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He says that Xiao Nian refused to eat dinner tonight, and now says that he wants to eat a cake, complete with candles. Oh lord I love her step family and how much they care for her and treasure her. Yun Jie says that she needs him, since she comes running when he calls. Sorry, bad paragraph break. I watch the trailer and it seems that a few of the scene were cut including 1. Ready for a rewatch now. Ugh, I hate you, Wan Lan. If she has to clean both their offices, she wants a raise!

He asks to borrow her shoulder for a moment. Li Yi-feng is now also becoming my fav 2nd lead and will watch out his new projects. So anyone wanna start watching with me again? She tells him to stop kidding around, and he says that at least she smiled. Yun Chao sees some hoochies, and he invites them out to go get drunk with him. And how much do I love that Yun Jie stepped down as president? He thanks her, and she tells him that there is nothing to thank. Yun Chao explains that he had to take a friend somewhere far away.

Oh yes, I can see where this is going, and I love it. I just love how rdama feelings rise to the surface in the littlest ways, without any big musical cues or some emotional scenes yet — just two people who find they keep running into and thinking about each other.

Yun Chao asks Yun Jie to give him an acceptable explanation for why he pulled the plug on the shopping mall. She tells happinsss of this to Wan Lan, how everything that happened between her and Yun Jie will be her memories for life. He starts plunking on the piano, and she rushes to stop him from waking up the family.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 11-12 Recap

SH as a whole is a completely satisfying drama, and in taking a look at the various elements separately, I reach a deeper appreciation for how well-crafted it is. As much as I dislike Wan Lan, by the end I was happy to watch her find her way again in life.

So smooth he is with XJ! Yun Chao tells Yun Jie that he wants to head another project this year, and he will find his own funding for it. Yun Jie looks at the watch Snopsis Yong left behind in his room.

It appears that Si Han may actually believe their marriage now. Have a Blessed day everyone. He pretends to look for his handkerchief to offer to her, and says that he probably lent it to someone, and he needs to leave the house with more hankerchiefs in the future. He walks up to her, and tells her that he wants to start over with her. Yun Jie turns around and sees her, his face registering the moment.


Sunny Happiness Episodes 15-16 Recap

Although the drama is not perfect, it radiated episore much love. I loved the ending — it was high on the suunny teary confessions, but dang it our OTP worked talwan hard to get there.

The parents are upset at Yun Jie, but Yong Yong totally stands up for Yun Jie and says that he wanted to take care of her and the baby. The biggest moment of these two episodes was of course the official and second wedding of Yun Jie and Yong Yong.

Yun Jie takes Wan Lan and Xiao Nian to their new apartment, which is customized for someone in a wheelchair. They are not perfect and for that reason, they become so perfectknow what I mean? She gets a call from Yun Chao, who asks her where she lives. Yun Chao is desperately trying to reassure the other investors that the project episod be completed, and Yun Jie returns to the office to help calm the situation.

She leans in to kiss him. Second sister takes Yong Yong out to the garden to eat snacks. He makes Yong Yong and Yun Jie go get new wardrobes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

SINOPSIS Sunny Happiness Episode 1 – 25 – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Hence, no customers or vehicles outside. SH haiwan up to episode 12 before Dunny Chao and Yong Yong begin to have real interactions outside of their respective antogonistic stances with respect to the orphanage demolition.

He tells her to be honest, that the kiss between them is how she really feels. He reminds taowan that hating someone is too tiring. Yun Chao runs to the airport to catch Yun Jie before he gets on the flight. He thanks her for telling a lie on his behalf today, and she looks confused until she realizes that Yun Jie thinks that she was lying for his sake when she announced to Si Han that she loves him.

I marathoned the whole drama in less than a week and finished ep25 this morning at SH really brings out the warm feelings in the heart and I find myself smiling countless times while watching it. An awesome drama moment, guys actually know they can stop the kiss from happening lol I agree sinopais chao and yong yong can very taiaan be leads in another drama.


I love how much he supports her and pushes her to believe in herself. She wistfully notes that if such a thing were to happen, she would have no relationship with Yun Jie anymore. He looks up and sees her, and he rushes to grab her into his embrace. The basketball game epidode conversation afterwards was sublime. Yong Yong packs to move out claiming her new job needs her to live thereand her stepmom adorably is bawling, not because she is worried about Yong Yong, but she is worried about who will take care of the house.

SH does not let plot requirements dictate the progress of our OTP getting to know each other. Yun Jie tells Yun Chao to prove himself and stop being such a tragic younger brother. Skip to secondary content. The director really understands how to keep the camera moving without wasting frames on static reaction shots, but rather like voyeurs peeking into a riveting story. She immediately tells the parents that Yun Jie has never hurt her. To Yun Jie, she is like an accident, and the baby is an even more unexpected accident.

Haiwan has a sunng fantasy sequence where she is taking a bath and Yun Jie barges in and demands that they bathe together since they are married.

I hope Yun Chao actually forms some bonds with Yong Yong, making it not one sided as this goes on.

That is, I think, why I love SH so much: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, denali. There were a lot of things I liked abt these last few episodes: Yun Jie asks if Yun Chao loves her, and he says that she loves him. Before heading inside, she stops to smile at the fact that the rain has stopped.

The airport scene was totally AWWW moment!!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.