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Meta [Happily never after] Maybe This would be a little hard to swallow if this weren’t Korean melodrama, but it is, so you’re just going to have to roll with it! If the story is fast forward, then it is possible that the end will be like that. Frankly, I am glad it ended at 16, unlike most dramas these days that stretch the episodes to 20, 24, and even 50, when there is hardly enough plot for The first eight episodes were executed close to perfection imo but I didn’t really mind the change in pace afterwards. That scene left me really perplexed because I would have liked to have known what happened considering how long OS seemed to have been on the ground and he seemed dead. Who, out of the two of them, showed more human compassion? Young believes that the only option left for her at this point is to die, but as we’ve seen before she doesn’t really want to and a lot of people who attempt suicide don’t and is very scared of death.

Though I did see the charm the actor brought to the role that was a little too fan-servicey for me. Eventually they did and she gave up and died. Yippee, a happy ending! Nevertheless, was a great drama and im plan on re-watching it anytime soon. As far as I’m concerned I”m happy with the ending, the viewer can choose. So hopefully everyone is no longer confused about the ending being sad or an open one.

Alpha Beta April 5, at 1: Im a huge fan of love me not – the movie, and for me, twtwb was the perfect adaptation, im sure no other producer could have made it better. I didn’t watch this show but I read every recaps on it.

SINOPSIS That Winter The Wind Blows Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

It was blurry because it was trying to show it in Young’s perspective. Song Hye-Kyo plays the female lead. She was slowly recovering her vision. NHK stay true to the japanese drama, so the stabbing scene is actually in the jdrma version too, so I don’t think they just copied nice guy, maybe it’s the other way around. It’s lovely and I don’t think you can blow it off as just pretension. But, as the story goes, his initial interest in money turns into love.


One of winyer least enjoyable finales av ever watched! That broke from story-logic and build up for me. Thank you so much for the recap. So… let me get this straight. YL April 5, at 1: The con man soon finds his new found “sister” is somewhat of a kindred spirit though, and he begins to pity her and quickly regrets what he’s doing.

And not just one or two per drama, but a whole cast full of them. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince Doctor Sun-hee treats Young at home, with Lawyer Jang and her closest friends watching nervously even as Sun-hee declares that Young will be fine when she wakes up.

The drama in it’s entirety may not have been as solid as it’s looks, but I for sure will not deny them. It was LOST season six.

I even 1-61 the rerun on the weekends. Another BIG factor as to why the last scene is not a depiction of heaven, or Young’s imagination, is because the conversation between Soo and Young in that cafe is waaay too elaborate to be fake. Depending on a viewer’s experience the way the drama is seen will be different. Young notices that her pre-surgery breakfast smells better than usual, only to find that Secretary Wang wlnter to cook it for her.

That Winter, the Wind Blows

I’m one of those people who would rather have a happy ending than a realistic one. Secretary Wang wants to know why, considering how she made Young, you know, blind. Had Soo survived, there was no way, the gangster boss, Kim, would have let Jingsung lived happily. I can’t believe more people didn’t think of that, poor forgotten oppa Oh Soo: Indeed, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it this way.


It’s so dang pretty to look at that I almost forget that it doesn’t make sense. But I can’t deny how much I enjoyed looking at these ridiculously good-looking couple.

My first reaction to the ending was Soo is dead and all is in Young’s head because I’m a sucker for apparently, the traditional melodrama ending – I’ve been so out of it, I didn’t know open ending or happy ending is an option! She can write characters with extremely logical and complex psyche, even the baddies.

The ending was open ended. The reasons for the two leads to fall in love are a bit sketchy, and, their love sometimes lead to being borderline creepy in an incestuous way. Gidget April 5, at I like it that some of you are sharing your personal experiences to help us better understand the characters in the drama. What did NOT make sense was Jin-sung’s betrayal. I too felt a bit confused about these show towards the last few episodes, but I’m pretty happy with my ending.

Flowers were for the grave. But I definitely agree that first, Young is alive. It was also hard to express it as clearly and well-argued as you have done here.

I was also unhappy that Soo didn’t take the money, making his con a moot point but whatever.

Oh and Kim Bum, I don’t think I can forgive you. I don’t count it as a story fail because it’s well supported Wang was always shown to love and support Young but Episode 4 by Regals. Edit Cast Series cast summary: