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Just have SW and WK start their own private agency! I will comment more. And Seol-woo gains a lot of points in my book for quitting his job in order to save Do-ha. This episode has made me sit upright and not moving for an hour! For now maybe Doha will be just angry at him, for all those lies, and then the relationship will restart from zero. It must have taken so much courage to try to escape, but she picked the lock and even managed to pickpocket a phone.

I also want to know more about Seol-Woo. His job isnt that simple, when he leaves for a mission he puts his life in danger and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be back, he wouldn’t want to put Do-ha through that, the constant waits and the fear of losing him! You know, after thinking about this some more, the answer might be very simple, from what we’ve seen of agent K. I think the backstory was he started off as a stuntman before he transitioned into acting, so he would be trained in fighting and used to taking a beating. Under ordinary circumstances, he could be a jerk. It was so sweet that he went in risking his life. I cried so hard. We always see him maintaining his cool and calm facade, but when the danger involves Do-ha, he really lost it.

I suppose it’s because he’s never had the luxury to really think about himself and what he wants. Blame the production sinoosis it, I don’t get why??

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Not in the same intensity that she is to him but still he is. So far the we have our characters developing nicely, the dramatization is good plot is rolling, good directing and editing all gears seem to be in sync potential for a great drama sweet. The old SW would have epsiode the punch and would have been stoic in front of UK and this goes to show that the rag tag family had affected him in more ways than he would ever admit.


He apologizes for treating her so roughly, and then introduces himself as an investigator from the NIS. Thanks murasakimi for your recap. For me, SW chose to leave because he knew he had to, out of a sense of responsibility for his remaining missions. It’s a matter of a choice between choosing what he wants, and remaining responsible to his missions. I hope for Mi-eun’s sake, she gets away from his grip soon.

The high-profile murder trial of American novelist Michael Peterson dramatizex the death of his wife in Love our main trio a lot: And we have, in no sinopss, seen that he jeopardizes his mission for anyone, he was, in fact, willing to throw off all pride just to stay by Woon-kwang’s side for the first wood carving mission. I wonder if we will learn somethings about his past in the later episodes. I felt really sad for Do-ha, that because she didn’t panic thinking it could be just the loan sharks, I mean, how many times she must’ve been abducted to think like that!

Mi-eun wonders why her husband is alone, since she expected to see her son at last. That’s ok for me, because it tells me he’s a great, decent guy who knows that there are things more important than blindly following a rpisode.

Yes, Do ha just gets better and better each episode. Do-ah is the luckiest fan in the world. You know, when the heroine does something pointless or worse, damning just so she does looks proactive.

He complains about not being able to get in touch with Do-ha or Seol-woo all day, and dramagized his hunch that they seem to be dating. However, he could still feel his heart aching.

It was like SW felt he couldn’t be a part of her life anymore. We saw how desperate he was and going rogue was the only way to rescue her. Edit Cast Series cast summary: He suddenly takes out his pen recorder and records his resignation message, acknowledging that from here on out, all his actions are his own and are not connected to the NIS. Edit Details Official Sites: My love for her keeps growing with every single episode.


Seol-woo approaches a laptop left on a table in the still-darkened shipping container and sees a livestream of Do-ha tied to a chair in another room far away. I love how calculating and sure SW of his every move.

I am looking forward to the growth and development of Seol-Woo and Do-ha’s relationship. Like for an instance when a girl replied in one of my comment on youtube SW and DH video clip saying that Do Ha looks like an old lady for SW so why am I shipping for them. She is dear to my heart now: And I swooned when Seol-woo turned Do-ha’s chair, I knew Seol-woo was going to disappear when he kept looking at her like that, now I want to know what happens next, where he’ll go and how will he come to meet Do-ha and Woon-kwang again!

We live in hope. Hard for me to tell if some of episdoe past moves were sincere or not I hated that chief who went to the dinner with his uniform on, that was just UGH! So happy to see you dramstized this recap thread, lol. episoe

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If i were DoHa, i would fall for him Who am i kidding, he is an attractive man and i can fall for him easy. Further, this episode showed how heartless SJ can be by threatening ME. Floyd Degraw 5 episodes,