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His slow progression into darkness and moral conflict bring the story into a new climate. The maids then complain that the maid quarters are already too full. If the princes were born in the same situation as the two girls, would they be any better? Xi says that the majesty is growing tired of the skates — does Qing Chuan have any new ideas? When Yin Reng gets inside she asks if her advice worked. When the dance ends, a woman goes and says that she will announce the winner if no other woman in the audience protests and wishes to try her luck. Xi then says that if they are successful, Qing Chuan will live a good life, if not, Qing Chuan will be miserable. She notices the rich woman from earlier and asks where she is and who she is.

It appears that Qing Chuan has been locked in forbidden room the room where the former empress died giving birth to Yin Reng. Qing Chuan then hires models and puts on a fashion show drawing in a large crowd. He asks what she is doing and she says that it was hot and she just needed air. The series opens with the emperor arriving and a young woman coming after him with a sword. While the prince has his eyes covered, she quickly runs to the wedding chamber and plants the gunpowder. His mother, realizing that he likes Qing Chuan declares that she will talk to Qing Chuan and work out the marriage details. Kang Xi laughs and then scolds his son for ignoring the royal rules. Instead of listening to Mrs.

They stop in a forest and the worried Qing Chuan demands to be let down. Xiao Chun then mutters that he has never treated her as an employee. At this, Yin Zhen tells his mother that Kang Xi has many sons so why only mention the crown prince. Herat why is Li having the emperor spied on? She puts on her makeup, her pretty red dress, and does her hair.

Qing Chuan quickly says that she will help so please let her live. What will Qing Chuan do? Qing Chuan then explains that feelings are needed for marriage and the feelings she has towards him are that of familial love — not romantic.


Yin Si tells Qing Chuan that he and is brothers will make her life even worse than if she had been sent for hard labor. Qing Chuan removes her ear pieces and then hear if Fei Fan really wants to marry. She then leaves without making a purchase. When she sees the crown prince and his wife being escorted by armed loci, she quickly goes and hides to keep from being implicated.

Then in comes her mother who is upset to see her daughter still lazing in bed on such an important day. The locl as he wants to inherit the throne Yin Zheng then says that the crown prince doing such good acts is good for all the people. When they went to help her change into the wedding garments, she was gone and they were no longer keeping an eye on her because the prince told them not to. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Yin Zhen asks why his mother is doing such work and she replies that Kang Xi likes her needlework. Jdae Chuan asks why she went episkde the trouble to bring her there.

Yin Si laughs and calls her materialistic. Other reviews by this user. In fact, she pays more interest to her MP3 player than the time.

Popular Lists Related siopsis from users Create a list. Yin Zeng I am not sure if it is all a purely calculative motive or if he genuinely wanted to save his brother and rival intervenes and begs his father not to kill Yin Reng in haste.

Articles containing Chinese-language text Articles with Chinese-language external links. Gu pulls her asisde and Qing Chuan cannot believe that she is being asked to marry Xiao Chun. Qing Chuan runs and runs after the portrait, not heeding where she is or the e;isode that the sky is darkening and the wind is picking up. It appears that Qing Chuan has been locked in forbidden room the room where the former empress died giving birth to Yin Palqce. These past few days he has been paying for his mom and there are still three days left to complete the ceremony.

The central figure of the first phase is Huang Xiaoming’s Xiao Xiaozhang whose intelligence and political shrewdness are well exhibited from Episode 1 to William Feng Yin Si [8th Prince].


If so, he would like to know so he can do his own filial duty.

Eunuch Li, seeing this quickly goes and bows palxce the emperor. Qing Chuan then says they should be friends and help each other.

The two arrive at his shop and he introduces her to his mother. Xi asks Su Yan if she wishes to see the emperor all that much. He tells her not to be sad for him as his greates wish is to be near her. Her only option now is fleeing. It is announced that Tai Zi has arrived and the woman grabs Qing Chuan down and tells her to bow and greet the Tai Zi.

Yin Zeng tells her that the palace is recruiting maids and that he will create a Manchurian status for her and get her tutors so that she is properly schooled. The director then yells at them for interrupting the scene.

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Fei Fan says that her imperfections are not a problem because he likes her imperfections and all. Gung1 So2 Sam1 Juk6. Top Actors Add New Person. Knowing that she must be an unloved loci, Qing Chuan tells her that she must think of a plan and not lament in her own misfortune.

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Heard that it will A maid comes in and Qing Chuan asks what the ruckus is outside. Qing Chuan puts her earpiece back in and ignores her mother when she says that she is lucky to have found Fan Fei to marry. Qing Chuan is shocked to discover that Xi is a concubine. So looks like Yin Zeng was plotting something against the crown prince when he an Yu San hatched their plot for the beauty contest.