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Their eyes alone coupled with the words they have for each other are enough to make me feel the love. The General warns he is greedy man. He tells her no one was hurt. So he gives her the choice: So it would seem that in ep 18, Ra On was living outside the palace and Yeong would go to see her as well as to mix around with his people. It is working on me! She will definitely go to places after this drama. In fact, I was glad that they managed to perhaps a bit too conveniently, lol find a way to release her from her Crown Princess title because really, who wants to be stuck in a love-less marriage for the rest of one’s life?

It was worth it. Se Won asks what he wants. Sik Ryeom is thrilled when his son arrives. The queen, meanwhile, is dethroned for passing off another child as the prince. I thought Yoon-sung deserved better. That man does it beautifully and perfectly and is just

I like that you mentioned Kim Seungsoo. I just really wish the writing had actually done that necessity justice.

Mellyblog: Sinopsis Thorn Birds Episode 18

I cannot watch Reply right now. Deelite October 24, at Wang Wook is the next King. His was one of the best sageuk hairpieces I’d ever seen – where it made him look so much more handsome and added to his appeal People are gonna think we delivered a kodea in here.

I am so glad that the title was explained and it was Kim Hyung who did it. Anh So that’s what happened! Before they get to that, the General asks if Wang Wook is one of the brothers that fought over the same woman, who is the other? You just sealed MDBC and this group of awesome human beings in my heart! Showed the baby at the end or something. Notify me of new posts via email. She willingly initiated the marriage knowing her love may be unrequited.

Moments later, a gunshot rings out. Sik Ryeom declares to the assembly that today is the day the mobilization to the west will epieode ordered. I will return to you and the prince. CP took that tonic out of respect for her as a the crown princess. Celine I completely forgot Yeong told Ha-yeon he stored the bracelet somewhere else, when he said that my heart bled for him because I could almost imagine him picking up the beads on the floor like they were his heart shattered into pieces, I thought epizode sad was that?


Wang Wook visits Shin Yool at the trading company. Usually historical drama will be at least 20 to 30 episodes since there are so many dots and bottlenecks you will have to settle before the drama ends. Kenna October 19, at 1: I feel you, I was expecting more cute scenes between the OTP in the ending, I guess beggar can’t be choosers, they did give us their ultimate happy ending with a kiss on top, so I’m just gonna take what I can get and savor it for a long long time.

More episdoe hating her, I was a bit scared whenever she’s onscreen. The position of Crown Princess would never be filled by Ra-On, that is why the producer did not even go there in the end and have CP and RO meet outside of the palace.

Ra-on kneels episodee his bedside and reaches for his hand, the sight of him bringing her to tears. It’s more meaningful because this was their first real intimate interaction since the separation and they have not seen each other for a month. Im not surprised at ML drop tho, since the episode was leaked on Monday because China aired the international ver they took it down later but people already download the ep and upload to other siteswas expecting suitcase to go up but nope, all dramas rate went down.

However, when Episode 17 rolled in, I felt less worried and it looked like it’s possible for the big things to be resolved.

Secara kebetulan, Hae-in bersama sang bibi Mi-sook bekerja di tempat yang sama dengan ibu Joon-young.

Korea Recaps: Sad Love Song (Episode 1)

I got the same vibe from the lines about payment. Wang So tells him that he has the evidence against Sik Ryeom. It is easy to visualize him as a toddler as his temper sputters out of him.

Wang So and Eun Chun are running out of time. General Gwak returns from spying on Shin Yool. As for the PM, figured he would kill himself, a man with that kind of power and pride would never accept the fact that sinopsiis would rot in prison.


However, I will not hope for season 2 because there must be a lot of political and historical hardship and pains to happen. I thought of you maryxiah during that scene: What makes this show so endearing to me, isn’t just the exceptional effort put forth by the casts and crew, but also the Moonlight community we have here in Dramabeans.

The General claims he never forgets a promise. So I thought Yeong picked up the beads and kept them. Especially when one is nursing a one-sided unrequited love for the other side.

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And Ra-On bravely and secretly helping her. Quillene Petite October 19, at 3: Thanks for the recap! Love your recaps, have been following all of them every episode. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to kjtamusings.

You have set high standard for live-shooting, acting, writing, directing, editing, music, lighting, etc… it was great. But I promise you: The queen, meanwhile, is dethroned for passing off another child as the prince.

Wang So admits he fretting about the antidote. I still cannot believe that it ended. The queen must have been moved by her crying child after all, because she admits everything to her father, subdued for once rather than agitated. And I do miss the messy hair.

I really do feel bad for the crown princess the koea. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ultimately it was a choice to honor herself above a one-sided love that she saw was never going to be returned, to allow herself to live with a freer heart, even if that would limit the life she could lead as an unmarriageable young woman.