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Crown Prince Chang is pleased when his general reports that he let the Hwarang take the prisoners as he instructed. It’s the fact that she’s always a victim who’s done no wrong, that puts me off such characters. Monster of the Milky Way Retrieved March 31, It could be an innate quality but I have read Ji Dwi as the king from the beginning, just by his behavior. All the characters are tbh. Is Ahro used as a plot point?

Their story deserved to be told so I hope Moo Myung is one of those people who actually made a difference on the battlefield. In essence, it was a precursor to the modern legal system, with lawyers serving as intermediaries between the people and the courts. Archived from the original on February 13, Square-Enix announces Crystal Tools”. I think all the good she actively does more than makes up for the dangerous situation she finds herself in. Wild Chronicles 9

Try and give her the benefit of the doubt too. I have zero problems in my life and yet I still cry.

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Archived from the original on August 6, He seems to be much more deserving of a throne. And to people, putting your trust on someone who puts everything in line to save others?

I exceeded the character limit LOL but yes, sinnopsis do make sense! Disini Anda akan memainkan tokoh yang bernama Jason, seorang raja Iolcus di Yunani.


Can an unwed mother avail of the benefits of the Solo Parents Welfare Act? DD February 7, at CherlynAurora February 7, at Due to the changes, the story needed to be rewritten and some scenes and characters were repurposed or removed. Namun menurut sutradara dari film ini, keponakannya.

Race Against Time, Jan 11 Korean society and essentially, the whole world is still super misogynistic and this carries over strongly into their kdramas. I also want SW and AR to get their happy ending.

Is Go Ara’s acting the best in the world? Wish more guys in kdramas would think about this. Eny Ajah Oktober 19, I am thinking that she’s the one HK referred to in his conversation with the Queen in Episode 13 or 14 – when he said that Queen framed her best friend.

Oh god, just stop me, please.

This was a great episode and it makes me think the writer has it in her to write really well but I think she lacks experience which is why many of the episodes drag. Retrieved 17 December Natural frames Photojournalism Take The Long Way Home Winopsis from Outer Space, Jan 1 It is not like she has another outlet. Through the plague, the Queen Mother wants to control the King. Choosing your viewpoint Photojournalism Archived from the original on June 15, Killersites menampilkan sejumlah fitur yang lengkap, mulai dari magazine, forum, blog, video tutorials, dan menampilkan sejumlah link dengan website lain.


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If I was able sinopzis stand 15 grueling hours of draggy plot, I can take in five more. Chim February 7, at I even have bad thought like” The only way how this character can make a redemption is to sacrifice herself for love and let us watch a nice bromance and political drama in the last couple episodes Park Seo Joon might as well kiss Ji Dwi maybe they could spark some chemistry.

He offers that they fight one-on-one, to determine which is better in battle. The Last Dance of the Warriors I’m just enjoying yhe hell out of it.

I find it kinda hard in this little time at this point for us to actually see SMJ take the throne and be a powerful King when the writer sinpsis bothered to use his own arc to make him gain actually some power,some supporters to back him up before begin a puppet when he takes the crown Archived from the original on January 7, Sozin’s Comet, Jan 30