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Kim Min Chan Supporting Cast. But his cold exterior breaks apart and he promises to wait until Yeo Woon comes back to their side. Dong Soo whispers to Ji Sun: Just wanted to point this out because I’ve been frustrated for a while now seeing how much this JS girl, like everyone else in this drama, has been so ignorant about what Woon’s done for them. Oh Hee Joon Supporting Cast. Shin Hyun Bin Main Cast.

Out of sight, out of trouble. Sword Saint begins to train Dong Soo officially. Dong Soo satisfies all his needs with a toothy smile. Cute mistake by the editor. LOL…all she does is look around in the cabinet and then thanked JJ for doing the hard work. Hong Do is nearby and catches sight of her.

Yeo Jin Goo Supporting Cast. And good to see Dong Soo’s million-watt-smile return sigh … but what a player!! Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast.

Ji Chang Wook Main Cast. Yoo Seung Ho Main Cast. I totally agree with you girls about YU needing to have some better warriior for his life beside being JS’s invisible bodyguard.

Yeo Woon returns to Hoksa Chorong and is shocked to find him the new leader because Chun has left. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Father Jin Gi gives the job of buying sheep fur to….


[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15 | A Virtual Voyage

Samo grabs Yeo Woon by the collar to stop him from leaving but Sword Saint says to let him go find his own destiny. The third person to leave Samo is Cho Warriot.

Click here to learn more. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dong Soo and Cho Rip are having a little chat under the moon.

Sinopsis The Great Queen Seon Deok

Oh these two, like mother, like daughter. I’m totally liking the Cheon smile there — nice and sadistic-looking.

A bothered Jin Ju comes to the butcher shop and asks for wine from Jang Mi. Shin Hyun Bin Main Cast.

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The last name on the list is Kim Gwang Taek. Lee Jin Ah Supporting Cast.

We agree to disagree. Set in the Joseon dinasty during King Jeongjo, this marcial-arts fusion sageuk is centered around the events involving crown prince Sado’s conspiracy. Pig tells Gwang Taek to keep an eye on Sinopais Soo because a fortune teller says the boy has a short life, very much like his deceased father. Sword Saint also makes him practice his footwork. Everyone is just going to guard her NOW? The latter worries about his inept skill and Dong Soo assures him that he could improve.


In front of his home, he crushes his glasses and enters. Set against the backdrop of political maneuverings in Joseon between different factions, namely those led by King Jeongjo, by the Qing ambassador, by the Japanese swordsman Kenzo, and the assassin’s guild Heuksa Chorong, the series is a woo drama about brotherhood, friendship, loyalty and honor. Jin Ju bids goodbye and wargior to the hideout, while Hong Do follows her. Last week, an online friend, Cherkell, told me a shocking news.

Sword Saint trains Dong Soo.

She stabs the wound further: They all go there, hoping to buy a sample. Yoon Ji Min Supporting Cast. Sinopwis from ” https: Poor guy, her love arrow shots through his heart!