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Didn’t the “Gun” character remained self-centered and mean until the disaster which I don’t want to reveal? It’s almost like they’re in puppy love! Shen Wen Tao steps in to save Xiang Hao. Looking forward to next week’s. She did, but then in the scene where Se Ra gets yelled at for not practicing, after the director is finished with his little speech, the reporter he was talking to started speaking in Japanese. It’s the forced separation that created misunderstandings, a cleft, and an opening for Sera. After reading your comment I remembered that the scene was clear to show us her ticket.

Since very early on, Lee Gun takes good care of Mi Young, he’s so much more caring towards the heroine, he’s also aware of his feelings for her But to make that flight she would have had to leave for the airport by 8: I hope it is blindness as that was acually very funny in the TW drama It is truly worth the 12 years wait! And Gun’s hair in this is just Seriously, I knew I am not the only one who noticed that song and the utter awkwardness of the Daniel, SeRa scenes. What could explain it is, we were led to assume that the flight is happen on their birthday, July 23, but the date on the ticket is Oct 25th. But the sweetness between our OTP is just so darn sweet.

You’re really stretching the limits of what a drama can deliver within its very tight box. Naos July 30, at Good thing her evil leaving-Gun-and-persuing-career-instead can be explained away by having an evil Mom.

That was a much better episode episodde I expected. It’s not enough for him to call her Bond Girl for that change to happen. Gun and Daniel are now the standard by which all men should be judged!! I loved the cuteness and quirkiness and humor of Part I. And so, it’ll always have a special place in our hearts. August August 1, at If she wasn’t so sweet, I’d swear she was a vampire: I think Fated has done everything right, from the puppy love in act I, to the painful angst in Act II, to the heartwarming finale.


The hour wasnt as heartbreaking dated i expected but seeing the previews for the next im not sure i wanna watch.

Se-ra rises from her seat, upset, and Gun takes off after her. Life expectancy significantly drops once symptoms appear to, on average, 10 to 20 years.


Just very slightly though. Mi-young takes things into her own hands by literally taking the wheel, leaving Gun panicked in the passenger seat as he asks her if she even has a license. It was bad enough when Hana Yori Dango did it.

Esther August 7, at 7: Miyeong, on the other hand, was waiting for Gun to call her, which he obviously couldn’t do. Wow, things that I would NOT fatec known So glad to see that you are enjoying this drama as much as I am. The head knows the writers are going to throw in the punches about now.

And can we talk about that ‘eat your face’ scene??? LOL at the rate he was driving at the end he’s likely to end up in an 910 with amnesia all over again.

The world spins around Gun as he tries to forge his own path on foot… before his eyes roll back into his head and he drops to the asphalt like a sack of potatoes. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: After Gun goes on a buying spree when it comes to all the baby thingsMi-young stops at a display of a mother, father, and child all in matching outfits.

P But it’s still pretty awesome when the disease is so similiar like in the medical books ; psychosis, paranoia like the way Gun always seeing snails around him and how he react after he got married with MY in earlier ep, he got into depression and total anxiety. Episode 12 ti LollyPip. At the very least, I appreciated that we saw the moment Gun recovered his memory at the beginning, giving us an assurance that this was a very temporary thing.


IMO, couples r better off when their elders don’t interfere in their marital crisis. Athena August 7, at 5: Daniel happens to see Mi-young on a mysterious call that worries her, so when Mi-young declines a ride from Gun, he offers to take her instead. Like what Daniel said to Mi Young when he hugged her in the gallery, he wanted to check what kind of person Sinnopsis is.

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Given that it was she who brought MY home, she should be around to ‘host’ her more often. Like in House, Thirteen only gt on clinical trial huhu I just had my dementia lecture today.

I will be highly disappointed if they go that route. Archived from the original on December 26, Thanks for the recap Gummi. Amazing that I can like both dramas, isn’t it?

Mi-young and Gun go for an ultrasound, and adorably wave hello to the sonogram of Keddongie. She should get prenatal testing to see if Dog Poopie will inherit the same problem? He better not get amnesia!!! Li Ji Zhou epissode that Bao Bao finds it, or again, she will be kicked out of the academy during her probation period.