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When playback is started on a component connected via RI, the unit selects that component as the input source. Check the details in “Using the Listening Modes” section. For details on the operation, refer to the RI Dock’s instruction manual. Repeat it to enter the first three characters of the brand name. The benefit is that there is just a single wire connection between the converter and your TV. Lots of connectivity options. The remote indicator will light.

The RI cable can be connected in any order. Adjust the image quality. Press RCV again within 30 seconds. Click “Turn on media streaming” to display a list of players in the network. To reset all the remote controller settings, while holding down RCV, press and hold down HOME until the remote indicator lights about 3 seconds. When playback is started on a component connected via RI, the unit selects that component as the input source. This unit, PC, and Internet are not directly connected. To operate Onkyo components directly or Onkyo components that are not connected via RI, use the following remote control codes:

Pioneer MCS-737 Home Theater System

Try the simple measures on both the unit and the connected device. Collection only due to weight from Rushden, Northants.

Loudness Plus On When the “Loudness Plus” setting is set to “On”, it is possible to enjoy even subtle nuances of audio expression at low volume. Try selecting another listening mode.


Onkyo TX-NR Owner’s Manual |

The unit supports remote playback with Windows Media Player More refinements More refinements Screen Saver 3min Set the time to start the screen saver. Displays the radio station or program schedule. For details, see “Regarding the Video Resolution” in “Troubleshooting”.

Check the type of the file formats that is supported. Registering radio stations in advance allows you to tune into your radio station of choice directly. Automatic correction will be disabled. THX Select2 Games is unique as it gives you a smooth transition of audio in all points of the surround field.

Also correct the delay of video signals of the game console if any.

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In the “Stream” menu, select “Turn on media streaming” to open a dialog box. Enable this function “Off”: In that case, configure the player for PCM output.

Checking the Input Format You can check the audio format of the input signals. This is to prevent noise when you use the pause, fast forward, or fast reverse function on your player.

piooneer By connecting this unit with the network server such as a PC, playing music files in the network server in the PC is possible. It is used but in good condition. Adds the currently playing station to your favorites. When you subscribe, you will be provided with a username and password which has to be entered into the AV receiver.


Red simultaneously until the remote indicator lights about 3 seconds. If only composite video input terminal connection is used, set the component video input terminal to “”.

Note them down before starting reset. RI functions are not guaranteed when more RIHDcompatible components than the below mentioned quantities are connected. Very rare and worth every penny. Selecting a smaller value brings the sound field of the front channel to the center while selecting a larger value spreads the sound field of the front channel to left and right.

To play an analog signal when there is no digital signal.

You will see an activation code on your TV screen. Brightness 0 Adjust brightness of the screen. Re-startup of the Bluetooth-enabled device may be effective. nluray

Pioneer MCS-737 Ev kinoteatr─▒

Although it is possible to select the listening mode during playback, the selected mode will be reset when the unit enters standby mode. Furthermore, unexpected characters may be displayed when the unit receives unsupported characters. This may solve the problem.