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Pyo-joo immediately storms off, and Maro shrugs. Of course they had their flaws but for the most part they were pretty atypical k-drama heroines. And how cute were Do-il and Woo-kyung’s interactions This description is so spot-on! Basically she convinced herself that ditching her child would be better for them both, when she really meant it would be better for herself. Flower Boy Band , Sung Joon. He guesses she was a fan, and she admits it. It feels like it could be a happy-later-on ending requiring a time jump a year or less or something similar.

I regretted it like crazy. This drama brought me so much laughter and tears with it’s compelling story and characters. Then I had to come home to this room. The series is the second installment of tvN’s “Oh! Flower Boy Band to be Distributed in Japan”. If I had to ask the actors a question, it would be: I stopped at 13 and will watch it all together this weekend. I was left behind on my own — so what was I supposed to do?!

One day they were transferred into the prestigious Jungsang High School. It feels like it could be a happy-later-on ending requiring a time jump a year or less or something similar. I really want to succeed. Furthermore, Ji-hyuk points out that he ever said one word about the other guys getting into trouble. This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat Hyun-soo records his solo album, but Seung-hoon is dissatisfied with a song and tells him to redo it.

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Shut Up! Flower Boyband with Eye Candy {L-Infinite debut drama TvN}

This drama knows itself so thoroughly that it breathes, from start to finish, like a being with life; it feels like an organic whole. Let’s not just [mumblemumble] rumors Ariel March 21, at 7: He asks if the song was good enough for him to play in the club, but he gets shut down on that idea pretty quickly. When I went to your house, it smelled like rice, it was warm, like people lived there. But this finale leaves my heart full to the brim. Somebody give this guy a hug!


I was just a piece of gum that stuck to him. I got teary-eyed on various instances whilst reading your recap. Oh, he’s no James Bond then I was too focused on the story and the characters, who were for the most part so real, that I had no time to be nit-picky whatsoever. It was a drama that spoke to the heart, and those are the kinds of dramas that are the most memorable.

And then someone bursts in with a knock. Hyun-soo gets interviewed for slnopsis big solo debut, which is garnering lots of interest along with CF offers.

Dazzle: Shut Up Flower Boy Band! Synopsis (end)

Do-il wonders if maybe it was the friendship and the band that they wanted more than anything. Teacher Kim suggests some frank conversation with Hae-ri, taking her to a pojangmacha and cutting down to banmal. This Movie rating is When Ji-Hyuk asks Byung-Hee why he won’t show up in his dreams anymore, I could honestly feel my heart break into pieces.

No way in hell. Even if it takes a long time. But that works when the focus of your drama is musical stardom. Great show, I hope people take note.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Who the hell are you to interfere in my business? They overcome their various economic difficulties to earn themselves the Jungsang High School uniform and finally are able to enter.

Moll March 19, at This has in my opinion been better than City Hunter, and I’m afraid we won’t get another drama with as much heart in a long while Hopefully tomorrow episode is as awesome, if not more than today. The way we go out honors every character as his own person, and sinopsos is deeply gratifying. Until it was pointed out that they had their own futures to consider.



You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I dont want this to end no no nooooo! Maymay March 20, at Totally agree with Hyun-soo! Su-ah finally calls Ji-hyuk, and he takes off running to see her. DeeDee March 20, at 7: I don’t want Shut Up to end, but I’m anxious to see how it plays out tomorrow.

The linked youtube teaser is shorter than the one at the end of episode 15, which is mostly the same but has a few more lines:. Did I test their tear-inducing friendship?

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And is that… a smile from Hyun-soo in front of other people? Good job javabeans and girlfriday for sharing all this goodness epixode us. I feel like time just zoomed by.

It’s a bit bittersweet to know that Life will bring them to different places, that they can’t always be shuy – but, even if not physically, they will always have their friendship to fall back on. He looks at her in panic, but turns away just in time for Su-ah to only see his back as he walks away.

I know you did!