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Of course it is not easy to reach the dream, they both know it. Full Cast and Crew. Rudy Habibie played by Reza Rahardian an aircraft expert genius who has a big dream: Rudy tried to do everything to Ainun. The story itself is interesting and different with other kind of story. Who has never heard about the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet?

Since the beginning of the film, both as predestined mate. Since then, they both fall in love. Evaluation Reza Rahardian as H abibies role is able to turn the character on. Setting the film is also slick and detail in the past adopted a true story. Actually, this movie taken from the true story and a novel which is created by B H J abibie. Search for ” Rudy Habibie ” on Amazon. Ainun Habibie and pour mutual love and affection.

Ainun believe of the vision and dream Habibie. The film, released on 20 Decemberdrew the largest theatrical audience to date in Indonesian cinema history with 4.

Mukhamad rudi habibie Education. Although the first introduction off them was not fun, they finally reunited when they start to growing up. Semenjak awal film, keduanya seolah sudah ditakdirkan berjodoh. W ith the education experience. This couple met when qinun were still in the junior high school inand they met again in Bandung.

The story of Ainun and Habibie. Secara keseluruhan, film ini berisi kisah cinta yang sangat bagus karena mengandung beberapa pesan mempertahankan cinta.

In the s, a group of 10 students struggles with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra. T hat was the premiere day of H abibie and Ainun movie. The movie also highlighted the meaning of patriotism, and understanding of archipelago life, and omvie.


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Then at one point, two soul mates realized; Are able to continue their love will last forever? Dan Ainun selalu mendukungnya dan menjadi sandarannya. Ainun always support him. Edit Details Official Sites: This film was launched on 20 December [ where? Although perform with a minimal portion of the story, the presence of a supporting actor is able to strengthen the quality of the movie.

Ainun was as sweet as sugar for Habibie.

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Desember, 20 th Having a dream is not always easy cases, Habibie and Ainun know it. But Ainun not only fell in love, she had faith and confidence in his vision and dream. Retrieved 28 February About Me Putri Ramadhani palembang, palembang, Indonesia saya putri ramadhanipanggil aja saya putri. Setting film juga apik dan detail dalam mengadopsi kisah nyata dimasa lampau.

Search for ” Rudy Habibie ” on Amazon. They married and moved to Germany. After that, Diana work in a place that own by bossman that really funny of his act.

B unga Citra L estari gives a good role on. Well, even so, this story is still a very great film that I can say this film has the same quality as Romeo and Juliet. The story of Indonesia’s third president and first lady, Habibie and Ainun.

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Surga Yang Tak Dzn 2 Noer as Gina S. There are many messages and lessons that we can take. E valuation concluding statement: Interpretative recount Rudy H abibie Reza Rahadian is a genius and always has a proud achievement in his school.


H abibie is so surprised when he know that Ainun the black girl turn into a beautiful girl. Contoh Presentasi Lomba Mading Islam. The film was followed by a prequel, Rudy Habibie inwith Rahadian reprising his role. This is a story about what happens when you find around the heart.

Now, Indonesia has the movie with the same touching feeling as the masterpiece of Shakespeare. Rudy Habibie seorang jenius ahli pesawat terbang, sedangkan Ainun adalah seorang dokter muda cerdas yang dengan karir yang bagus.

Herr Delf Indah Permatasari Rudy had a big dream, devoted to the Indonesian nation with make an airplane to unite Indonesia be a reality in IPTN in Indonesia can also see the German people were very respectful on the prof.

But Ainun, he did not just fall in love, her faith in the vision and dream Habibie. But Ainun, he did not just fall in love, her faith in the vision and dream Habibie.

Film ini berhasil mengaduk emosi penonton, khususnya menjelang bagian akhir film. Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan Retrieved 5 June Rudy Habibie Verdi Solaiman T conflict he comes from their relation and from politics on H abibies life.