusha are united with Ram.

The yagna had to be performed by a householder. But Dashrath is against her decision. Ram and Lakshman leave to meet Jatayu and Sampati.

Ram Lifts the Shiva Dhanush!

Guru Vashisht blesses him to guide mankind. Dasharath is in a dilemma thinking about his promise to Vishwamitra. Meanwhile, Ram, Sita and Lakshman build a hut. Kaushalya asks the brides to sleep swayamcar their mother-in-laws’ rooms until the Garbhadan Sanskar.


The fearsome Sage Vishwamitra arrives in time to stop them. Janak offers to join Bharat in bringing Ram back to Ayodhya. Later it is shown that both Ram and Sita have grown up. The kings decide to battle it out to win Sita’s hand.

Siya Ke Ram 20th January EPISODE | Sita Svayamvar Begins – video dailymotion

Mandvi tells Bharath that she will spread eposode importance of educating girls in Ayodhya. Sunaina consoles Janak as he worries about Sita’s marriage. He allows Ram to take Kaushalya to see Shanta. Ravan goes to Mithila for the swayamvar. Sita prepares an ayurvedic medicine for Dashrath when he falls ill. Janak and Sita long to see Ram.

Dasharath hesitantly agrees to crown Bharat the king and send Ram away. Vibhishana tells the secret of Ravan, that he had nectar in his navel.

Ravan feels stronger than ever after eposode up. Siya Ke Ram Lover 16th Jan – 8: Sita agrees to Janak’s proposal to hold a swayamvar for her. In the Swayamvara, nobody is able to lift the Shiv Dhanush except Ram. Janak tells Sunaina that his brother Kushadwaj is about to gain victory over Sudhanva.

Later, he fights with Mrityudevi and captivates Yamraj and Navgrah. Later, Sage Valmiki provides shelter to Sita in his hermitage where she gives birth to twin boys Lava and Kusha.


Janak is worried learning that the cows have run away. Later, Dasharath watches his sons display their combat skills in a competition.

Janak says yes, you are right. This was followed by another Pooja at the famous Somnath temple, in Gujarat.

Ram Arrives at the Swayamvar!

Her mother, however, guides her in getting the Amrita. Ram, Lakshman and the monkey army reach Lanka. The baby’s first cry leads to rainfall. Ravan swayamvaar Yamraj when he refuses to explain the mystery of his death. Sita learns from Gargi about Mithila’s past and her adoption. Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Malyavan shares with Meghanadhis plan to take over Kishkindha. With his illusion, he shoots an invisible venomous arrow on Ram and Lakshman.