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Thank you, JB and GF, for taking the time to recap it for us! What a great performance!!! I personally cant find anybody carrying Sorim. I just want her to pay the price. Second Lead, and the tons of humor crammed into each episode from top to bottom. Like you both said i it wasn’t for thse actors I was going to accept it no matter what.

Disappointed with the ending like everyone is Ok, this is probably true. Like you both said i it wasn’t for thse actors Also special thanks to all of you, we have been together since the first episode. A call from an extremely disappointed Prosecutor Dad disrupts any relief party for the Seo Clan. I never thought that oriental medicine doctor could be as hot as you.

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Horoay, Cello Snob and Prosecutor Husband meet kove scheme. I kept expecting a little more drama in this epi to compensate the lack of it in the previous epi but it seems that this is the grand happy ending everyone is wishing for It would be such a waste if they break up without giving it a shot. When asked, Sun Jae tells them he plays on a Hanil with all the parts replaced. You never failed to deliver the best recaps every week. We say goodbye to our favorite bands who are totally real!

DB you give the best recaps, ive said this before i will say it again if Hong Sisters are the tandem for scriptwriting, GF and JB are the blog version.


Oh and Pil-joo, who was awesomely portrayed by YKS, will be the best second male lead because Terakhkr have never suffered second-lead syndrome this badly before: And it was more touching to see Yoo Joo and Han Sung doing their couple thing and just enjoying life as a couple after the miscarriage and unsuccesfully trying again and again.

Yah, what does it all mean?

The rest of the dramas for this year have fod lot to contend with following up Best Love. MW definitely got away with too much!

As So-rim teases him some more about what to call him, he tells her he loves her and kisses her. Jinhyuk is one of those characters I’m more interested in, so I wished we could have had a longer time exploring how he’s faring.

If it was a “test” to see how strong OG’s love really was, it was a useless test. With the lies eating away at their friendships removed, the boys can now truly be there for each other.

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Young Woo talks to her father, realizing Hye Won is the winner here. Is that what happened to the ending? But Soorim, having stage fright or not, is still Soorim.

This goes overheard by the worst possible person, however: Best Love is so far best drama in my eyes Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Next page. I dont understand why you all keep saying the human who betrayed son oh gong. Captchoochoo March 5, at We get a rare glance into her family life in a phone call to her mother.


Naela Patel March 4, at This crushed soul from the Cocktail party from hell appears far different from the one who first arrived at her house. She smiles and does it for free. The show kept us so busy with all the other relationships and character growths, that it seemed most people just forgot about that. He says that Oh-gong refuses to take one step out of his house.

I love Ae-jung since e;isode 1, before the two guys. Ahjumma reports that Kang took the rest of the luggage, and that one of the beds was moved into the basement.

Nothing about this scene gives me a good feeling.

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I have already expressed my feeling s about the shows end. Here is the link to a wonderful SLA fan project. OHW — low and cool.