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Trivia Ramsay’s Brothers the masters of horror films had lost their glory and there were no horror films made in bollywood since years,but the success of Raaz inspired many filmmakers to make horror films. Views Read Edit View history. The man, horrified by what he is seeing, flees from there. Bollywood Horror CIne Pictures. But his bright concept is far from being well-fleshed out. The Mystery Continues He gave the film a mere 2 out of 5 and said, ” Raaz — The Mystery Continues , which with all its hype was supposed scare the lights out of you, could not make me bat an eyelid out of fear. They come to know that it was Yash who had all the proof of Veer Singh’s death, but he had sold those proofs to David in return for sponsorship of his show.

D ressed in a sequinned top and shorts, leading lady Kareena Kapoor stretches out on a bed for the poster of her latest film Heroine. We take a look. Malini’s spirit meanwhile causes the car in which Aditya is travelling to fall off a cliff. The film began shooting on 29 January , director Vikram Bhatt explained how confident he is that the film should be completed sometime in Summer and that Raaz 3 is amongst his most important films. Mahesh Bhatt , Girish Dhamija dialogue. His paintings tell Nandita’s Kangana Ranaut future.

Sanjana storms off in anger leaving Aditya alone. Her career was on the verge of being ruined as the public wrongly believed this to be a deliberate publicity stunt of hers.

Retrieved 9 March Swaroop declares that she was attacked by a spirit. He further reveals that this spirit has waked for some purpose and it will not stop until that purpose is fulfilled. Emraan Hashmi will be playing the male lead. The distributors of the film, Sony Pictures had some issues with the multiplexes but were resolved in time for the film to have clean release on 23rd. She tries to run away but the house is guarded by Sisodia’s men.

Veer Pratap tries to tell the truth to everyone, but is killed by the goons of the priest and his body is dumped in the same well.

This movie was well praised because of its unique story. He tries to stop her, but realises that she is possessed.


The inspector investigating the suicide is severely affected by it. Go buy yourself a ticket and experience the thrill in 3D. But later it was announced that she has been dropped and Kangana Ranaut took her place.

They decide to go to the police inspectors’ house the same one who investigated David Coopers’ 3ewhere they find him completely crazy and are unable to prevent him from committing suicide.

The film is also the first 3D super hit of India and the second highest-grossing film of Vishesh Films. He conveys a lot through facial expressions and that’s the sign of a proficient actor. The Times of India. Go, get ready to be spooked! Raax goes to Prithvi for help, but he refuses her, showing her a new painting in which she is hanging herself and the same lines seem to appear behind her.

He then revisits the same spot in the forest where Nisha was attacked, this time accompanied by Priya and Sanjana. Mahesh BhattGirish Dhamija dialogue. On the other hand it would be interesting to see how family audience, who love watching popcorn entertainment respond to this film.

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One India gave a positive review saying “The music of Raaz — TMC indeed impresses, the sinopsie here is yet another good addition to the enviable music catalogue of the Bhatts and Emraan would certainly have some more chartbusters to add to his name.

Trade Analysts have attributed the success of the film to a combination of three factors — a strong product from Vishesh Films, excellent marketing from Sony BMG and a very strong word of mouth. Like the Heroine trailer? Aditya Dhanraj Bipasha Basu He lodges a complaint against David Cooper but is warned by the policeman and the priest against taking any action, or his life will be in peril. Edit Storyline Sanjana and Aditya retreat to Ooty to give a last chance to their crumbling marriage.

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This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Wounded, he fights back later at dawn, killing 7 people. He tells Shanaya that she has to have sex with him to enable Tara become powerful enough to fight 3x, to which Shanaya agrees.


Despite being widely speculated that it would be released to the public also, this was proven false. The second music video was “Soniyo”.

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After Fashionthis one’s another power-packed performance from the actress. Raaz 3D is India’s second-ever 3D horror movie.

He asks Shanaya to give Sanjana a black poison through a person she trusts. Retrieved 27 January Evil Returnseach of which had nothing to do with their respective prequels, but somehow fell in the same genre following a similar story. Dino expressed his disappointment with the decision by saying “I’m fklm disappointed but definitely baffled.

Raaz 3 Theatrical release poster. It so happened that he discovered that the Kalindi chemical plant dumps its toxins into a lake where thousands gathered once a year to bathe in a sacred ritual.

Chhote sees Anju and from the very moment gets attracted to her. Evil ReturnsMurder 3 and Aashiqui 2each of which had nothing to do with their respective prequels, but somehow fell into the same sinopis following a similar story. Back in the real world, Shanaya suffers physical damage as a result of the fight between Gaaz Dutt and Aditya and attempts to kill Aditya and Sanjana, only to meet failure.

The story starts with an American visiting the Kalindi Temple at night. Unhappy with her marriage with workaholic man, a woman finds solace in her lover and starts a steamy affair. This time, before Prithvi can save her, she jumps into it. Retrieved 23 January K areena Kapoor earlier lent her oomph to the poster of Agent Vinod.

The film released on 6 September to positive reviews while Basu’s role received critical acclaim. This year, we’ve seen quite a few stunning posters, featuring gorgeous women. Upcoming Lyricist of The Year.