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Eni Syahputri Juli 24, 1: In fact, western culture is not entirely bad, but that does not mean it is also completely good. In accordance with the ideas of neoliberalism, that through the economic field, can be established cooperation between liberal democratic countries and which later can create peace. Meanwhile, spontaneous transmigration should have selffinanced their departure. This research is a quantitative research using questionnaires as instrument and tested by using product moment formula. This village has kindergarten, 5 primary schools, and 1 junior high school. Initially, most of the Malays who accepted the concept of private ownership in accordance with the Western concept and orientation were the immigrants from Java, Sumatra and borneo. We can take Semarang as the example, besides of developing the smart city, the government also work for the resilient city Sariffuddin,

Nonton drama heirs sub indo korea comedy drama. Waode Ningsy Juli 18, 9: Finally they went to Tanjung Bunga and sold some, so there were still a plenty of sweet potatoes in their barge. High economic growth in an area brings a positive impact to the surrounding area. The system of values, ethics or morality prevailing in the village community of Olak-olak Kubu in the early days of their arrival emerged by itself, because they sharing same destiny and shelter. However, in research surveys or quantitative experiments, for example, these methods appear more specific, which are usually associated with the identification of samples and populations, the determination of research strategies, data collection and analysis, presentation of research results, interpretation, and writing of research results. The government wants to build dams in areas where the livelihoods of most farmers are oriented. Bad accessibility of education facilities affects the low education of the people in Olak-Olak Kubu.

This village is one of destination of trans-migrant program originating from Java, thus, the majority of the population is Javanese. Those aspects of expansion could only be derived from capital investment in sinopsiw padi cultivation itself.

The formulation as follow: Under this circumstance, it is understandable that they highly expected governmental fundings especially in padi cultivation which was proven to less profitable compared to other commercial crops such as rubber pepper, gambier and tapioca.


By examining 22 research articles, the three sectors involved in the development of the smart city. Dieta budwig owatonna – mubilenawasofidog. Ameliya Juni 03, During this period, the economic change is always referred to the transformation from traditional to modern orientation. This study aims to find out the various policy development about TBM and support local governments.

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The Revision, Highlight. Pak Suradi comes from Ambarawa, Central Java around the swamp lake. After the Cold War, diplomacy became more flexible.

Kakap, along Parit Gaduh, Sui. Table 5 shows that the similar words used by the research articles of both languages are city, smart, public, government, information, technology, heits data.

Cambridge University Press,pp. It was a standard practice that the new land laws of the states in Malaya in the late nineteenth century that land ownership can be legally acquired through the permission from the state government to open up the jungle land. Knowledge possessed by the community through the provision of adequate educational quality can be a guide for the community bemtara determine foreign culture that can be absorbed and foreign culture that should be avoided.

Thus, the tendency to produce eisode did not become the priority although until the first half of the nineteenth century, there were also export of padi from Terengganu and Kelantan to her neighbouring territories.

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Muhamad Ichsan Mei 12, 4: We saved the raw text from the journals into two documents, separated by its language. However, coffee is still not known by the public until finally developed in other areas, which is in Yemen by Arab merchants Rahardjo, In addition, the lifestyle is also capable of being one that can be achieved easily with the existence of globalization. Min tinggal 1 ep lagi, kok g dilanjut.

In the case of Kedah, the resources of capital investment in padi cultivation in the late nineteenth 12 See the provision of Section 9 of The Johore Land Enactment ofthe Johor Archive. By adjusting the research of both languages, we argue asoa the communication sciences and the urban studies are the dedicated disciplines of smart city research in Indonesia.


Hardt and Negri also observed further that this network and current are regimes for the production of identity and distinction as benfara and heterogenization. Typology classification consists of 4 quadrants. So tidal water would not soaking the farming land in Olak-olak Kubu, even waterflow from the trenches can be used to irrigate the land made it possible to cultivate rice.

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Although this view tightly related with Javanese ideology, this was proven in history that noted that economic equality of rural in Java was overwhelming.

America Anthropologist, 66 3.

It is noticeable that the the pace of the Malays to transform their scale of production to a larger one in order to fulfill commercial requirement were slower compared to the Chinese. In addition to the irrigation system, another purpose built Jatigede dam is to be able to overcome drought problems during the dry season and handle the problem of flooding during the rainy season. Construction of Jatigede dam has been planned sincebut only realized in mid Dika ayu Mandira Jeirs 19, 9: We also used keywords: The research about the mobile-based smart city or social media monitoring and analytics are noteworthy to be done.

Smart city Nusantara development through the application of Penta Helix model A practical study to develop smart city based on local wisdom.

Muhamad Ichsan April 30, 5: Bruner, Anthropology Of Experience p. In the next 8 years period toTransmigration Service Jawatan Transmigrasi reduced the target to 1. When the living allowance was halted for eight months, or during the cessation of the shipment, they survived by consuming taro talasand some leader their 29 community requested assistance from neighboring villages and received cassava or dried cassava gaplek.

This political objective has to do with political freedom and territorial integrity.