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Kids are under more pressure than ever to succeed in school. Kyaa… How did I guess your fave Hong scene would be that one, momosan? I call oh for lame! She basically asked for his hand in marriage 10 years ago! Kang Sung Supporting Cast. Song Kyung Chul Supporting Cast.

His smile creeps me out in this scene. I started reading your recaps on a whim, promptly decided I needed to see the action for myself. He had better not! Thank you for your lovely recaps. Ji Chang Wook Main Cast. Un, who saw the whole thing, is fairly certain that Gwang Taek missed at least three chances to strike Chun. He braves up after remembering that Gwang Taek asked if he had seen him and after apologizing, he uncovers the wounds.

WOW i had know idea lol about that thanks hailey yh it’s possible he helped her, by the looks of it he’s gonna help her in ep 20 so i’m looking forward to that lolz and yh i only skiped through ep 19 nraw and i loved that bromance between dong soo and yeo un can’t wait for eng subs to know whats happening.

[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15 | A Virtual Voyage

Okay, they should totally get together. But I guess they really did embrace like that when Woon moved in to attack him. Start romancing each other long before you get home if possible.

He stutters out that he loves her, his daughter.

The Qing Emissary calls for more guards but Dong Soo comes up with a painful decision for Ji Sun to warriir her destiny. Kyaa… How did I guess your fave Hong scene would be that one, momosan? Kids are under more pressure than ever to s in school. He hugs JJ first, and then hugs JS on his way to train? And then he dies.

He starts to enjoy watching a father play with his daughter, but then the father becomes frightened of getting too close to Chun and leads her off. Shin Dong Woo Supporting Cast. Yoon Ji Min Supporting Cast. Why do you want her along?


He asks where everyone is, but she comes at epieode with the knife, saying that he killed her father, and should die.

Un agrees that it was his choice, and so from now on, he will find his own way with his heart and his life. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Down by the lake, Chun ponders Gwang Taek fishing without a hook, and the results of the fight. They play chess and Sword Saint requests fanning service, which then upgrades to strong winds and finally a typhoon.

Dong Soo starts to raise his sword, and Chun warrioe. Yoon So Yi Main Cast. Each time we see a flashback of the stroke that made the wound.

In front of his dlng, he crushes his glasses and enters. And Chun — the dead look on his face and then the one of hatred he shoots at Lord Hong. Sword Saint begins to train Dong Soo officially. He keeps thinking of the fact that Gwang Taek was fishing without bait — a weird metaphor in the end for going through the motions.

Dong Soo refuses at first, but Sa Mo leaves him there. This is it GUYS!

Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

She breaks down and tells Dong Soo that it eplsode hurts her heart too much. Maria, I have live streamed those episodes raw but don’t want to spoil it for everyone who has hasn’t caught up yet. I think the wound viewing was basically to teach DS how the sword saint lost. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Notify me of new posts via email. Chun asks Dong Soo to follow him out, and he nods.


Un tells him that was his best attack.

Chun stops and starts realizing what happened. Always exciting to learn about your opinions even after having watched the eps myself. Have 1 say Cancel reply Enter your comment here She stabs the wound further: Gwang Taek uses his sword to block the arrows, and watrior meeting the expected parry, Chun slashes Gwang Taek deeply across the abdomen. Log in with Email. Notify me of new comments via email.

My precious Changwook-ssi is not getting away from me that easily!! Chun asks again for Dong Soo. Cut to Hoksa Chorong as Chun decides to leave and pursues his last wish before he grows any older — defeats all the martial arts masters in eight provinces.

Un asks him why xinopsis never gave him any lessons, as he just did for Dong Soo. The team is warriot working on ways to get more content up on Viki. He accepts the task and tells the mountain boys to plan accordingly. She notes that fur hats are popular in the Qing Nation but rare in Joseon.

Lee Si Eon Supporting Cast. Oh these two, like mother, like daughter.

Sinopsis The Princess’ Man

Dong Soo satisfies all his needs with a toothy smile. She intends on starting a fur cap business. His name shall be remembered from now on.