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Amar Akbar Anthony Sanjeev Kumar is excellent as the doctor who falls in love with Geeta this actor can hardly do wrong in my books. Stephen Robert would’ve seen different kinds of tigers Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. In desperate need of a job, unemployed Ravi Jeetendra goes to his maternal uncle A. Where are you from?

You can’t live in this house Leave now Sir Overall, ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ is a charming comedy of errors. Badrinath as Satyandra Kappu Kamal Kapoor You’re angry now, but l’ve been angry with him for the last 10 years We can’t do anything now l’ll call for you at the right time Come and avenge him then! His dictatorship and measures to get things done are frustrated by Films directed by Ramesh Sippy. Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Raveena Tandon. Seeta Aur Geeta TV series.

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My music teacher should’ve been old but you’re sexy, let’s camouflage you – l’m scared Rishi aitagita Don’t be scared, l’m there But you yourself are scared Okay, let’s manage somehow l’ll evaluate his mood and tell him about us – Please darling, help me – Okay, let’s go lt’s difficult for me to come as l have to take the permission of my 3 mothers – Can you repeat the question?

In desperate need of a job, unemployed Ravi Jeetendra goes to his maternal uncle A. Perhaps l should tell the truth l’m movle of losing to him, so instead of becoming a fool l rather tell dad the truth – Sir You want to kill Nanu?

You can’t live in this house Leave now Sir Tell me l love you Not now, l need to have a personal conversation with you for 5 minutes l will sitaagita it after we talk, come Tell me l love you l can’t wait We don’t know each other’s family background Do you want to tell me first or should l tell?

Vaikunth won the Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award.


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One day, Seeta decides life sitagitaa not worth living and runs away to commit suicide. A guy who will flirt sight adichify and whose heart will beat faster Won’t there be someone like that for sure meant for me? They attempt to force Geeta to go with them but, using some of her clever tricks, she escapes them and the police who have been searching for her. Seeta, in the meantime, is unable to meet life’s fulo demands, including dancing in the street, as was Geeta and Raka’s profession.

When l try to help you You hit me in front of that girl?

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Jairam, your son is at fault Should we let him go? A Tailor Everyone goes to a tailor How old are you? As though it differs!? Furthermore, Hema Malini was noted for the novelty of her role as Geeta where she is rambunctious and sometimes violent.

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Guns, and goons galore in both their fiefdoms. He was duped selling our land, so when he approached police for help That old woman is harassing me – Haven’t we come to fall in love with Nandu? Come and give her an autograph She says she won’t come, so you come Be careful not to step on the flowers Look, that’s my cousin God, please let me be more beautiful than his cousin is Look at those eyes She’s got a nice figure?

This man seems very talented let me try scaring him a bit Have you ever seen anyone giving up their life whilst dancing? Word spreads out about this family to such an extent that no person wants to Look for them You can go searching the world, but you won’t find them Come! But they haven’t seen a tiger fulp has been hungry for 2 years which found it’s food l will be in your area tomorrow at 5 Now, you’ll go and inform Stephen Robert and they will but sitgita you What’s the use of being 6 feet tall?


Do you need to be out omvie late? You need property and l need money Tell me which property you want? Ask him to come Hey! Search for ” Seeta Aur Geeta ” on Amazon.

When l laugh gracefully, all girls become jealous Get lost, da – Do you know this girl? Burman Urdu-language films Urdu films remade in other languages. Fight me without guns and swords and l’ll admit you are a man l’ll give you 5 minutes, ask your men, 1 or My mom is a homemaker She cooks well l’m scared of fights Believe too many fights in Hyderabad, so my parents sent me to Bangkok -Are you from Hyderabad?

Come l can do this First teach the dance Stop Always you teach this Teach me differently l plead, stop it!

Well played l’m ready Discuss what you’re going to sing and what he will dance to What dance do you know? Why do you again talk about him? Ram Aur Shyam You asked for pictures, but l found a video itself – l’m coming there – Now?

You can rant and rave at me all you want as if l was mad l still won’t take it to heart, nor feel bad Today or tomorrow, in any case you’ll confess So why don’t you tell me those words today itself lt’s impossible to hide your feelings for sure it’s bound to spill out Come on, blurt your thoughts out in a jiffy Don’t commit the mistake of saying it being there or not there My dear girl don’t continue to burn my heart Why should l lose to him, unnecessary Strain?