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I curse you Dr. Thank you all for the great discussions and debates related to this drama and especially thank you lolly and dllama for the great recaps that were always a joy to read and helped give insight week after week. I’m really gonna miss this show and eric’s acting is awesome! Don’t know, just read from someone posted in this blog before that Eric is kind of guy who really difficult to cry in real life. She even chided her choice to be aware of the other man’s feelings and treat him kindly. It is almost impossible to know someone fully for just over a year and just by meeting them during weekend or lunch or dinner or just by occasionally sleeping over. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. For me, this show was over the moment Sol and Joon Ho confessed, wore couple shoes, and kissed beautifully – I could not care less what happens to the Tedious Trio.

He knows the answer will be painful, because he knows that Yeo-reum likes Tae-ha. The big lesson or themes I saw in this drama was choice and consequences of said choices. Larissa October 8, at 9: I’m surprised to see so many negative comments about this drama. She even chided her choice to be aware of the other man’s feelings and treat him kindly. I would like just a little bit more depth there before I can get on board with any Panda and Hedgehog romance. Unfortunately by the time I found out what it was like, it was more than half way over.

Thanks to LP and DL! Hajin comes off way too perfect, or rather too submissive that he comes off as a man child.

Anonymous September 11, at Despite the fact that it’s hard moving on after such a difficult experience; hopefully the both of them can honestly make sense of what happened.

Ha-jin sees Ah-rim off at the bus to the airport, where he makes her promise to use the money he gave her so she can spend her time studying instead of working part-time jobs.

But I am eager to see the actors in other roles! If you want to watch a drama full of perfect people, there is The Heirs?

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AJ October 8, at This episode we could see Ha Jin and Yeo Reum’s character development as they started to realize what they try to keep is more hurting someone that they supposed to love. That was the central theme on my mind the whole time I watched episode People might call it selfish, episod the opposite would be the so-called “noble idiocy” that tends to aggravate people more.


It matters that you did. Somehow I understand how his eyes and nose suddenly becoming so red even though his tears didn’t fell yet XD.

Like it or not, when we put ourselves in Yeo Reum’s position, we would make selfish decisions as well although she is one step further – vindictive. Yeo-reum goes outside to find Ha-jin waiting, and he just wordlessly approaches and hugs her.

I find all drama heroines tend to stretch towards being the “perfect girl” who makes all these dramatic sacrifices but at the end, Yeo Reum is someone people can relate to. But the few viewers who aren’t enjoying the dramas gave comments like anything. Attracting love and giving your heart to someone is not easy. August October 9, at 5: She’s strong girl after all.

You definitely expand the discourse taking place here. Aargh, this has been a bad drama year for me. I feel the same that is why I’m grateful for the recaps thanks LP and DL and also the fast forward button. Thats why they failed. I really enjoyed the drama as a whole though and Yeo reum padna be my next favorite k-drama character after Sam soon.

Nice to see her moving out of SNL into more serious roles. It is almost impossible to know someone fully for just over a year and just by meeting them during weekend or lunch or dinner or just by occasionally sleeping over. Yeo-reum remembers a time when they were dating when he also encouraged her to enter a competition, presenting her with workspace borrowed from his company so she would have a place to design. I get that she had to give much of her life to work and so no time or interest in love AND I can even go with the theory that she has had not real advances from men BUT seriously, she must understand the basic mechanics of dating and love?


He immediately gripes at her for making two guys end up in the police station, earning a smack from Sol. I care about Ah Rim, who no one else seems to care about, including the writer. I may not have always liked their choices and actions, or agree with the things they said and how they treated themselves and each other, but boy could I understand it.

For those that keep stressing they’d prefer to watch such an uninteresting character as dull and undeveloped as she was makes me dumbfounded? All you can do is sunopsis someone who can be loved.

It’s seems like a pretty dry ajd in dramaland right now, so I am rapidly becoming obsessed with finding the subbed version of Bad Guys — which looks like it’s coming to myasiantv any minute now — raw version went up today Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. It definitely stands out from the usual Kdramas for sure.

PeepsLeAwesomePotato October 8, at How to reconcile oneself with the fact that you have to let go of the person you envision as the one you will marry? Make your leads more likeable! Jill October 8, at The couple shoes and kiss were worth the wait!

It wasn’t “fate”, circumstances, the cosmos; it was human choice and behaviors and I loved that all of them acknowledged that and took responsibility for it. Your email address will not be published.

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Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: And no one falls out of love by chance it is by choice. Ayu March 4, at 4: Anonymous September 10, at We see the damage that she and her unresolved issues inflict on the men in her life, especially Ha Jin. She got the career, the man, the house, the car, and friends The implication seems to be that anyone would have done the same in the situation.

IMHO I dont like the girl who cast panda, she really did not know how to act.