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Ye-rim perks up and suggests inviting Hyun-soo over, just as Ha-jin tries to say something. Retrieved from ” https: Janey March 10, at Now there are things to take their time away from their friends, and that leads to distance, and forgetting. It makes his jaw appear sharper, if that’s even possible. What else can they offer? But Hyun-soo tells him to stop concerning himself with trivialities, and so Kyung-jong leaves him to practice with a pat on the head.

It is some seriously impressive writing. Aww poor Su Ah. I hope Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo won’t fight anymore I caught it too! And Ji-hyuk tried at least to get it out of him! I didn’t mind the slow pacing, but the lengths of the segments felt a little off. And yeah, I’m also curious why he doesn’t want the other bandmates to know about his family situation.

All he is doing is because of his jealousy and he’s setting out to cause damage to Eye Candy. But when Kyung-jong finally comes home, he ignores them and heads straight for bed. He answers yes, that he wants her to keep being his family.

Sinopsis Flower Boy Next Door

I just wanted to pick him up and squish him with love! So good, which it hadn’t been so laggy when I was watching–got all sorts of unplanned dramatic pauses. The boys sinppsis out, while Seung-hoon smirks. Time to rope in the reluctant pro, perhaps?


Mama J March 7, at folwer A big sigh of relief that Ji Hyuk at long last drew the line with Woo Kyung. I know, how many ways came a woman tell a man I’m just not into you without him getting it! I found the Hyun Soo dropping-to-the-floor solo a little excessive, but nice recovery for Eye Candy!

Then, go out with your friend who’s coming round to being a very supportive bestie. Ji-hyuk is unfortunately right, though, I think he just has to keep telling Woo-kyung that it ain’t gonna work, baby!

You would end there. I hate it when the boys fight they’re wasting time for more cute moments!!! She catches up to Ji-hyuk and tells him dhut stop right there.

It wasn’t even for dramatics. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

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And his sister just had to give in on that request and I thought she was a pro! Since it’s cable, i want to believe boybanc would be left alone by the KCC. Too bad he’s also a self-entitled, rich-prick.

PurpleLlama March 6, at Next, Ji Hyuk has to go to his absentee mom to get the money for the breach of contract. But Do-il reminds them that doing that booyband they have to cough up three times as much as their pay for breach of contract.


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Hot-when-he-smiles should let you go soon, you’re not worthy of his silent devotion. Mama J March 7, at 6: Over the next few days, they immerse themselves in songwriting, ignoring all calls. And here to stay.

Ugh, ji-hyuk is too amazing a character for words. Note that I ship ’em or anything, yunno D i wonder, though, why Hyunsoo still seems reluctant to let others know about his family situation.

Loved it with Maro shot her down, and Pyo-joo actually had me laughing in his reaction to her he’s still rotten to the core and needs to meet the back end of the bus that took out Byung-hee Not really a fan of the makeovers, except for the Angry Kitten’s ; He looks much prettier with that hair.

She has a boyfriend, so stop trying to cockblock them. I winopsis the raws and understood a bit but now I can find out what I missed. At school, Seung-hoon watches Su-ah from a distance, but turns away when she spots him. K-pop fans be crazy yo.