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Nagi asks Hayate if he can teach her how to ride a bike too but expects him to do it more kindly. Hayate goes to apologize, but he does not know what to say. While Sonia and Hinagiku are fighting, Yukiji is possessed by an evil spirit, and attacks the others, also using the giant robot. But when he has AJ in his arms — he looks like a drowning man who just clasped his life buoy, the man in the desert who just saw his oasis, the wandering soul who has come home. Thanks a million Koala for a good recaps as always. The only thing that is acceptable to me and that will keep me in good spirits after this show is over is when yeh and kjh announce they are a couple thru their agencies and our own koala breaks the news to us here.

Hinagiku mentions the cash prize for winning the event is million yen, which her older sister Yukiji burst in. Ahh I dont blame you. However, Hayate tells her Nagi has no interest in dealing with people, but she is worried. Staff and directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki aired in Japan between April 4 and September 18, , which was preceded by an original video animation OVA episode in March A fourth anime series titled Hayate the Combat Butler: Hayate comes after Nagi, proving to Dolly that he is not her king and starts to crumble. Why continue on to bash it left, right centre?

After the results of the second hayate no gotoku popularity contest hayate is sent to. I got so passionate I lost track. Ah Sinposis tries to say both won. He lands on the windshield and asks the kidnappers to let Xiao Zhi go. Aunt says to treat this as a simply business matter request, begging him to come because she cannot let her rival Great Hotel take away this China opportunity. I say no LOVE to their work.

Throughout the day, Hayate fails at all his butler chores. With the club saved and Hayate and Nagi as new members, the club decides to hold a butker story competition. Written as “Rival” but Read as “Friend”!!


Aunt says Yoon Joo will be happy soon. She believes she has no experience being lazy and staying in all the time, despite being rich and thus not having episoe problems living. Nagi receives a message from Chiharu and Kayura saying that they will arrive in Las Vegas to see Ruka’s concert.

Agree with both of you… much nicer atmosphere here! After seeing Sakuya play with her troublesome siblings and her humorous father, Nagi wanders off.

I also got to know of your blog after DB stop their recap and so far, you have not failed me to provide with all the excitement on LTM.

Shifting back at the Violet Mansion, Nagi confined herself from going to school on a soggy day. Hinagiku asks Hayate about “his girlfriend” Ayumu, but he corrects her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and realized she brought a single guy in her house alone.

Then Klaus pushes Hayate off a plane into the lake, Nagi and Ayumu set foot onto an island that turns out to be a giant turtle. Tapi, Hayate tidak ingin diambil oleh para debt-collector sehingga dia kabur. Cutiesagain produced by Manglobe and directed by Masashi Kudo, aired 12 episodes between April 8 and July 1, Skip siopsis secondary content.

Therefore, the “Unmei” between the butler and mistress begins.

Lie to Me Episode 12 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

When Hayate got stabbed by it he collapses and later gets up, however his personality seems to have changed. They found out Yukiji set off the spaceship and knock her out. Hayate eventually gets into the school, but the teacher continues her pursuit. I just want AJ to go and see the models that KJ likes to build. Download anime hayate no gotoku!!

hayate no gotoku season 1 sub indo 480p

Then the car tire suddenly blows causing it to crash. Just like the previous Christmas party, Nagi escapes – this time with Hayate. Hinagiku mentions the cash prize for winning the event is million yen, which her older sister Yukiji burst in.


Izumi remembers that she forgot to delete the embarrassing video; however, the memory card is not in the camera, to Izumi’s relief. Meanwhile, Ayumu says that she will never give up on Hayate. Maria asks if Nagi wants Hayate to come back to the mansion the next day, and she says she does.

It definitely warmed mine. Their chemistry and coupledom is so great. Nagi calls for Ayumu’s return, but she is too dismayed, so Nagi use a sympathetic manner to convince her. I hope her eyeballs rot. Hayate won’t give up cheering up Hinagiku, so the two have a joyful day together at an amusement park. Screenshot 1 – Hayate no Gotoku!. Likewise I am looking forward to next episode of LTM. Can we stop for a moment and just stare in awe at how gorgeous they look together in matching formal wear?

If the writer makes an attempt to keep everyone sane, then the angst is welcome, because both Ki Joon and Ah Jung needs to face the consequences of their actions and their love. Thanks Koala for the awesome headers, recaps and your thoughts! Nagi lose faith in him and runs away from home to Wataru’s store, and even sold Hayate to Isumi after another misunderstanding. Watch Hayate no Gotoku!!

But, Saki just made a plan for Hayate and Nagi to give Maria a day off.