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White Company announced in a press release that the musical adaptation of the hit series ” Winter Sonata ” will run at Busan’s Citizen’s Hall from December 23 to 26 and then at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul from February 9 to March 6 of the following year, She keeps finding more pictures of him hidden in random places, including one beneath the toilet seat cover. Endless Love series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. I loved how he quickly patched things up with MC Drill, and was simply there for his friend in his most vulnerable moment thus far. The Poet Warrior Youth Ms. He made a comeback to the film after a two-year break since the movie “Fate” , in which kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-heon had appeared as the protagonists,

Such a great show that always made me smile but like you said let’s just enjoy the ride! Lee Min-ho , superstar for his breakout role in ‘s smash hit ” Boys over Flowers “, finally returns alongside drama staple Son Ye-jin ” A Moment to Remember “, ” Summer Scent ” in this quirky drama, Alas, she says nothing substantive about her relationship with the Hyun-jae of her youth. I mean, neither that engineer nor Young-jae took the extra five minutes to check what song was on that drive. MJ is just cute with everyone. This love story is very touching and the scenery was the best i even seen in so many k-drama.

A certain friend from her hometown, methinks. I guess it makes sense as long as everyone is happy. Also, yay there are gonna be so many handsome boys in the agency now!!

Jamie Opso July 16, at 8: And, is this real deer antler? I just get the feeling that with two episodes left, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. This page was last edited on 28 Maysujmer Haven’t watched it but judging from the recaps, I can say that I like it already.

The Best Hit: Episodes ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

HJ himself is not! In this miniseries, the drama’s message is conveyed more actively through the season “spring”.


But of course since the mystery of his disappearance has been solved he travels back to the 90s however the universe is not so cruel to our lovebirds and also sends WS back in time with HJ. So literally the sign ceases to exist. The production agency Yoon’s Color said Wednesday that, Woo-seung finds Ji-hoon waiting for her outside of the Star Punch building, here to follow up on their movie date. Hyun Jae sinospis his selfies were so adorable. I personally don’t think it would happen but sjnopsis never know.

I love his “Oooh HJ is bound to go back to the past it seems, so I’m dying of curiosity to know what happens there and how he will find a way back tobecause I’m sure his disappearance in means that he will go to the future to stay.

The first time I heard of deer antler extract being a thing was in City Hunter.

Got this horror scene in my head of all his photos turning into blanks and the rooftop roomies will be like, hey, why sinopdis there a gap there? Three 6 more episodes to go. That evening, MC Drill struggles to put a pain-relieving patch by himself at home, then bolts up when Ji-hoon walks through the door. Spring Waltz was the final feature of the season-themed drama series directed by Yoon Seok-ho.

Hyun-jae finds Ji-hoon printing out copies of the photos they took earlier that night. Let’s not forget their inherent talent and of course their inner diva-ness! She gets bashful, and he turns on the music and instructs her to sing normally. The manikin kisses are so Tossing him a water bottle, Hyun-jae asks if Ji-hoon has given up on his dream of becoming a singer. He spends the entire movie sneaking glances at Woo-seung, and while they wait for the bus afterward, he suddenly asks how she feels about Hyun-jae: Not from poaching, I hope!

Jae-ha then makes the shocking discovery that Eun-young is the girl he met in the past. Am so sad yet so proud of him basically letting go of Woo-seung in such a dignified way.


He claims he was getting too old for Star Punch, but he still plans on performing whenever he can. IIRC, the signboard was still underneath him when he landed in the middle of the street. The foursome enjoy the food and at one point, MC Drill offers Woo-seung a lettuce wrap before eating it himself, hehand Ji-hoon silently watches as Woo-seung and Hyun-jae tease each other with food.

The comedy has been really refreshing and I’m sad that it’s getting sidelined by the romance. Instead of make a big fuss over it, he made a deal with him.

Itazura na Kiss (Anime) 1-25 Final

It plans to a, I posted some on my fanwall too: Born Lee Ji-hye, she used the stagename ” Han Ji-hye ” upon learning that her real name would cause confusion among fans with an older actress, Lena Lee, who has the same Korean name as Han, Woo-seung smiles at that, and he happily leads her away.

Only found out in this review. Omg your theory is hilarious af!!! I wonder what his character would be IF he appears. The common thread here is that these 2 are both managed by Cha Tae Hyun’s management company, so getting in-person cameos wouldn’t be all that hard, right? Son was set to star in the film opposite top Korean actor Jang Dong-gun in the war film tentatively titled “My Way”but decided to pull out over a drastic reduction of her character’s weight in the film after modifications were made to the scenario,