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It doesn’t matter if he was feeling desperate, if he felt that at the moment, words could not suffice to convince her to stay. Jackie March 23, at 5: And that was a very-wrong-thing-to-do-at-that-moment by Soo. There is a huge difference between following recaps of a drama and actually watching the drama especially with this one -there’s SO MUCH unsaid emotions and feelings that by merely reading a recap it can really take an entire scene out of context. To me, it seems so clear. In here nothing is fine. Sinopsis School Episode 1 – 16 Akhir. Curioser And Curiosor March 24, at 1:

I understand the need to try to justify the sexual assault, because so many people love the character of Soo; you want to try your best to understand why he would want to do something so wrong. On a totally different note: Women keep smacking men in kdrama all the time but for some reason people are not usually disturbed by it. He was too engulfed in his emotions that he forgot to think before he act. I’m not forcing you to do anything. Rather, the show has gone a route that asks too much suspension of disbelief from its viewers.

After reading all these interesting comments I feel that it’s either that or I might be a very terrible person with no self respect whatsoever for not being bothered at all by that scene. It was a flawed reaction from a flawed character. BTW, seeing all the upset comments, you really shouldn’t worry about how sexual assault is viewed by the public. Hhhmmm the show really needs a time out. This was raw and ugly and real, so it is much easier to slap that label on it.


Also, the orchestra from Inception stops by to lend a little background music. I haven’t lashed out at anyone, nor have I used any vulgar language.

Then, she finds out she got tricked, with just a tiny bit of time to process the fact before Soo tries to solve their problems by forcing her into a kiss. Did you know Korean people thought this was their fav scene?


Many are noticing Oh Soo’s futile physical force. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The reason why I am personally reacting so strongly to sexual assault is wknd we live in a rape culture that so often excuses the perpetrator and completely neglects the victim. That Winter The Wind Bl Other bloggers did posts about this so let’s just say that google is your friend. Then in this episode we see a wjnter personality transplant in Su where he goes from being reformed and caring to demonstrating squickily aggressive behavior toward her.

Ivoire March 23, at I’m not saying ths was the correct course for him opposite in factbut this is a drama, and it needs, well, DRAMA, to operate. Sinopsis Yes Captain Episode 20 Akhir.

You’re under the assumption that he is functioning in a rational way. Grace March 22, at That’s our particular privileged game, not his.

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Megan March 23, at 3: Nope, I also have no problems with the taht kiss. For me, the trust Young showed — despite the little pings of warnings she’d register than ignore — was set up by how desperately she wanted her brother to appear. We, people, given the same stimulus react differently, and I’m with you with regards to the no-no of forced kissing.


OK, I’ll also wait for episode 14 to see what follows Young’s “It is really the end” cliffhanger. What I saw was Soo’s utter desperation and hopelessness. Baca Novel Lengkap Twilight Saga.

She could remember people by the sound of their voice and even by their scent. Tell me how I need to calm down. They don’t have time to ‘wait’ for a reasonable discussion. The main reason why i loooovee this drama is not because it has the best storyline ever, but the way they can potrayed each character, episove emotions they showed, the script, and the cinematography is just plain perfect.

I had to chuckle at the thoughts that all these while, he can easily get girls into bed with him but he practically had to beg from Young just to stay close to her.

Rather, the show has gone a route that asks too much suspension of disbelief from its viewers. It saddens me that people are so willing to excuse Soo’s abusive behavior.